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Of course!  They're public domain.  I hate to see all the puzzle pieces go to waste though lol

Modular block style pieces.  Use something like Assetforge to assemble them quickly

This was only meant to be external.  I should make a medieval interior pack.  You'd have to implement a screen fade when entering buildings though.

Textures are down the road.  Partial waiting for Assetforge to support custom textures.

I only use Unity and I have no issues.  I may test in unreal later.  I assume unreal doesn't like wavefront files.

I don't know of any off hand.  I'm an environment artist only currently.

I haven't attempted either style before.  I will look into it.

Nevah!  Kenney can't be replaced.

I would LOVE to see what you make with them.

I believe you want to modify the  built-in materials instead of manually adding your own.

Place a block and its material(s) will show up in the material palette.  Modify those to your liking.  Do not click the plus sign and make your own material and expect it to automatically apply to anything.  Materials you add  with the plus sign will always have to be manually painted onto blocks.

When you place a block, the material will look like the original until you actually click to place it.  It then gets assigned the updated look.

Also, if you are modifying a material after the blocks are already placed, there is a bug where the blocks don't all update sometimes.  What I do to fix it, is make a change I don't plan on keeping, then press CTRL+Z once to undo it.  All the blocks using that material are now properly updated with the changes.

Awesome bro.  Really great to see other designs I wouldn't have thought of.  Thanks for sharing

That's awesome man.  I'd love to see some screen caps.

large is 1024x1024.  No issues with high quality exports.

The sprite size is adjustable.  I definitely recommend AssetForge.  A new version will be coming out soon.  Kenney's going to be going through a series of mini releases until 2.0 is finally completed.

CC0 Public Domain.  Use any way you want.  No attribution necessary.

In my experience, it's all about the poly count of the model file.  I can use 2 fairly detailed models as long as I export them separately, but when I export them as 1 .obj, they are solid red.  Sure it will be fixed in the next Assetforge.

yes.  I didn't put any restrictions on them.

Of course not!  They're public domain so no restrictions on how they're used.  I would like to see screenshots of how you use them if you wouldn't mind sharing. I'm on Twitter or the Pixeland discord server.

Pretty sure Assetforge only supports non-textured materials on import.  I haven't tried importing textures but I believe there was a post on it in the forums here that stated it.

Here are a few of the new screenshots, showing escarpment and cave/mine additions.

I'll get it fixed.  I'd like to see what you're making with them.

if that's a real question, the answer is that you will need to duckduckgo some tutorials.  Unity has a large community.  Also, there are premade game engines that do most of the work for you like uMMORPG

All the scenes you see were assembled in Assetforge in a few hours.  I put together 4 separate environments.

Release delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.  Add a month or 2 I'd say.

No problem.  If someone makes a good tool in Unity to put together modular kits like this and supports multiple tiers, let me know!

Yeah.  Assetforge pieces models together and let's you export them as a scene or complex object.  I think you can use meshmixer and blender to make the exports more efficient for use.  Assetforge is here:  It's about 30 USD at the base price.

Doublecheck where you're saving it.  Make sure you're using the Export > 3D option in the top-right.  Also, the filename is defaulted to xxx.model.obj.  You can change the name as you save it.

Lastly, don't use .OBJ.  instead, use .FBX.  The exported .OBJ files don't register materials properly.

They use a MTL file defining the colors.  In truth, you really do need something like Assetforge to put things together.  Consider this more like a building block set.

there are no textures in the pictures even.  Pure flat lowpoly shading.

I've never had that problem, at least not that I ever noticed.  I use direct FBX exports from Assetforge straight to Unity, set up the lighting the same way, and everything matches.

Of course.  They're CC0, so credit isn't required, but it is definitely appreciated.

Thanks for the compliments 😀!  I don't use Blender.  I stick with solid object modeling in MOI.  I have played around in Bforartists though.

After a little research I found that you can split a mesh by material in many 3D modeling programs, including Blender.  You can then export each material separately.

That means you would assemble in Assetforge, then use something like Blender afterwards to take Assetforge export and generate a model file for each material.  I saw a few videos on this as well.

It may also be possible to generate a png file from the materials and have the model material assignments replaced with uv mapping coordinates.  This one I've seen forum posts on, but haven't looked for a plug-in for doing it.

Good luck.

Ouch!  Well, I definitely use multiple materials for my models.  It sounds like the error message pretty much states that my models will be incompatible.

My apologies.  I designed these mostly for Assetforge and Unity and have not tested them on any other platforms.

Currently, if I rename a collection folder or model name, then attempt to load an existing Assetforge file, it gives an error I have to skip for each missing model.  The end result is a scene with gaps or just an empty scene.  It would be nice to have 2 options on these errors.

Choose new collection folder:  would attempt to load all missing model files from the specified folder going forward until it encountered another problem.

Choose replacement model file:  would replace all instances of that model with the one with the updated name or location.

well..  better late than n...  Wow.  Maybe this is just late =)

I already answered this question from you in the comments of the Modular Terrain Pack.  You have to scale them up 100 times when using them in unreal.

Thanks.  I like to refine and improve as my skill improves.

Updated the collection.  Well, more like doubled it and fixed quite a bit of stuff.

Just like how the merge on export option currently works for OBJ, it would also be nice to have a Merge Groups on Export option.  I'm referring to groups of blocks that will be available in Asset Forge 2.0.  This will allow for easier animation of exported models without having to group certain blocks again later in Unity/Unreal/Godot or model each movable piece separately.

lol thanks