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A jam entry

Ban SlingerView game page »

Ban Slinger made in 48hrs for the Shenanijam game jam!
Submitted by cileth with 18 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Music & Sound#44.2864.286

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Gameplay Video or Trailer

Slinging the Ban Hammer

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WOW!! This is AwEsOmE! Such smooth controls, fantastic graphics and beautiful music/sound. Truly an exceptional submission! What more can I say??? A+++++++ GREAT JOB!!! 

Really great job on everything, amazing you got so much done in such a short time, congrats!


@inventroom Thanks for playing! It is good feedback watching someone else play :) 

Played your game here, it was fun~


@OverHookGames My first version of the air attack was the player swinging the hammer in a direction and sort of dashing 45 degrees with the momentum of the hammer. It was a bit awkward though so I changed it so the air attack basically works as a mini double jump mechanic.


@wonderingmonster Thanks! I'm an audio engineer by trade so sfx/music is more up my alley. It is still quite hard to make a great music composition in a short amount of time though! The howto was literally made 10 minutes before submitting the project! Which is why it looks pretty bad (exported with anti-aliasing on the text :[ ). It is definitely something I will overhaul if I update the project. I will also probably add more input support, so the up key would indeed jump hah. I was definitely cramming towards the end of the jam!


@Dija Studios there actually is screen wrapping! I didn't get a chance to fully implement controller support / different keyboard input layouts. I ran out of time! The slam ability can be quite effective if used in the right circumstance.  The melee attack combo has longer delay after finishing the 3 hit combo that resets the attack combo. It was intended so you couldn't just spam melee attacks. However, I'm open to adjusting the feel/timings of attacks if I update this jam!

What a great example of scope control. Tight, polished and feels great. Had a ton of fun. Really like how swinging the hammer in air pushed the player up.

The music, sound effects and art feel really professional on this. I got a bit confused on how to jump, because the "how to play" says arrow keys including the up key, while it's the space bar instead.

Great entry. 

Some simple improvement suggestions: screen-wrapping, completed controller support (I noticed there's move and jump but no attack), and screen-shake (and maybe a bit more effectiveness) on the "glory slam" move.

There might be a bug with the amount of time it takes to re-start a 3-hit combo if the player is button mashing, but this is quite tidy. I'd like to see a larger world and more story behind this!

very awesome game, very fun and well polished 

Amazing game, really well done and controls has a weighty feel to it!


@Ps7cho what keyboard controls would you like to see? There doesn't really seem to be a standard across platformers. Right now it's arrow keys, space,  X, and Z (A and D also work instead of arrow keys). To me at least, having X and Z gives easy access to shift and space which can be used for jumps and dashes. I've seen A and S as the main two buttons as well.

Amazing graphics and artistic touches. Loved the particle effects and screen fading

Great game looks amazing. I am not in love with the controls expecially the attack button. The 3 attack system is fantastic! very good job man.

Very polished game for a 48 hour jam. Excellent work! 


Thanks for the feedback! The instant death was definitely intended. Since there is only one level, the purpose of the entire game is to complete the challenge. It's designed to be relentless! However, I hope the gameplay and mechanics are fun enough that the  challenge isn't too off putting or frustrating. It's almost like a platformer-mechanic trainer :] . There are quirks to the mechanics that can help, like using the slam ability at the right time to save yourself in a sticky situation. The input for the slam is instantly available (if not attacking) so you can quickly attack > slam. My other tip is to not ignore enemies and quickly dispose of them with a smack to the face. Avoiding the enemies results in increased difficulty as more and more spawn.  

Lovely graphics and animation.  I wish the player had more hitpoints.

This game has amazing pixel animation, and felt well polished. Still trying to beat this game. Well done!!

This was excellent!
Fantastic game feel, can tell this was polished thoroughly and with care.
The attention to detail was good too, with the subtle changes to the character sprite scale as he jumps. 
Really liked the artstyle, and animations too (especially the player spawning one :D).
Thought it was a bit hard with a single hitpoint for the player, but that was probably a conscious design choice and I'm just bad at it haha.
Also the user interface with volume sliders was much appreciated and is good practice for game development.

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