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What a great example of scope control. Tight, polished and feels great. Had a ton of fun. Really like how swinging the hammer in air pushed the player up.

Nevered fired a shot, that was my trick to get to the 18th level. Once I got there, it was a bit too hard. I loved that you end up rewarding pacifism in the next circle, really cool 

not sure what you mean by follow mouse? With the holy water perhaps? Just did 2 osx tests, worked okay for me, let me know any more info would help!

Oh man, I want this to come back as a full browser rogue lite, ton of fun!

Neat, that was fun, could see this idea going a long way!

Sometime I could jump on the bigger cake, some times I couldn't. That was my only issue! I really liked it!

Dang, I spent a lot of time on that. That was a bunch of fun, solid core mechanic.

Couldn't found out how to wack but man its fun to out run those bad guys. Liked the black eye on damage.

What a ton of fun, would love to know how you did the stars in Unity. Great stuff!