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Wuuuuuuut? 🤩

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I got a fatal crash trying to launch this in Windows 11.: 



FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: shd_color_change

D3DXCompile failed - result

at gml_Object_o_BloomOverlay_2_Draw_64



stack frame is

gml_Object_o_BloomOverlay_2_Draw_64 (line -1)

The video looks smashing! I can't wait to play this!!

Been following this project for a while. Excellent work!!

Nice work on this. Reminded me of Spy Hunter!

I am having this problem too, except it doesn't crash, I just get no colors. Is this issue being addressed? I see this bug was posted 245 days ago.

I'm not familiar with the source material, but for a fangame, you put a lot of love into this. The controls are solid. The impact sounds are satisfying, and the music is excellent. Love the nearly desaturated pixel art. I'm really enjoying the game so far, and so glad it saves my progress! Great job!

Looks great! I'll definitely keep this one in mind when I do another horror game! Thanks, Gizmo199

Thanks, Jordan! I finally bit the bullet and spent a weekend learning the Appsurd onlineHighScore system. Now I just have to figure out how to host the scores on my own server, but that's for another time. Onward and upward!

I ran into an issue on the Windows version. I have an 8bitdo SN30 Pro+ controller, and when I jump onto a ladder, the analog up and down controls are reversed. Up makes him move down, and down makes him move up.

Tiger Claw community · Created a new topic Beautiful!!!
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This is an amazing game! I was a big Bruce Lee fan on the C64. I have an A500 Mini on pre-order. When it gets here, you can bet I'll be buying the Amiga version.

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Thank you very much for playing, and thoughtful analysis. Your frustration was well founded, and I failed to have Pan say he needed to get close to the Rat for his music to work too, which I have since corrected as well. I also fixed several bugs related to how Pan and the Rat move on the platforms, as the Jam version had a few scenarios where they don't stick properly. A much cleaner version is on the way, and I appreciate your streaming and providing feedback!

First off, nice program! I can see this being very useful.  My problem is when I create a custom property, I am unable to go back to the "Create New Property Type" dialog and edit the property by either adding or removing values from my custom property. I am only allowed to rename values that have already been added to the custom property. This forces me to obliterate my custom property and make a new one if I want to make more or less values to an existing property.

Nice work, homie! A lot of fun in such a small package! Excellent music too!

Congratulations to all winners! 1st Place was well deserved!

I'm in Windows 10.

Wow, thank you for streaming my game!! It was a real treat to watch. I haven't made immediate plans to expand the game into more levels at this time, but that could change, depending on whether demand for it increases. Again, thank you so much for trying it out.

Great visuals and sounds, and nice and easy controls. After a few playthroughs I started to develop a strategy of staying against the left wall, then move along the bottom wall. I think randomly placing the exit and not letting the player see the board as a whole might help prevent the players from a more limiting experience. That said,  the game was fun, and I had a great time playing. Well done!

A very solid and polished action puzzle game. Great presentation, great sound, and a quick game loop make for a fun and non-frustrating experience.  Probably my personal top pick. Well Done!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

You did a great job setting up the story! I loved your pixel art introduction, and the whole concept is really cool. I really wish there was more gameplay though. I think you have the beginnings of something special here. Good Job!

I had an absolute blast with this game. This is what the arcade version of Tron Tanks should have been. That said, I literally had to quit out by the 22nd wave because I became so powerful that I could drive faster than all the enemy bullets. I became unstoppable. Also, I did get hung up driving too close to the white blocks a few times. That said, very cool game, and I think I could have gone on forever if I didn't stop myself. Great job!

This one was super fun!!! I love these type of platformers. You executed it well. Great Job!

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This game has a decent amount of polish, and I had a good time with several playthroughs. Nice work!! Great pixel art!!!

This game looks gorgeous, and I really dig the aesthetic. When it came to the controls however, I was left a bit frustrated. I found myself wrestling with the movement and dash button. And if I were to make a small suggestion, when doing wall jump mechanics, NEVER make it where pushing away from the wall makes you let the wall go. You have to jump off the wall to get to a facing wall. If you push toward that wall, you let go and can't jump. If you push toward the wall you're on, you don't jump far enough to get to the other wall. It's a catch 22. You have to take the directional movement out of the equation for a successful vertical wall traversal. Other than that, great job! I hope you take this one further, because it does show a lot of promise.

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This game looked flashy in the screenshots. I like the restricted palette, and the music and voice work sounds nice and old school. However, after several playthroughs, I could not for the life of me figure out what I was supposed to be doing. There's no instructions anywhere. Not in the game, not on the game's webpage. Also, I can't figure out why I'm dying every time. I'm dodging the witch, but for some reason it keeps ending. Help!!!

Let me start with the good. Excellent visuals! I liked the pixel art, and the character looked like something out of Tron. The music was bumpin too. Now for the not so great. For rhythm games, it's hard enough to time the button presses to the beat of the song. Adding the extra element of having to hit the button according to color, while dropping the colors down every different column is a recipe for sorrow. Perhaps I need more practice, but I quickly got frustrated with the controls. Also, the middle mouse button is not a good choice for a button to be pressing for a rhythm game. The middle mouse is intended mainly to roll like a wheel, and only press in certain occasions that don't include a life or death situation. I think the game is promising, but I would rethink the mechanics to break out of the frustration. Good Job!

I was able to get another chance to play the game after your update, and I must say the controls (particularly with the mouse) worked very well for me. This time I got to level 2. I'm going to keep trying until I get to level 3. Again, great job on your game. It brings to mind flying down the death star in Star wars!!!

One of the best games in this jam I've seen. Very polished. Very cool lighting system!! I don't need to get into gameplay because others have covered it well here, so I'll just way Excellent Job. I don't know if it needed the filter over the screen to look good though. But that's a small gripe. This game delivers!!

This game could use some polish. A kicking music track would have took it up a notch. Also, I think when you land on the circles, your character should not automatically slide off to the right, it should stay at the position where it landed, relative to the circle. Good Job!

Wow. This is an exceptional RPG. I love the presentation!! Great music, great graphics, great gameplay! Well done!

I really enjoyed this game. You have to die to pretty much get a look at the level, and then have to memorize where everything is to get through it. What a great idea!! I actually found myself placing my mouse where key features were so I could get my jumps and dodges just right. I think you did a great job on this game!!!

Cute Game! I liked your bright and colorful graphics, and the music had a nice chill feel to it. Some good sound effects, too. It was not too hard to play, either. I appreciated being able to continue on the level I died on. Good Job!

Your screenshots looked great. Unfortunately, I was playing entries on my laptop where I don't have GMS2 installed. It would have been better if you put a zipped EXE for your entry. I'll check back with this entry later if you can do an update.

This is an interesting game mechanic, having the player scream into the microphone. Very innovative! (although I played with the spacebar so I wouldn't disturb my family) This was fun and challenging, but it was a bit frustrating a couple times if the cat didn't get a complete scare. Good Job!!

Not a bad little game. Very bright and flashy, and the music was great. I liked how the enemies could shoot the straight flyers and turn them into trackers. Some good ideas here. I would rather see a damage meter than use the color of your ship as an indicator of how much health I have left. Other than that good job!

Congratulations on making a game. I played this game all the way to the end, and beat the neon worm. I loved the lightsaber effect, and your deflections worked perfectly. You have a good sense of level design, and your bad guys were not too easy, and not too hard. Well done!

Sadly, I could not get the game to run. I got what looked like a DOS screen with a bunch of numbers on it. Is this game made with Gamemaker Studio 2?

The bullet sounds that come out with a harmony that changes is a neat idea. Also with the dash you have different sounds that go up the scale. I dig it. I think your collisions are a little harsh. The bullets are disappearing before they actually hit the enemies. Also, one hit one kill is pretty severe to go right to a Game Over. I would suggest adding a health and damage system. I think this game shows promise though. Good Job!