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Good luck everyone! Let me know if you have any questions, feel free to start your own thread and don't forget to have fun!

(I'll be adding updates here)

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Hmm... the more I check this out (and as you guys have brought to my attention) this is a bit of an interesting situation.
NinJaRed if you don't mind I'm going to send you a little follow up message (to our first one) just to chat about some of this. If you don't mind, of course!

Congratulations! You did a great job. If you don't mind send me a quick email to so we can work out some of the details. Thanks!

Heck yeah! Go right ahead!! I'm excited to see your stuff Moon Robot


I should be the one thanking YOU! :)
Without all of you guys this jam wouldn't be possible it really blew up (way more than I could've ever expected)

Ok now I'm gonna check out CHARLIE! Very psyched!!

Very cool m.zadz! I dig the concept (Disney princess can definitely be very cult!) and really like your cute (but freaky) art style. Also, I'm glad to hear you pulled double duty and did LD#41 and this jam, WAY TO GO!!!

EXCELLENT! Just got a chance to check out your submission lum- I'd been looking forward to it since your first post about it and I gotta say it is AwEsOmE! Games like yours make jams like these all worthwhile!

Not to worry, you're fine. I'm still not sure why your game is showing up though...

When are you guys gonna start selling tshirts? I wanna represent++

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Dang! I'm seriously stumped??? The link I sent should give you a bypass to be able to submit your game... the only thing I can think of is if the game was tagged with "copyrighted material" by itch. If that's the case, this jam might be in big trouble :/

Hmm... That is really strange, I'm not sure why that's happening but try this submission link and see if that works:

What the?? Now I am confused... was yours the Tom & Jerry one?
Would you mind posting it again... I'm not sure what happened??

Great idea! I'm glad your gonna give pixel art a try and I'm excited to see how your game will turn out!

NICE WORK! I'm definitely looking for forward to this and looks like the tables have turned for ol' Henry ;)

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Oh yeah, I like that! Definitely a great idea (I wish I would've thought of it) If you don't mind, I'll mention this on the main page and I'm excited to see what you come up with!

I was wondering that too actually, they must've removed them... I promise it wasn't me!!!

Yeah, I saw people asking about that on discord and came to the decision of anything that has a "cult following". So it can definitely be recent, I'd say Undertale is a good example of this. I hope that helps and great question btw!

Actually, just start a new post for your own devlog (I think that will be more organized in the end) sorry for the back and forth on this and I'm glad you brought it up! :D

Sorry about that NinJaRed, this actually was the devlog but I decided to change it since I had a feeling it would get too crowded/confusing (with posts and replies) and I figured a Q&A post would be good to have ;)

So, feel free to just start a new thread for your own personal devlog (I think that will be more organized) Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the question!

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Post any questions you have here!

Yo Mo! Thanks for jumping in on the jam and your timing is perfect! And it seems like we’re getting a handful of LD#41 jammers crossing over (although I should mention, this jam was totally planned before their theme dropped- sort of a crazy coincidence, I think) Anyway, to answer your question, I’m actually not sure of what the standard is for posting devlogs on the community feed. But, I personally don’t mind- I might start a main “Devlog” section and then just post replies (to your own post within the main devlog) to keep it nice and concise. What do you think about that? Let me know, I like your idea!

Good luck to you too, Keppu!

That sounds good to me! I think anything with a cult following works just fine and I'm excited to see what it is ;D

Yo pecosghost! I totally understand your concern... It's actually the exact reason that I was a little weary about the theme in the first place. I think your best bet would be the characters "inspired" by route (check out my News post for an example of this) Although, you bring up a great point about the possibility of the games falling under parody "protection" that might definitely be the case! Very interesting, I'll have to look into that. Regardless, just use your best judgement and if nothing else- feel free to mashup something else (I'm completely fine with you coming up with a theme you feel more comfortable doing, just be sure to define the new theme on your game page). Thanks for the post, I'm glad you brought it up and hopefully someone here has a more concrete answer then me regarding the copyright stuff ;)

Alright, I finally got the discord up and going feel free to drop in:

YES! I'm hoping everyone's had luck so far with getting ideas for their games, I've got a good feeling you guys are gonna make some awesome stuff!

NICE! Glad to have you in on the action!
And feel free to start anytime :)

Hey Headax, looks like you've assembled a good team together on Crowdforge! As far as team size goes, I had initially set the limit at 4 but then I realized a team size limit isn't a requirement (on crowdforge) So now it's open to any size!

Sorry for the late reply guys! Also, sorry the theme is very vauge and sort of confusing... I will say, impeckable's response was spot on! It is an A+ example of what I was trying to describe (failing miserably) Anyway, thx for posting both of you and hopefully this helps out anyone else who is having trouble with the theme. Hang in there everybody, I know you'll do great... Sometimes a bad theme makes for excellent games ;)

Glad to hear! And I'd totally update the countdown but (and your probably gonna think this is so shallow) the jam calendar is jam packed at the moment (pun intended) and we're currently sitting pretty near the top ;) However, if I change the start date it would cause our time to run into another jam and most likely drop us down to the bottom of the list. You see, unfortunately (and perhaps in some cases, fortunately) itch's active calendar can be a bit of a wild beast to tame- one minute you're on top of the world and the next second you're down in the gutter. So, I don't like to try my luck too much when it comes to changing jam times as it can have surprising (and often undesirable) effects on placement. And I'm all about the being in that sweet, sweet limelight ;D but don't let the "official" date stop you from starting your game when the theme is revealed, you more than have my blessing to begin on Friday! It'll just be our little secret (k?!) Anyway, good luck and thanks for understanding (also sorry I'm such a sLeAzE!)

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WOW! I'm so impressed with everyone's hard work! You guys really ROCKED it! Thanks for everyone who participated and for making this a big hit. It was awesome to see all the games take shape, even with the crazy theme- you guys really went above and beyond! Thanks again and AwEsOmE work, you made it all worth it!

Update: Just wanted to put a quick thanks out to everyone who's joined, I can't believe we have over 120 participants; we are the 3rd largest jam in this block of jams (just a few behind #2) and I couldn't be more stoked about it! And GOOD LUCK to everyone I really am so pumped to see what you guys create (also, just to clarify it was totally fine if you started making your game when the theme dropped, fyi) and most of all HAVE FUN EVERYONE!

I finally got the server going (embarrassingly, I'd never actually used discord before) thanks to Terry The Bodacious Skeleton for telling me to set it up ;)

Theme Reveal Post:
Well, I used a random theme generator and after a completely incoherent theme ("Mature Emperor" no joke, that's what came up first! It's actually kind of awesome LOL) I next landed on CULT CLASSICS as the theme, which I thought might be a little tricky and the situation altogether is somewhat deja vu since (as Clumsy Mage had pointed out in the welcome section) I had initially created a "Clone" jam but was worried copyrighted stuff would be a problem so I ended up switching to the Mashup jam you see now. And as you can't escape fate, it appears we are back to a possible copyright issue (obviously) with cult classics but since I want to stay true to theme and the randomness of it all, I've decided to leave it up to all of you to keep the copyright stuff in mind... After thinking about it, my best advice would be; Use inspiration from cult classics. For instance, "Jason" the hockey mask wearing monster from Friday the 13th could be "Jake" the football helmet wearing monster that attacks on Saturday the 14th (I hope that makes sense!) So, with the copyright stuff in mind; the jam has basically become my original clone jam idea (which I kinda love?! Oh the irony!) Anyway, since this is getting a little long-winded just use your best judgement; game jammers are smart people and I know you guys will find a way to make this an AwEsOmE jam! Thanks for understanding and GOOD LUCK!

Original Post: WOW! I can't believe it 50+ (so far) participating in the jam, made itch's featured jams list, was the main header on Crowdforge's Jam homepage (shout out to JAM for letting me know about Crowdforge) and even mentioned in the official itch blog! What a week and I have all of you to thank for making this jam HYPED to the MAX! Anyway, just thought I mention that and also I've got my super duper theme generator ready to go and it's getting hard to wait until next week, so I've decided to reveal the theme this Friday (4/27) to give you all an extra weekend to work! (Special shout out to Ehausman to inspiring me to do it :D ) So clear your schedule and get ready to JAM this weekend!!!

Thanks for featuring my jam (Mashup) in your post WOW that made my day! I really appreciate it and keep up the great work, man!!!

No prob! In fact speaking of getting the weekend- I'm actually planning on revealing the theme this Friday (4/27) to give everyone a little head start on the jam; even though it technically starts on May 1st. I hope that helps and to answer your question, that's what game jamming is all about; squeezing in time to work on your game a.k.a. cancelling all your weekend plans so you can lock yourself in your room and make games! ;)

No prob! I'm happy to team up, the voting won't be an issue since you guys will be the ones voting (anyone who submits a game for the jam gets to vote!)

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Whoa JAM you won't believe this but a real cool dude that works for CrowdForge actually sent me a message about just that (what are the chances!) Also, I'm glad you mentioned CrowdForge- I'd heard of it but never actually tried it... this jam might be a good excuse to give it a shot, seems very excellent!

EDIT: I got that crowdforge page setup check it out here:

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Hey Headax!
Dang I didn't really think about it, just figured people would find eachother ;)
Starting this post was a good idea though, definitely good for posting looking for group stuff.

Actually, I was figuring I would sit back and enjoy the show but now that you mention it... would you mind if we teamed up? I can't program to save my life but I'm a decent artist. Let me know what you think!

EDIT: Of course, I won't be in it for the money- just the fun! So if you win the $$$ is all yours :D

Yo TTBS (Terry The Bodacious Skeleton)

That's a good idea man, I've actually never setup a discord server but this might be a good excuse to do so!

Yo Kato!
Glad to have you in the jam, man! Good luck!!!