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Yup there is a bug in the first area you can not use it there, im working on the game right now and that bug is already fixed (really silly bug it was)

Mmm im pretty sure thats not the correct color palette

@peabnuts123 thanks so much for the words, will read upon the "complexity from simplicity" stuff haha. Also i completly agree on the dissapointment of having no ending =S i could not finish the game, the ending was going to be that you woke up and find out you are just a Boxing trainner dreaming about Punchguns hehe.

Mmm cute little game, in the thumbnail the art looks good but i found it was pretty confusing at times, also getting stuck was not that fun i feel you get stuck on corners and with yourself way too easily. Too bad the game is so short, and i really missed some cool sounds.

I like the idea but as other said found the controls really confusing at first. The graphics and sound are awesome. But the confusion made it not that fun to play, also the balance seems off it became really hard way too quickly i feel. Maybe i just suck.

Also whats up with that game description?

? Dont understand this game sorry.

Sorry but this got me super confused, as @boymakesnoise said im not sure about the controls and the graphics are confusing i cant figure out what dude am i. Did not have fun with it =S

SUPER cool mechanic really liked it, the music was awesome and the art fit really well. Nice entry man! Your first game too? Super cool!

121 steps in my first try! It was kind of interesting concept, i really liked the art. As you said that vacuum cleanear was totally OP haha

The artwork on that granny was the highlight for me, the coins did not reset after each playtrough? Got to the lava floor.

@eltea thank you man you make me really happy and you are right there is a bug with the dash in the first Level i did not find it till after the jam ended haha, also the double jump there was no indication just a 2 in the boots i suposed that was enough but now i regret not explaining it better. Also i totally agree with the enemy thing, it sucks that there is only one type (and a pretty boring one haha) i spent too much time getting the feel of the shooting right and ended up with nothing fun to shoot at haha. And i will look into the "give" part of jumping near edges i was aware of that but did not get time to focus on that problem.

Pretty fun game and super cute, loved the art and sounds you have a talent for super cute things sketchu! haha,

https://prnt.sc/fdipr4  how well did i do? I think the big issue with the game is that you can just camp in the midle and move the mouse around randomly and pretty much never lose? I lost because i wanted to see what would happen when the ghost got near me haha

@merlin4 @FidoGaming thanks!

@t04glovern it has some screen shaking but did not want to over do it haha some people dont like it i think, yeah i like the simple tutorial it explains everything in the first minute of the game.

@radHABiT thanks, i think i will work on it more, i like the mechanic too-

Thanks for the tip will try it out

Say i use Construct 2 particle system and have some particles (that use the right color palette) but the particles fade out, would that be kinda cheating? i mean when they go transparent they change color...

i mean i guess we will at least have the ability to see our final scores right?

Will you upload the vods to youtube?

i edited my logo i think there is no problem with that? it would be too strict otherwise i think

Filled the form, still i leave the link in here just in case https://sachosdev.itch.io/the-...

okay thanks

I want to use every last minute of the jam to actually make the game, can we submit the video after the jam ends or do the video have to be already uploaded once the jam ends?

I think i spent too much time adding pretty particles i need to the core gameplay asap! haha

Posted in Ready to start?

I would love to stream but my shitty 768kbps upload wont be enough =(

Just asked two days ago the practicaly the same thing https://itch.io/jam/weekly-hour-game-jam---w18-201...

The idea is to develop the game in 1 hour TOTAL in the whole week.

Ohhh i see, yeah damn a game in 1 hour? Thats tough, will have to give it a try some day.

Created a new topic Doubt about Rule 3

Im not sure i understand Rule 3

  1. Develop within one hour. Just find one hour during your week. It may even be several sessions, as long as the total time is no more than one hour.
Is this 1 hour per day rule? I cant sit an develope for 2 hours straight then? What if i dev for 1 hour, stand up for 1 minute, and sit back again i find this rule kinda odd. Or is it 1 hour TOTAL for the whole week?
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Yeah i agree every 2 or 3 week would be better. I just had my first game jam ever with LD38 and now the post Ludum Dare abstinence is kiking in haha.

Just wondering