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Amazingly well done game, i like the main mechanic idea a lot! I would suggest the levels to complete when the elk walks on top of all the tiles instead of shooting them as after a while i noticed i was just staying at the center of the level shooting everything with my beam.  Great sketches for the tutorial also! 

Amazing art, a little bit on the hard side, perhaps it could be a little more slow placed? Great tower defense concept overall! 

Great job, I liked the idea of the hidden policemen! Balance was really good too, i felt it was challenging but not too hard.  I can totally see more unlockables in later levels machineguns and  roller skates to help you move/kill faster hehehe

Excellent idea! Very fun and original game for some reason i had a nice Ghostbusters vibe from it. 

Very nice little game! I could easily see it being developed a little bit more as a runner with the addition of e.g. double jump and some other mechanics. Great job!

Nice game, i think with some added features and a whole bunch of levels you could have a solid idea in your hands! Can be ported for mobile too :)

Interesting game, i would like to see the political part of the concept  a little bit more in the mechanics of the game. Also the controls are a little difficult to get used to. The game happily reminded me of old top down rpg games i used to play as a student :) Nice work!

Felt simple and addictive but i got a little bored after a while. Very nice work overall, grats!

Very polished game for a 48 hour jam. Excellent work! 

Damned pirates i can only watch helplessly after they shoot their cannonballs :) Good job!

Very nice concept and a fun and promising game. Love the tropical music :)

Thanks for the comment Zen00! You can move with the arrow keys left and right and jump with the up arrow. Also F1 switches to fullscreen