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okay, sounds good. Thanks for your help!

Hi,  I just started using GMLive today and enjoying it so far.

Short of using live room functions and changing instance variables, is it possible to live-re-load variable definitions of objects? (the variables created in the object "Variable Definitions" section, not in create code or otherwise.)

I have several object stats set this way throughout my project, and am curious if there's a way to change them during runtime using GMLive.

I suppose I could just execute a block of live code while the game is running to change those variables, but really only works for testing a change, not applying a change. 

Just curious what workflow you might recommend! Thanks

This game was made with GameMaker

I tried this one out for a bit last night. It has a good vibe. 

I found it a bit confusing at first, for example the seemingly pointless laser gun you start with is kind of confusing, and swapping bullet types with select is something I accidentally stumbled upon. 

A few minutes in, I somehow fell through the floor between rooms and fell for all eternity. 

instead of a bar, you could try slowing down the flapping animation speed as the power decreases. Not the easiest solution to read, but it might feel about right. That plus similar sound design would probably help

Yeah, I personally like the "5/x double jumps" concept. And I assume each one would be weaker than the last, with the first being by far the strongest (because it's in conjunction with a jump off the platform/ground), until you land again. With this concept, if you fall off a ledge, you'd start with "flap/jump two", which might be enough to provide a little lift if you're falling, depending on how you balance it.

Here's some thoughts from about 20 minutes of goin' at it.

  • The visuals are very nice. The sunlight on platforms, the windwaker-esque poofs when you land, etc. Very pretty game.
  • The steep difficulty definitely got some chuckles out of me. It's a brutal game. I'm guessing you're going for a vibe similar to Getting Over It, and I think you're in the right ballpark.
  • I got to the area where there's a cave starting to form and the several stepping stones under a low ceiling. That's around where the difficulty curve probably got a little too difficult for me. (note - I don't particularly like brutal difficulty games, so I'm not your ideal tester. Celeste is about my upper limit.)
  • The controls are supposed to be difficult, and I get that. the physics feel good/realistic, and appropriately hard. The flapping didn't feel quite right to me. Not because it's too difficult, but because it didn't quite feel intuitive or immersive, which felt frustrating for what I'd consider to be the wrong reason. 
    • I think I would prefer getting a little more control over each flap of the wings, and each flap gives less and less lift until you hit the ground. I wanted to be able to, e.g. hop off a ledge, wait a moment, then flap one or two more times to slow an approach or extend a jump. I realize you can kind of do that with current controls, but not to the level of finesse I hoped. 
    • I also would have liked to be able to slow my fall speed by holding A, even after running out of ... flap power? Almost like a underpowered glide. But perhaps that would make the game too easy.

Hope this is helpful!

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Looks like a pretty interesting tool! I don't currently have a need for it, but I can see making use of it sometime in the future. 

A few comments/pieces of feedback based on browsing your example:

  • on a 4k display, everything is way too small. Some sort of display settings / window resize would be nice.
  • I haven't looked under the hood enough to know if this makes sense, but if there's a flow direction between two nodes, it might be nice to have arrows on the lines. somewhere in the middle of the line would likely work fine.
  • Ask to save on exit.
  • There aren't enough visual interactions. to limit having to look up hotkeys, I'd recommend:
    • a button to add a new node
    • handles/buttons on nodes to create node connections
    • a delete node button in the node info window

Thank you!
It'd be fun to build on someday, for sure -- perhaps after we finish our current game?

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Based on the demo so far, this game is a great example of re-imagining super-metroid for the modern era. You've managed to improve on almost every single aspect of the game, and brought it into today. How great!

I got to the boss, died 3 or 4 times, then gave up -- It's so tough for a first boss! I could get it down to about 50% health on my best attempts.

I'll be sure to keep an eye on this game! Love it so far!

Thanks! Mac release is a goal!

@leafo Thank you!  More to come :D

June teaser image:

I enjoyed this entry!

I'd love to play a more complete version of it!

Looking forward to following your development!

Elevator bug removed on 8/7

Great entry. 

Some simple improvement suggestions: screen-wrapping, completed controller support (I noticed there's move and jump but no attack), and screen-shake (and maybe a bit more effectiveness) on the "glory slam" move.

There might be a bug with the amount of time it takes to re-start a 3-hit combo if the player is button mashing, but this is quite tidy. I'd like to see a larger world and more story behind this!