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I may have separated them into their own blend file that I thought I included.  If not, you can find the blend file for free just for them in my separate foliage kit.  It's here on itch.  Let me know if you can't find them pls

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Yes.  I have a modular village 2.0 kit close to completion that is built so buildings have interiors, but not sure when it will release.  It's fully textured and will not be free though.  Most people who use these and want interiors use fade and a separate scene for the inside.


no.  There are quite a few texture files.  I'm sure it is possible, but I don't have the Roblox expertise to assist.  You may end up needing to export the models a different way from the blender source I included with the kit.  Good luck

Not sure what that means

If you're asking permission, there's no need.  This is CC0 public domain.  Use however you wish.

If you're asking permission, there's no need.  This is CC0 public domain.  Use however you wish.

The terrain shaders are triplanar and planar and the water shaders are custom, all written specifically for Unity.  Should be easy to find shaders for the terrain in Godot, but water was fairly complex.

You can import the files into Blender.  They're just OBJ's

Ty for the feedback.  Didn't realize.  I thought I had tested it back that far, but it has been a while.

Np.. I am curious, however.  Did you actually try MAST on Unity 2017?  I'm almost positive it would work without any issues.

MAST should work fine on all versions of Unity.  No demo, but things snap together pretty obviously.

Np.  I deleted your earlier reply due to an external link that could potentially be harmful.  Just erring on the side of caution.

This kit is in standard wavefront obj and the scale is correct for Unity units which AssetForge 1 and 2 use.  There is nothing wrong with the models.  There is a forum on the itch page for AssetForge.  I think there's a page specifically for this model kit on there.  I recommend asking your question in that forum.

Sounds like a partial package import.  The models are in FSP/Modular Pixel Forest

If I'm correct that it's a camera orientation issue, then if AssetForge 2 supports generating thumbnails from the other side, that'd be the quickest solution.  Otherwise, you can always rotate the models 180 in Blender, or use some mass model manipulation tool that'll do it more quickly.

AssetForge is probably generating thumbnails looking at the back of the models which wouldn't work with backface culling on.  I spoke with Kenney about creating a mode that turned off backface culling specifically for this kit since it was annoying the use while placing the models and looking at them from the wrong side, but I don't remember it not generating thumbnails correctly.  I don't remember testing this kit with AssetForge 2, however, and maybe the thumbnails are generating from the opposite side now which wouldn't render.  As far as the other kits, I built them as blocks which was less efficient by far, but easier to place.

Then your issue seems to be with importing obj models properly into Unity.  There are plenty of tutorials out there.

In Unity, I used the standard mesh collider to each prefab

I googled "import OBJ into Roblox" and got plenty of results.  I've never used Roblox so I refer you to them.

It's must be from MAST.  The script isn't absolutely needed, so you can select all the models and remove the script at once.

Pretty sure they can.  Just standard wavefront obj models.

Thanks.  I will do that for all my kits that are CC0

Would like to help but not enough info really.  No clue what kubikos is.  In general, I'd select the existing level to find its world position.  Maybe move the existing  level so the floor top is at 0,0,0?

Technically you can since they are CC0 but it's considered bad form to also upload unmodified pieces with them.  I would ask that you create a kit of only the pieces you modified, animated, or have to be included for the prefabs to function, and provide a link to this kit for the rest.

Something is bugged with the undo registration.  Restart Unity.  Uninstall/reinstall MAST.  Should fix it.

Looks great!

Eraser is useless atm for most models.  Just use the native Unity method to erase.  To fix pink grid, follow instructions on attaching urp shaders.  Text file is in the main Mast folder.

I have an updated village collection I'm working on similar to my free one but updated like this kit was.  I don't have an ETA.

Honestly, this is not a MAST bug.  This is a Unity question on how to import OBJ models.   Just have to drag and drop them into a folder in Unity.  The materials are just plain colors and are embedded within the models.  It is possible to mess up the materials if you try to change them in the model itself, and need to reimport them.

Just use MAST to create the prefabs instead.  If you tried and stopped the process, then delete the subfolders MAST created inside your model folder and do it again.  Good luck.

CC0 Public Domain

Thanks.  Just found the place to "official" choose the license.  Never noticed those tabs before.

Public domain.  It's the first bullet in the description I believe.  I will see about adding it to the more info section.

There are no textures.  This uses material colors.

This has been tested and working.  Delete all files from the FSP folder and reinstall MAST.  You may also want to test in a new project.  If it happens again, then it must conflict with another add-on in your project.

I made these before I knew what I was doing regarding presentation.  The stages were all created in AssetForge, rather than MAST back then.  I may revisit these, create actual prefabs and demo scenes for Unity.  I doubt I will texture them, however, not for a free pack.  It's rather time consuming.

Thank you.  You can find me through my Discord server  I rarely take custom projects, but I will hear you out =)

Glad it'll help you

I'm happy they work for you!

somewhat.  Assetforge doesn't import textures/uvmaps and generates it's own instead.  That's one of the reasons I created MAST