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Hey there! Sorry for not answer before, I move out from my country and haven’t been on a PC since the day I posted this.

About the questions, I’ll try to answer as best as I can remember, but we can talk later on DC if I’m wrong about it :)

  1. The 256 should only be the limit of instances to index at the same time, so, if you have more than 256 instances of “oWall”, then looking for an specific wall would be a pain, but if you are looking for oPlayer, as soon as you write “oP” the oPlayer instance should pop in (if there’s no 256 “oP” instances before it).

  2. I have thought about it when I was developing the feature, but I’m still not sure how to implement it, I thought on some possible implementations but yours seems very reasonable, what I could think now is:

  • An extra callback parameter for ArgumentWithOptions constructor. But this would mean to create a new parameter for JSON files.
  • A new ArgumentWithDynamicOptions constructor. This may change the Argument struct.
  • A rework of the Argument constructors leaving on one “Argument” constructor, but using a enum of types (DEFAULT, WITH_OPTIONS, DYNAMIC_OPTIONS, etc) to simplify everything in one struct.

Btw, would love to have contributors to the project! Thank you for your interest, I may not be too responsive these first weeks, but I would love to have a chat with you, will add you to DC nos :)

I released a new v1.3.1 if you are interested, I fixed a lot of critical issues from last version v1.3.0 and now should be on a very compatible state for GameMaker’s newer versions and previous versions (GameMaker Studio 2.3+) too.

Hopefully for v1.4.0 I would add some compatibility for GameMaker Studio 2 (pre 2.3) and GameMaker Studio 1.4.

A new major update has been released and that should solve a lot of previous bugs!

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It took me a while more than I expected but it’s finally released, v1.3 is a major update, and if you are using previous versions I recommend to do a clean install!

Also, here’s the documentation/wiki for the new versions

Shouldn’t the 2 in the middle be a 3, and de 1 in the right a 2?


Sounds cool, will try about that, have been working last week on the console and v1.3 should be ready in 1 or 2 weeks if you want to check it out later :D

I didn’t think about that but should take me that much, maybe add a prop for selecting which asset type you want to autocomplete/suggest (rooms, sprites, objects, etc), if you want to suggest something, I’m open for it!

Using the blurred version uses more GPU, is not required actually but you can disable it removing the function.

I’m working on a new versiont with a lot more customization so you can don’t have to edit that much code to make it work without the features you may not like

Hey! I’m working on a whole rework of this console hopefully solving these issues, sorry for the late responses

Didn’t knew [$ "prop"] used more resources and time than .prop. Replaced all of them on my autotile system and reduced the time from avg ~200ms to avg ~20ms.

Amazing job!

Awesome gizmos collection, always come back to download and use again!

What do you mean with another language? On the UI or the entry boxes?

Turtle took me a long time to resolve, but very good game concept!

Hey thank you!

The 2019 demo had some issues with some shaders that made unable to start the game, I thought I solved it, but I'll re-check on that!

Also thank you for the comment, hope to have the new demo asap!

No support yet!

I restarted the project a few weeks ago to release v1.0 and open-source the project, so I will try to add it to the features list to the release. I think it could be ready to launch in a month or two!

Also, thank you! :P

Mainasutto: I'm not Alone is a metroidvania about time, set on a dark fantasy world, where decision making is crucial for our protagonists to save their timeline.

< Demo 2 will be released on December 2022 >

Hey, this extension is awesome! I've been  using it for almost a year now, but i wanna ask about a x64 support for GMS 2.3.1+, would you plan on update this someday again?

This game is very old and i don't have the source code by now, but i think that i just use pre-created rooms with the same exits vertical and horizontal, and then use switches and random to choose a room depending on wich side of the room you leave

Thank you so much! Hope it would help and ber useful!

Interesting game, survived like 15 minutes, the balls full of eyes are almost imposible to kill without more damage upgrades, very nice game to spend some time anyways!

Should recommend adding more damage upgrades and less health regen (i made it into level 45 or 50, i don't remember, and i can tank like 5 full hits and my life just goes up)

I'm sorry, i uploaded a previous version from the git branch. I just realized by your comment, i will upload the last version soon.

You can create a set of scripts to read the json files to make it work into another engines. The system only exports a .json file so it should be able to be imported and read by any engine that supports json parsing.

Hope it works for you!

I loved it, very simple to implement! 10/10

Honestly on my top 3 of best games of this jam, good job man!

Thank you! I don't think on mac releases yet, but it can be an opption for the future. (i don't have a mac to test it nor the module)

Are you sure you are importing it the right way? This files and this program have nothing to do with Spine.

The idea is to import this files as datafiles into the included files default folder of GameMaker, just press "Open In Explorer" and drop the .json files into that folder.

Good submission! I really enjoy tha game haha

Also, wanna thank you for my name on the credits, glad you liked the program :D! And congratz you on the platforms engine, i loved the mechanics!

Btw, i found that there's no collision on this wall, i thought you removed a part of the level, or the spikes section was longer? Anyways, good game, very funny!

I just released a big update to the Text Story / Visual Novel creation engine for GameMaker Studio using just nodes and events!

Download it for free!

Gameflow Designer by D' Andrëw Box (

I would try to add a window size setup at the beginning of the project or into the configs tab, for now maybe the new version would help a bit!

Very cool tool, its obviously an improvement from my tool! Thank you for mention me

Impressive icons! I used them on my tool "Gameflow Designer" :D

Wow! This is just awesome! Your version looks a lot more polished than mine and i would love to see it in action, very good job with that.

I'm very surprised with this, you made this even better, i'm gonna take some inspiration from here if you don't mind :D

Thank you lots, i really appreciate this comment!

I will consider to add that for next versions and to the "To-do List", there are some very good ideas and feedback, really thank you!

And sorry for this late response, i didn't log into itch for at least a few months, and i resume this project just few days ago because of pandemic stuff on my life :(

Its all made on Game Maker Studio 2.3!

Hey! Thank you, sorry for this late response

Hopefully this program works for you! I recently resumed this project so i didn't work on the things on the list yet, but i will be releasing a new version proabably next month!

Thank you!

Very cool game! Nice art.
At first i feel that the pieces were moving too fast but when i got used to it i managed to do some score haha

If you wanna play & rate it! :D

I noticed this rate page doesn't show the description, so, if you're lost, these are the controls to play.