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Looks like a pretty interesting tool! I don't currently have a need for it, but I can see making use of it sometime in the future. 

A few comments/pieces of feedback based on browsing your example:

  • on a 4k display, everything is way too small. Some sort of display settings / window resize would be nice.
  • I haven't looked under the hood enough to know if this makes sense, but if there's a flow direction between two nodes, it might be nice to have arrows on the lines. somewhere in the middle of the line would likely work fine.
  • Ask to save on exit.
  • There aren't enough visual interactions. to limit having to look up hotkeys, I'd recommend:
    • a button to add a new node
    • handles/buttons on nodes to create node connections
    • a delete node button in the node info window

Thank you for your comment! Its very appreciated your feedback.

I'll add those to the todo list for next versions!


Aye, at the moment, the only thing I'm really having trouble with is running out of space XD It would be lovely if we could resize the window :)


I would try to add a window size setup at the beginning of the project or into the configs tab, for now maybe the new version would help a bit!