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A member registered May 28, 2017

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Excellent job! Love the graphics, controls, sounds... I LOVE IT ALL!


OH YEAH! This was nuts! I really loved the physics experimentation aspect of the game, definitely uses the theme perfectly! Really wacky and loads of fun! GREAT JOB!!!

Dang I couldn't get it to play either. But I bet it was sweet... the suspense is killing me!!! ;)

Nice work on this one, not to mention for a first time gamejam! Cool graphics, nice sfx and good controls! The sound effects remind me of the old tank battle game for Atari. Overall, GREAT JOB!!!

AwEsOmE!!! Excellent graphics, sound, music! Controls are great and what an incredible little game for a 2 day game jam! GREAT JOB!!!

Nicely done! This was a really nice retro platformer, really reminded me of the old DOS/Atari ones and I absolutely love that! Good graphics and well developed, I like that you can ride those waterfalls back up, gives it a more open feel and not as constrained to only moving in one direction as far as stage completion goes (if that makes any sense, sorry!) Overall, GREAT JOB!

Well done with this one! The graphics are nice and the music/sound effects are good as well. The platforming was well done and I especially love that op walljump! I literally wall jumped up an entire wall it was INTENSE!!! Overall, had lots of fun with this one... GOOD JOB!

Wow! Nicely done with this one! Really awesome graphics, good music and sound effects and controls quite well. Excellent job considering you did this in less than 2 days! WAY TO GO!!!

Very funny and well made little game! Love the graphics and the sense of humor, smooth controls too. It's like the 30 years later surfer guy from California Games LOL (also, bonus points for using the Wilhelm scream) Overall great job!!!

Death by cuteness!!! I love the pristine polish of your game! Really wonderful graphics/characters and great sound and music to boot! Smooth and responsive controls are the cherry on-top of a very tasty little platformer sundae! EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Nice work on this one! Great graphics, sound and music, a really solid scrolling shooter with a quirky twist. I also like that the screen is looped so you can do go fully to the right (or left) and come out on the other side, that is a nice touch that I haven't really seen in a shooter. Overall, excellent job!!!

Thanks for everything guys! You've all been so incredibly kind and I appreciate all of your amazing comments! I feel as though I don't deserve it, considering all of the unbelievably AwEsOmE games you guys made. This has been an incredible experience and I have all of you to thank for it. Best of luck to you guys and one more big THANK YOU!!!

This is GREAT! It's like a bullethell except this time, you're the one givin' em hell!! Lots of fun to just wildly shoot and that gun shot sound effect really adds to the power of your fist bullets. The graphics are so good 'n' silly, especially the little guy (he reminds me of something from Don Hertzfeldt, which I LOVE!) Nice job on this one and thanks for this wacky submission!

WOW!! This is AwEsOmE! Such smooth controls, fantastic graphics and beautiful music/sound. Truly an exceptional submission! What more can I say??? A+++++++ GREAT JOB!!! 

Whoa very NICE!!! I don't know if it's because it's 95 degrees outside and I'm sweating my @$$ off but this game makes me sooo thirsty (I think it's that incredible gulping noise you put in there) Great graphics, sound effects, music, controls, etc. Everything is so awesomely polished and lots of fun. It was funny because I didn't realize I could fire the lizard king's staff with left click, which changed everything!!! This would make a great multiplayer game! Overall excellent job!

Nice work on this one! I really liked the graphics and the controls were very smooth, the punch worked really well and I liked that super spin (right mouse) The classical piano music was an interesting but delightful touch (I was thinking some pumped up chiptune would fit the atmosphere a little better, but actually the piano was very refreshing to hear) I thought I was such a hero when I quickly knocked out that first guy then my world was turned upside down when three new enemies showed up guns blazin' (or fireballs, rather). Overall excellent job!

This is a great example of an excellent gamejam entry! Fits the theme perfectly, plays very smooth, great graphics and an awesome cover image. I love the concept of "leeching" life off of enemies. Really cool! AwEsOmE JoB!!!

Cool old-school type rpg (with some whack-a-mole style resource collection) I really enjoyed the graphics, sound effects and the humor all of which blended very nicely in with the gameplay. Excellent job, overall!

Very in-depth little game! Amazing work for a 48hr gamejam. The graphics are reminiscent of the old Ultima games (which I LOVE!) A great little concept and very well developed! GREAT JOB!!

Really interesting concept combined with great graphics and sound. I couldn't figure out how to use my num keys on my laptop (it has the alternate function to use them but for some reason it wasn't working) but by the looks of it you created a very unique game. Nice work on this one!

Smacking those fish is so incredibly satisfying!!! LOL
Great job on this one, the graphics are superb and the sound effects really give it that realistic smacking feel! Lots of fun to be had with this one. Excellent submission! (Also, I love your game's tagline: "KILL FISH WITH YOUR STICK!" never have truer words been written *SMOOCH* Magnifico!)

I really dig the look and feel of the game! The music was very hypnotic and the artstyle is really unique and original. Everything was very smooth and I liked how immersive it was. You created an interesting world here and you definitely have talent! I'd love to see this expanded into a full on RPG. Great work!!!

Dang! I really love those graphics simple but very SWEET! Also, that yawn sound effect is top notch! Fun to play and I like that instead of killing bad guys you just put them to sleep, always love a non-violent alternative. I also loved just smashing the space bar and letting loose an infinite wave of Zzz all over the place! Overall, great job and that was a YAAAWN of fun (not boring, I was replace the word "ton" with "yawn" thinking they rhymed more than they really do... that was a bit of a stretch. Sorry now I'm just being dumb!)

Nice work considering this is your first game (ever??!!) Tasty little tower defense with great sound effects (really emphasizes the "crunchiness" of the pirates) Overall plays well and impressive job for a 2-day game jam! Also, Mitron was right! I watched some of your sailing videos on youtube and they are AwEsOmE! Talk about really researching your topic ;) GREAT JOB!

EXCELLENT CONCEPT! I really love the dis-n-dat idea of insulting your enemy. Hilarious insults and awesome combinations. At times got pretty challenging. It would be awesome to see an expanded version of this! Overall, great job and a very AwEsOmE intellectual-attack-based game :)

Great little "quick draw" style shootout game. It was funny because the second the enemy fired, you knew you were screwed even though you slowly were trying escape the cannonball, you couldn't outrun the inevitable! LOL
It would be nice if you could take 2 hits and drop a health pack in there at some point that you would have to slowly sail over to (I think the speed is great, it really adds to the strategy of the game) Graphics were a delight! Overall good job on this one!!!

Great concept with this one, I really like the idea of the sheep putting the wolf to sleep. Nice graphics and sound/music (did you record your voice for the sheep? so awesome!) Controls really well and it's a fun little game to play. NICE JOB!!!

SIMPLY AwEsOmE!!! I will definitely be playing this long past this jam (if you don't mind) it is tons of fun and a good stress reliever. I love just sending those pirates soaring into the air only to land in my jaws and smash them into a red mist!!! So much fun! The controls are great and the upgrades are superb! It also struck a nostalgic chord with me and reminded me of a game I had long forgotten (Triplane Turmoil). Overall, exceptional job and thanks for this most excellent submission!! 

OH YEAH! I heard about your Discord-escapades!! The Butterscotch boys mentioned you on their #100 podcast (starting at 8 min 30 sec):

That was truly hilarious! I don't know if I'm using this term right but that is meta af!!! Such an excellent idea, really wild bullethell (I've always been terrible at those but fun nonetheless!) Sweet graphics and great controls (it took me a minute to realize I have to click on your first message/emote) Overall AwEsOmE JoB in both concept and execution in the digital and real world! A++++

Super slick shooter! I like the bright colors on the dark arena, controls great and I like the bullet "drop" effect. Really funny and very polished! Great job on this one!!!

Nice work on this one (I didn't realize the part with the wolf at the beginning was an intro so I thought my keyboard was broken) Great little infinite runner and it definitely stars a squeaky elk! I liked the simplicity of it and the controls were very responsive which is by far the #1 thing for a game like this. GOOD JOB!!!

This is definitely gets a 5 star for weirdness! But a great concept nonetheless, I really enjoyed this one- once you get the hang of it! The graphics, sound and music all blend together well and it dips a bit into the uncanny valley (which I love, I feel like there could be a creepypasta about this game, yeah I know creepypastas are sooo 2012 but anyway) Great job, reminds me of a way better version of Paperboy 64 ;) GOOD JOB!

What a great game! I really love the style, definitely like a Gauntlet retro-revival. Excellent graphics, great sound and music. The controls were excellent as well, I loved the back and forth swing for maximum carnage. Great job with this one, it would awesome to see this "hammered out" (get it?!) even more and expanded upon!

Dang this takes me back to Summer of 2016. All those clown scares, running rampant across the world. I'd like to think this game takes place in a parallel universe when the clown stuff never "died down" but instead became the new world order. Who rules this world you ask?... Clowns with guns!

This one got me laughing the whole time, something about the wild smiles on those pogoplumbers faces got me good! As eltea said, you definitely nailed the theme on this one. My favorite part is by far those wacky graphics! When the winner screen appears, it was like the 8 bit version of the beginning of the song Time from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (I know that's a bit of a wild stretch but it just popped into my head the second I heard it) very surreal indeed... GOOD JOB!

WOW! What a beautiful title, from the art to the music everything is so harmonious and ethereal. I really loved the whole concept of this as you said it's like flappy bird but there's so much more, there is so much depth in the style of the game- it makes you feel like you are truly playing a mythological tale. And the boss fight was an excellent touch at the end! Very polished and wonderfully done. Great job!

Nicely done with this tasty little precision platformer! It didn't take me to long to get used to the controls and I thought the sort of "airtime" definitely added to getting the hang of jumping. I liked the funky art and the music, both of which complemented the game quite well. Great job overall!

Dang my weak human brain and slow reaction time couldn't keep up but you've got a really fun little game cooked up here! I like the simplicity but it definitely takes a lot of skill to master. I like the cool font you used and nice little atari plunger controller (reminds me of a dope little pico-8 game) Nicely done, now if I could just keep up with the dang thing ;)

This just goes to show you how much fun a simple game can be! It's a basic concept that is executed perfectly, I really love the steadily increasing challenge as you "leech" the robots. Great controls and I loved having to get used to them (I ran immediately into the wall the first time playing) Really nice graphics and sound, cool bumpin' bgm. Overall, AwEsOmE job!!