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Whats the license on this?

CC0 Public Domain.  Use any way you want.  No attribution necessary.

Wow, amazing. Thank you sooo much for your work. Now i need to buy Asset Forge haha, would you recommend it for 2D Sprite creation? What size are the sprites exported?

The sprite size is adjustable.  I definitely recommend AssetForge.  A new version will be coming out soon.  Kenney's going to be going through a series of mini releases until 2.0 is finally completed.

Yeah i have seen you can select "small" "medium" and "large" but what size are those? 64,128,256, etc

large is 1024x1024.  No issues with high quality exports.

Thank you for your help, i think im going to buy the standrad edition and then upgrade if i really need to. I wish this software had a demo.