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Currently, if I rename a collection folder or model name, then attempt to load an existing Assetforge file, it gives an error I have to skip for each missing model.  The end result is a scene with gaps or just an empty scene.  It would be nice to have 2 options on these errors.

Choose new collection folder:  would attempt to load all missing model files from the specified folder going forward until it encountered another problem.

Choose replacement model file:  would replace all instances of that model with the one with the updated name or location.

well..  better late than n...  Wow.  Maybe this is just late =)

I already answered this question from you in the comments of the Modular Terrain Pack.  You have to scale them up 100 times when using them in unreal.

Thanks.  I like to refine and improve as my skill improves.

Updated the collection.  Well, more like doubled it and fixed quite a bit of stuff.

Just like how the merge on export option currently works for OBJ, it would also be nice to have a Merge Groups on Export option.  I'm referring to groups of blocks that will be available in Asset Forge 2.0.  This will allow for easier animation of exported models without having to group certain blocks again later in Unity/Unreal/Godot or model each movable piece separately.

lol thanks

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UE4 uses Unreal Units, with is measured as 1 UU = 1 centimeter.

I use standard units which is in meters.  This is a standard used by Unity and Assetforge and lines up to their natural snap settings, but it causes the models to be 1/100th the size in UE4.

You can use Blender or some other 3D modeling package to scale the models 100 times larger and export them, or something like Spin 3D which I think can bulk scale them all at 1 time.


Looks good so far.  TBH though, backface culling will keep the backfaces of models from being rendered and wasting processing power.  Just build everything as solid models.  It's simpler to build and simpler to place in Assetforge.

Ich würde gerne sehen, was du damit machst!

Ja =)

Welcome to Kennydom.  I actually keep wanting to call Kenny "Lucky" for some reason.  No clue why.

Post some of what you made in the models section.  I'd like to see this forum brought back to life.  I check it daily.

don't sorry about it.  It's good to be excited about creating games.

I ended up joining Pixeland and itchio.  My tag is Keith@FSP


The domain isn't down.  There just isn't a root index.html.

I'm stilll trying to decide which discord server to join first.  Been invited to a few after I released this pack.

I am considering doing more natural hills and mountains.  I already have stalactites and such that haven't been released.  Also, the beach expansion showed me that these can overlap nicely so I will use that technique more.

I was planning on sci-fi next actually.  I still have more pieces to add to this pack first, though.  If there are some pieces you think would go well with any of the packs, let me know.

Moment of Inspiration.  Solid object modelling.

Just released the Modular Village collection, fully compatible with the Modular Terrain collections.

Completely free and able to be used in personal or commercial projects.

I host here on now.  View all the screenshots and download the collection here.

If you make anything cool with these, please reply and post your screenshots under this post or here. =)

Here are a few of my favorite screenshots:

No apologies!  It never hurts to ask.  Sometimes we put ourselves in the box of what can't be done and a fresh perspective can help us out of it.

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The .OBJ exports are containing objects with meshes inside, so I think it would work without metadata.  Still, if you export as FBX, it would be a problem.  I corrected my first post at the end per your reply, Notthedan.

Still, this can be done with FBX exports as well.  Unity keeps the Transform components that are performed in Assetforge.  Here is a direct export from Assetforge and import into Unity without modification at all:

The final export shouldn't include the empty object I mentioned in the custom Assetforge format.  Instead, the export should export the door directly with the other models.  To calculate the door's new Transform, you would combine the containing object pos/rot/scale with the door's own pos/rot/scale (i.e. containing object pos at 30, 20, 25 and the door pos at -0.5, 0.0, 0.5 equals an exported door position of 29.5, 20, 25.5.)  Performing a rotation of the door would rotate perfectly on the hinge still, since the actual model began with the hinge at 0,0.

Now, since you brought up the idea of Metadata, it would be AWESOME to create doors that already contained animations, contraints, triggers, etc.  Also, adding scene lighting would natural come with this ability.  Assetforge would have to be able to export directly to Unity package files in order to do this, though. =/

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Since we are going to be able to group models, it would be great to be able to export these groups easily.  I will use a door and doorway as an example (be forewarned, I was bored and made up pictures):

Right now, in order to create a model for a door that lines up properly in Assetforge "for placement", the door's hinge can't be at X 0,Z 0. 

Instead, the door has to be offset in such a way that it can be placed easily a doorway.

Now, when the final model is imported into something like Unity, a rotation operation performed on the door causes it to rotate at a strange angle instead of at the hinge.

Instead it would be great for us model creators to:

  • Import the door with the hinge at 0,0.
  • Use Assetforge to translate the door to fit in the doorway.
  • Export the model or model group in such a way that the original 0,0 for the door is kept.  I know this can be done by making the models the children of an empty object.  Maybe this will have to be in the custom Assetforge format.
  • Allow this exported model/model group to be included with the other models in the collections subfolder, so it will show up in the model palette.
  • This way we can include these Assetforge group exports along with the other models when we distribute.

The final result will be that the door can be easily placed in Assetforge, and the final model will export contain a child object that is the door that still has it's 0,0 axis at the door hinge.  Rotate operation successful =)

That means it can't be done in Assetforge. =)

Gotcha.  I may work on something like this in the future, but it wouldn't be anything seriously organic.  Maybe cartoony, robots, or even mechs.

Unless Assetforge evolves the ability the merge faces and calculate intersections, I'm afraid that model's for humanoids - assembled in Assetforge - will never be able to be properly animated.  The exported models will be pieces that aren't truly attached.  Awesome programs like Mixamo won't be able to use them. This is why I haven't even attempted to tackle making models for humanoids.

Make sure the model's base is at zero and the center of the model's x and y/z are both at zero.  Also, Assetforge uses a 1x1x1 size for it's base unit and the model camera doesn't really capture anything over 2x2x2.

Thanks much :)

lol thanks.  I just started modelling about a year ago.  I still code a bit, though.

1 screenshot showing the 3 collections together:

These are really nice!  Very polished.

That's one of the things I meant by a little finicky.  It only allows 1x1x1 models to be scaled in 10ths at the moment.  I imagine that will be fixed in AssetForge 2.0 coming out later this year.  If you need your model directly touching another model, however, you can hold CTRL down before clicking to place.

It's currently allowed, just a little finicky.  When you place a model, select it.  Next to each arrow is a tiny square.  These allow you to scale along each individual axis.

Recreating the racetrack collection currently.  Also, I designed a kart for the track.

I was thinking about creating a modular kart kit.  Let me know if this is something I should pursue.

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I mean this in 2 ways:

  • The model thumbnail shows a mirror image of the  model, left is right and right is left.
  • Also, the direction the models are facing for thumbnails in AssetForge is 180 rotated from the direction the models have to face in Unity for GetAssetPreview.

p.S. The tool I use for modelling lines up with Unity as well.  I was just rotating my models 180 degrees for AssetForge.  I hope this gets fixed!

Gotcha.  I did add more pieces to the kit.

I was thinking about creating other biomes that would be compatible with this one, such as beach, desert, mountains, and floating isles.  Let me know if there are any pieces you'd like.

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Expanded way past the original design.  There are now cliffs and beach terrain included.

Completely free and able to be used in personal or commercial projects.

I host here on now.  View all the screenshots and download the collection here.

Currently, models over a certain size are hard to view with the currently generated thumbnails.  Anything larger than 2x2x2 gets cut off in some way, and offset models may not show up at all. 

It would be nice to either automatically or manually allow a thumbnail to be generated with a larger view.  Maybe this could be a manual screenshot even.

Also, the ability to toggle on/off model names below the model would be very useful.

Some of the original Kenney assets weren't meant for Assetforge.  They weren't scaled down correctly.

There is a post under the custom blocks forum where someone formatted all the Kenney packs for Assetforge.