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Hey! Thank you, sorry for this late response

Hopefully this program works for you! I recently resumed this project so i didn't work on the things on the list yet, but i will be releasing a new version proabably next month!


Hi Andrew. Thanks for the reply! I was so inspired by your app that I decided to write a similar one myself. Mine has a few enhancements like in the suggestions people have been mentioning. On mine, you can collapse a node and all its children will disappear. This allows for de-cluttering larger projects. Also, I have a save and an export. An export will trim off unnecessary data like color and location of nodes. I have also added localization and language switching of both text and speaker, and a character manager for easy drop down selection of the speaker on each node. It's coming along nicely. I'll put it on my page for free when it's ready. I'm just working out one last bit of stuff on the character manager. I would not have undertook such an endeavor if it weren't for you, so thank you again!!

Wow! This is just awesome! Your version looks a lot more polished than mine and i would love to see it in action, very good job with that.

I'm very surprised with this, you made this even better, i'm gonna take some inspiration from here if you don't mind :D