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Thank you!! I'm glad you like them :) I will be updating these with more tiles in the coming weeks, I've been a bit busy!

Aye, at the moment, the only thing I'm really having trouble with is running out of space XD It would be lovely if we could resize the window :)

Awesome little addition!!

Thank you! I hope you find them useful! :)

You definitely have to let me know if you do!! 

Oh wow, that looks fantastic!! I can't wait to check it out! 

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Whoa, I was actually wondering what the effect might be on the Ceiling/Walls if the fog was removed XD That was super fast! I do think the fog effect works wonderfully, especially with the floors and ceilings. I'll give it a go!

The old tool I use also has the ability to add a "Backdrop" image at the far end of the screen, rather than just a ceiling/floor; which worked well with any dungeon/maze designs that did not have a ceiling (Think open air hedge maze or a Town/Village), a Sky or Cloud panorama or some such. This might not work right in your tool, but it's the only other thing I can think of off the top of my head that might be neat for somebody! 

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This is an excellent little tool! I was actually trying to convince a friend of mine to write something like this for me to use, but alas, that did not work lmao. I have been using a different tool for a number of years to produce first person images like this, except it is incapable of rendering separate image files for each wall, which is rather annoying. Your tool is much nicer in that it spits out each wall tile separately, and you can customize shapes. Thank you for this. You da best.

Perhaps is there a way to add the option to disable the fog entirely? Or to rescale the Floor/Ceiling textures in the same manner that you can with the Objects? Again, fantastic work :)

Still awesome that people are creating nodes for Tilemancer, I still use it for various things and it's cool to come back and find more new nodes to mess with!

Much appreciated!! Glad you found them useful :)

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Thank you so much!! License is CC0, there are no restrictions, and you can use them however you like, commercial or non-commercial! Credit is always welcome, but never required! :)