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Looks like a pretty interesting tool! I don't currently have a need for it, but I can see making use of it sometime in the future. 

A few comments/pieces of feedback based on browsing your example:

  • on a 4k display, everything is way too small. Some sort of display settings / window resize would be nice.
  • I haven't looked under the hood enough to know if this makes sense, but if there's a flow direction between two nodes, it might be nice to have arrows on the lines. somewhere in the middle of the line would likely work fine.
  • Ask to save on exit.
  • There aren't enough visual interactions. to limit having to look up hotkeys, I'd recommend:
    • a button to add a new node
    • handles/buttons on nodes to create node connections
    • a delete node button in the node info window

Thank you!
It'd be fun to build on someday, for sure -- perhaps after we finish our current game?

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Based on the demo so far, this game is a great example of re-imagining super-metroid for the modern era. You've managed to improve on almost every single aspect of the game, and brought it into today. How great!

I got to the boss, died 3 or 4 times, then gave up -- It's so tough for a first boss! I could get it down to about 50% health on my best attempts.

I'll be sure to keep an eye on this game! Love it so far!

Thanks! Mac release is a goal!

@leafo Thank you!  More to come :D

June teaser image:

I enjoyed this entry!

I'd love to play a more complete version of it!

Looking forward to following your development!

Elevator bug removed on 8/7

Great entry. 

Some simple improvement suggestions: screen-wrapping, completed controller support (I noticed there's move and jump but no attack), and screen-shake (and maybe a bit more effectiveness) on the "glory slam" move.

There might be a bug with the amount of time it takes to re-start a 3-hit combo if the player is button mashing, but this is quite tidy. I'd like to see a larger world and more story behind this!