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Ty for playing and the feedback. Will think about it for my next projects (not that i have anything in the works right now anyway).

Hi guys! Thanks for playing my game! If you would like to support me please check out a new Android game i released "Sword Throwing Knight" about a Knight that defends his castle by throwing swords at his enemies. Check it out here if you would like 

Thats sick, awesome passion for the genre. Thanks for playing my game.

Sorry i dont understand your question

Yeaah, i dropped the game haha, sorry, it was a simple jam game after all. How did you come back to a 5 years old comment though?

You have to get the jump boots in the first area.

Thank you for the kind words.

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Yeah i know, could not finish that in time for the jam as far as i remember. Also, sorry but i will not add more stuff to the game right now, if at some point i end up doing something with it i will have to remake it from the ground up with new graphics and engine. Thanks for the interest in the game, makes me happy.

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Yeah i know, if i were to continue it at some point i should straight up remake it with a new engine and better coded honestly. Im sure the code was a mess. Also, my passion for gamedev has pretty much died at this point. But im thankful for comments like yours, makes me happy.

Yep, thats the game haha

Hehe thanks for defending me but its ok, i don't mind the comments, makes me happy that people were interested enough on the game to begin with.

Im sorry, if some day i keep working on it then i will have to remake it from the ground up, the game engine i used to make it changed a lot since. But im glad you liked it enough to leave this comment.

No, there is only one ending. How many heart pieces? Honestly i don't remember lol, it was a long ago i did this for the jam =P. Thanks for playing and sorry for taking so long to answer!

Oops, im sorry! Did not think about that when finishing the game for the JAM deadline =S

Thank you so much!

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Thanks for the nice comments! Yup, a lot of people have suggested that, the game was made in a rush a long time ago for a game jam so i don't think i will upgrade it now, im sorry. But it seems the idea is liked by a lot of people so that gets me happy, i should put my ass to work in a new version i guess, too bad im too lazy right now =S

Awesome! Can't wait!

Wow, thank you very much i should get back to it some time haha

You are right, that bug was something i could not solve when making the game i remember! Thanks for the nice comments!

Thank you so much for the kind words man! Honestly the last few month i haven't been coding that much, kinda lost motivation so reading your comment helps hehe.

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Wow, thank you so much, i really needed this comment right now hehe. I mad the game with Construct 2 game engine, a pretty old version, if i made it with the new Construct 3 i guess it would run even better.

"thanks for the reply dude. you've been a huge help" No worries man, good luck with the game! 20 days have passed since then, how are the stats of the game going, is people downloading it or no luck? i know how hard it is to get your game to peoples phones haha

Hi, thanks for showing interest in this game! I dont know how useful it would be to share the project, this is made using Construct game engine, i did not make it using a normal programming language like C++ or Java plus remember this was made for a game jam so the "code" is a total mess haha. Let me think about it, if people like the game so much maybe i should take the idea and make a real game for the app store or something hehe-

It feels kinda weird having to "farm" tokens in a Snake game, most people will want to collect 3 apples and move on, or something like that, more classic. Also about the ads, remember not all people got big screen cellphones, my screen is kinda small so the ad overlaps with the UI thats why i pointed it out. Something to keep in mind. Good luck dude!

Hi i played your game, i like the idea and the game runs fine though i would increase the framerate or the speed of the snake a bit it looks super choppy, i understand its a Snake game but still, i would look into that direction. Also the ads load fine, its a shame it covers some of the UI at top, try moving that to the bottom of the screen or on the side of it. Last, damn, its hard to unlock levels, 20 apples for the second level seems a bit much haha, considering you have to hit 3 times the little red guy to get only one apple. Good luck with your game!

Yooo dude congrats! I will sure to check it out later today, gotta get to work first! Hehe

Can we have a feature where the software remembers your prefered export options so i dont have to set it up every time?

"You may use these models/creations/blocks in personal and commercial projects.

Credit (Asset Forge or would be nice but is not mandatory." taken from the license file that comes with the software

isometric top 45° just to give you an idea, be aware, trying to export large objects as 2d sprite may cause bugs when exporting, i was really dissapointed with that. Wait for v2.0 for great 2d support.

Thank you for your help, i think im going to buy the standrad edition and then upgrade if i really need to. I wish this software had a demo.

Yeah i have seen you can select "small" "medium" and "large" but what size are those? 64,128,256, etc

Wow, amazing. Thank you sooo much for your work. Now i need to buy Asset Forge haha, would you recommend it for 2D Sprite creation? What size are the sprites exported?

Whats the license on this?

Haha seriously? Thats amazing, so glad you enjoyed it =P

Thank you so much for playing and voting! In the end i got some pretty good results, super happy about it.

Damn did not have time to play the game in time, sorry, but rated it anyway as i watched it played live on stream and i liked it.

Nice mechanics, nice game! Damn alfter playing it in fullscreen my eyes are all fucked up now, the game left an imagen retention thing now i see white as yellow lmao. Loved the feeling of shooting, with that sfx, specially the machine gun, its amazing! I hated the bomb dudes tho, you are fucked up if you enter a room with them almost no time to react. Nice entry Tim.

Wow loved this one! Tho i encounter some bugs with the tileset i think? You can see a lot of flickering lines in the screen, the lines are around the tiles, maybe something to do with Godot Engine? Loved the mechanics in this game, specially using your dead body to jump over traps! Nice entry!

Hey jerrtato finally played your game, as you know, i love it! Tho i would love some more feedback on enemy hits, some particles on death, etc. Maybe damage text pop up, or experience gain? Finished it on easy.

Hi, i finally played your game, sorry im late! If i understand correctly once i enter the create room i create a new floor for all players of the game to fight? So each time is harder to reach the Wizzard for a new player? I reach it at like floor 15 i think, at first i though you just had to fight infinite horde of enemies , hard to read the comments to realize there was more to the game. Maybe the first Wizzard should appear at like floor 3 or 5 so players experience the more original part of the game faster? The music is awesome did you make it? It was a nice game, really liked the explosion of crystals but would have liked more feedback when hitting enemies.