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Thanks for the question Vishcorp, I've opened it up to being able to use premade assets for the jam as long as you follow the guidelines for those assets. And a 3d game is most definitely allowed!

Hey Sickdot,
Thanks for the question- the overall rating will come from adding up all of the categories, sort of a combined score situation. Also, you're right about the judges, I was hoping to find a few but it was a little harder than I was expecting. I'm letting the community (submitters) do the scoring but I will closely monitoring everything and will have the final determination (in case, the winners seem undeserved). I hope this helps and good luck!

Shoot yeah, I was trying a slightly different start date... Actually, I'll probably end up going back to June 21st - July 7th, just so people can have the weekend to work on the games. But the jam will for sure stay in the end of June and the first week of July time-frame. You can bet on it! ;)

Sorry for the late reply! It's been a bit long-winded but in short (and hopefully I don't get flak for this); I was trying to work something out with a small developer, a promotional type of thing- to further increase the cash prizes. However, the May start date became problematic for them (due to delays on their end) it was actually the reason for the first postponement as well. It's been an interesting experience to say the least (nothing against the dev, delays are definitely an inevitable part of the industry) but at this point I'm just wanting to get this party started! So, I decided to push the start date one more month to hopefully allow them to work things out- give them another chance to still possibly get involved. Regardless, of their participation- it will not be changed again! And I truly appreciate everyone's patience throughout this! You're all saints for putting up with this madness!!! Whew, I hope that makes sense/clears things up a bit and thanks for the question vikinghelmet99!

I know :(
Sorry, this is the last time!
Please forgive me!!!

Sorry Sl1ngShot,
If I survive this, I'll probably be hosting another one after (NO DELAYS :/ )
Anyway, have a great trip to Turkey and I hope to see you next time!

Well Paper- I guess, for better or for worse due to some issues- your wish has been granted after all! Anyway, I hope the new date works for you and I hope you decide to join ;)

Sorry, it's been a little confusing but I appreciate your question TQ! I'm thinking as far as premade assets go (in this case- audio assets) it won't be the major focus as far as rating goes, so as long as you give proper credit (of course!) feel free to use it! Thanks and good luck!

Hey Lulullia!
Sorry for the late reply, I'm thinking I might give a little more leeway to pre-made assets. I'll have some of the game rating based around artwork but it won't be the "main" criteria. I'm hoping to find a happy middle-ground for everyone! I'm actually posting a big update tonight with a change in some of the details. Thanks for your interest and hang in there!

Haha! Just a coincidence but maybe I should give radStudio a shot- if not for anything else but namesake! ;) 

Heck yeah! They can totally jam, everyone's invited :)

Galo you are my HERO!

Aw shoot yeah, let me hop in there... I'm terrible about the discord stuff, it's an awesome platform- I just never use it :/
I appreciate the heads-up Galo, time for damage control! 

Oh no... I was worried about that, I'd been meaning to jump in there- You might be right Galo, I might need some backup!

There will be a main theme for this one (announced at the start of the jam) and there will be some "bonus" themes for a little extra credit too! Thanks for your interest and hold on to that idea, you never know- it might come in handy!

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All the info should be up May 1st (but it shouldn't be any later than May 2nd) I'm still working out the extra details.
Sorry for the wait, thanks for being patient and for staying interested!

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Hey Sl1ngShot- glad to have you back! After considering I'm actually currently looking into getting some judges lined up (now that this jam is 250+ participants) That last jam was a bit of an interesting outcome- definitely a learning experience for me... and I think you're right about getting some "official eyes" on this jam, just to make sure. I also decided this time around to have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes; to spread the winnings around a little more. I'll have a bunch more info on this May 1st. Anyway, thanks for being patient and I appreciate you giving it another shot! ;)

Good point Nahid Games (and I've definitely thought of it) I've actually [surprisingly] hosted a cash prize jam before and amazingly it's not really an issue, at least it wasn't last time. I think the itch community is just above that kind of stuff- which is why it's so awesome here. But, you're right- I might have to bring in some official judges or something along those lines, just in case. I'll keep you posted and thanks for mentioning it! 

Haha! I'm afraid that everyone would hate me if I delayed it again ;P
But actually now that you mention it Paper, that's a dang good idea! And considering how many people have joined this one (and how awesome everyone has been) we might just have to have a "July Jackpot Jam" after this! Anyway, I appreciate your enthusiasm it makes this all worth it!!!

Hey Coder GD! Sorry for the delayed response, as far as stuff like that go; I will go ahead and allow! I think things like this are fair enough since you're definitely still putting work into the game even while using add-ons like Pro Builder and Post Processing Stack. Thanks for the question and actually if you don't mind reposting this in the (sticky) Questions topic (just to keep all the questions in one place) that'd be awesome!

Thanks for your question nielisson and you bring up great point, I'll definitely have to tweak that rule a little bit to make it a bit more fair.
I'll keep everyone posted and thanks again for bringing that to my attention! (I hope you don't mind I made this topic sticky)

Good move Paper~ I made this one sticky. And I appreciate you getting me motivated to get the discord goin! ;)

Saulo_audio you made my day :D

Thanks everyone for the involvement (and for keeping me on track ;P )
I got the discord going, jump on in ya'll:

Sure, that shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks Paper!

No prob and thank you!

Good point guys! I was just thinking about getting the discord going for this ;) I'll let you know as soon as it's up!
Thanks for all your interest in the jam, everyone! It's getting bigger than I expected (100+ participants whoo-hoo!)

Sure! Thanks for bringing that to my attention, winners that don't have paypal... We'll have to definitely figure out an alternative payment method!

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Alright everybody~ it's been a bit of a rollercoaster (to say the least) but you all have hung in there with the utmost patience! And I can't believe we have over 700 people joined! Simply incredible!!! And after all that, we are finally going! For a little bit, it felt like it would never happen but the WAIT IS OVER!!! Also, I should mention (in case you all were wondering) in the final hours a sponsor for the jam swooped in (kind of an interesting individual) but just to let you all know you don't have to back the Kickstarter to participate in the jam; although it would definitely help to spread the word since if the Kickstarter is funded the cash prize for this jam will be doubled!!! So definitely a win/win. Also, as you might have seen we will be going until July 7th (I wanted to make sure everyone had a few "weekends" to work on the games- since weekends are the best time for jamming) Alright, let me know if you have any questions- I'll definitely be more involved with the questions and the discord channel! Sorry for all the craziness and thank you to all you incredible jammers, now let's get jamming! 

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Hmm... the more I check this out (and as you guys have brought to my attention) this is a bit of an interesting situation.
NinJaRed if you don't mind I'm going to send you a little follow up message (to our first one) just to chat about some of this. If you don't mind, of course!

Congratulations! You did a great job. If you don't mind send me a quick email to so we can work out some of the details. Thanks!

Heck yeah! Go right ahead!! I'm excited to see your stuff Moon Robot


I should be the one thanking YOU! :)
Without all of you guys this jam wouldn't be possible it really blew up (way more than I could've ever expected)

Ok now I'm gonna check out CHARLIE! Very psyched!!

Very cool m.zadz! I dig the concept (Disney princess can definitely be very cult!) and really like your cute (but freaky) art style. Also, I'm glad to hear you pulled double duty and did LD#41 and this jam, WAY TO GO!!!

EXCELLENT! Just got a chance to check out your submission lum- I'd been looking forward to it since your first post about it and I gotta say it is AwEsOmE! Games like yours make jams like these all worthwhile!

When are you guys gonna start selling tshirts? I wanna represent++

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Dang! I'm seriously stumped??? The link I sent should give you a bypass to be able to submit your game... the only thing I can think of is if the game was tagged with "copyrighted material" by itch. If that's the case, this jam might be in big trouble :/

Hmm... That is really strange, I'm not sure why that's happening but try this submission link and see if that works:

What the?? Now I am confused... was yours the Tom & Jerry one?
Would you mind posting it again... I'm not sure what happened??