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credit not required but appreciated.

yes.  They're CC0

I remember making a fake 3D dungeon crawler with the old GWBasic Draw command which was like a plotter.  I guess that is close enough hehe

Yes.  Normals are flipped on the cave top corner.  I've been meaning to fix it.  The kit in general isn't user friendly for the caves in general.  You should really create some assemblies in MAST with premade sections.  As far as creating samples or tutorials, I'm not going to be dedicating any more time to this kit.  The new modular terrain kit will be much easier to assemble whenever it gets finished.

I used Assetforge to apply the textures

They can be used in any engine that supports obj files with multiple materials.

The original is CAD, not mesh modelling.  You will have to import them into Blender yourself.

CC0.  I've been answering this question a lot.  I really need to update all these packs with a license file

No such file exists but it's in the description.  They're CC0 public domain

I used Moment of Inspiration.  It's more like CAD than regular modelling.

I will look into it later today.  I thought you could place from the top or bottom, but I could be wrong.  it is intended to work that way, so I'll make sure it gets added.

MAST Discord:.

My answer stays the same.  Use them how you will!  I retain no rights.

Space bar to rotate.  You can adjust the hotkeys in MAST settings

Thanks man about MAST.  It's about to get some major updates. 

As far as the village kit, I will be releasing a new version sometime in the new few months.  The walls will be 2-sided.  It will include inside and outside props as well

I've thought about it, but first I need to learn GoDot.  Right now, all I know about it is the name =)

Sorry, but it may never be written.  MAST is still being developed actively and only for Unity.  Once I feel MAST is done and only needs minimal maintenance, I may bring it to other platforms.

if you are the person who contacted me on my discord server, I've responded.

Really glad to hear your MPH has increased.  Placement without MAST is a pain.

I plan on adding support for the URP in the future.  If you want to contribute your code, please contact me on my discord server.

I'll include you as a contributor in the next patch notes if I use it.

Oh.  You meant the bridge end.  I have had no rendering errors with it

If you're using AssetForge, it already has the wedge :P

Yep.  As long as you visit the page directly instead of going through your owned assets link.  I will also have a new "textured" terrain kit coming out soon that will be pay, so you may want to wait for that.

You're welcome.

Hit me up on my Discord:

I did this before I wrote MAST so the scene was put together in AssetForge.  This means that everything is one FBX file, and doesn't show the individual blocks.

This is beautiful

Thanks everyone!  Still have huge things planned for the future but working on an actual pay model kit right now.  It's taking forever, but should be out sometime this year hehe.  The new MAST screenshots are showing some of the models.

awesome!  Can't wait to see more

I think so.  If not, export as obj, convert the texture to png and edit the mtl file to change the image file extension it's looking for.

Then you can use Assetforge to add textures, export the results, then use them in your game

Ummm.  Gotcha.  I've heard that before.  Does it trigger an error or just strip out the color and make everything white?

Yes, but you'll have to increase the scale when importing.  My target platform was Unity

It's just obj models, so you can use it anywhere.  I do know you have to scale the models when importing into unreal, by 100 I think.

Find me on Discord

I think I still have the original Assetforge 1.3 file if you download the older version.  Won't be able to get it to you right away.

it's in Assetforge 1.3 so it won't load into 2.0 preview

Thanks for sharing!  That looks great btw


Can you friend me on Discord?  Keith at FSP#5441 so I can discuss this with you?  I will be dedicating Thursday and Friday to MAST and will get this implemented.

I was thinking about a material painter option, but it would be optional and only paint over an existing material with another. 

Friend me on Discord:  Keith at FSP#5441

We can discuss some of your ideas there

That would work!  I will add you as a contributor in a comment above the code block.