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Thanks Sam!

You are wise to deduct the Random Dude was in fact (spoiler alert!) the villain. That detail wasn't fully spelled out because of the time crunch, and the fact that Pico-8 is not the best engine to deliver a lot of text.

We're glad you enjoyed it!  Thanks again for the opportunity and all the hard work you guys put into these Game Jams!

-The PottySquad

Calling it a micro-roguelike was more sarcasm, nodding to the industry’s confusing usage of that term. 

I admit, the wrench (and stairs) hitbox is a bit wacky. The same collision function that worked well elsewhere in the game didn’t work well there. I put as much work into solving it, but had to prioritize other things to get a finished product out the door. 

And I wish I knew the game would be 4x better if players didn’t have to take 10 steps in between the house and cave. That would be an easy fix. ;)


Thanks!  Glad you liked it. I’ll check yours out

Thanks!  I’m glad people picked up on the little bit of humor we were able to throw in. Pico-8 is not the best platform to deliver text on, lol. 

Cool game.  Gave me flashbacks of getting lost as hell in the dungeons of the early ultima games.

Thanks.  The hitboxes were a challenge to code for some reason.  The same function that would work great on one collision, would suck on the other, lol.  Especially the stairs.

Thanks for playing!

Great game making use of all three themes!

Thanks!  I’m glad it finally made sense. You’re still seeing it in its “jam” condition, so I was happy to get it all working before the jam ended. I do plan on adding some polish to it once the jam voting is over. Trying to keep it true to the jam constraints for now. 

The “build” screen has a description of what each building does, but can’t rememver if you can still see that once you’re fully built. 

I’ll try to make it obvious where the ingredients are going. Maybe a progress bar for the sandwich building?

Thanks for playing!

Nice job!  Ice hockey with tongue-obstacles!  Very polished, and the physics felt solid.  Great job!

Very cool game.  Something strangely satisfying about burning a bunch of grandmas!  Gameplay was smooth, and effects were cool!  Great job.

Thanks.  The wholesale market was an afterthought, since the original idea was not going to be completed by the submission deadline. The original idea was to allow the player to assign a certain percentage of each "crop" to auto-sell to a farmer's market (i.e., auto-sell 50% of the wheat, and keep 50% of the wheat for making sandwiches).

I'll probably get that working in a future update as well.

Thanks for playing!

Nice Jam Game!  Definitely challenging.  Couldn't get past floor ten, because the enemies were relentless, and my skills were low, lol.  Great job!

Nice game!  I like that it worked for two game jams at the same time.

Thanks!  Read my reply to Adam above. You’ll see the grinding will actually get you somewhere eventually, lol. 

Thanks Adam!  I was a few hours away from adding Achievements, which will award persistent benefits to the game (example: +10% Wheat growing, etc).   So instead of “prestige-ing” like a traditional Idle Game, you will be able to progress further each game, thus reaching further Achievements. 

I’ll add this in later, so for now just realize you probably won’t get far in a 5 Minute game mode. 

(Can’t tell you how excited I was to see a “Coster” name comment on my game). 

Thanks for all you guys do!

Thank you Wonderingmonster. 

I'm curious if you downloaded the first release or the update that I uploaded last night.   Last nights update addressed the tree chopping concern.   

Thanks for the comment, eltea!

You are correct about the balance.  I literally started balancing the game about 20 minutes before my final submission, so it was a very quick balance in the first version.  My beta tester (daughter) suggested loosening up the trees a little.  I just submitted an update that changes the tree farm in a big way, which should help the balance.

Try it again, your same save file should still be good to go.  You should definitely not give up on your dream to have a Beefy Thumb!