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Thank you so much for your feedback and including our game in your video!

Thank you very much!

Simple but very entertaining and fun

Very creative idea given your theme, good work!

If anyone beats the boss let us know in the comments!

@merlin4 They should be? The health of enemies scales with the higher levels, if you don't collect any damage power ups it might feel like enemies aren't taking damage. Although we do know there is a bug when enemies get stuck between the obstacle blocks every once in a while. Thanks for playing!

Amazing graphics and artistic touches. Loved the particle effects and screen fading

Challenging but fun, very unique

The voice acting is really cool for a game jam game

Awesome game!

Extremely challenging for me haha, but very entertaining

Very cool idea, wish i had someone to play against!

The funnest game in the jam that I've played so far, very entertaining, great graphics, well balanced.

Love the graphics style, Would be awesome on mobile

Very entertaining to play, and challenging, great work. Loved the simplistic art style aswell.

Really cool idea for a game, controls felt a bit wonky, i would love to see some updates to this