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somewhat.  Assetforge doesn't import textures/uvmaps and generates it's own instead.  That's one of the reasons I created MAST

There is a chance!  I don't know for sure, yet.  I will be releasing a village pack 2.0 pack meant to work with this pack and I may create all the alternate shaders then.

thank you =). I do have a kit in the works I hope to have released this year.

These look great!  Keep it up

Np!  I hope to see them out there in a few projects soon

Corrected.  You caught me.  I didn't read all the rules lol

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Just removed the price tag for and I now release them under public domain CC0.

welcome.  Thanks for the compliment

I'm not familiar with that software.  You'll just have to try it.  They're free, so nothing but time invested.

MAST doesn't exactly import meshes, unless you're referring to the tool that creates prefabs out of your models.  There are some known bugs with that tool, but you can create your own prefabs without it.  Also, if you started trying to create prefabs and received an error, you need to delete the materials folder it created before trying again. 

If you're not using MAST's prefab creator and still getting errors, then I recommended deleting all files in FSP\MAST and reinstall MAST from scratch.  I made some naming changes to classes over different versions and old with new files together, you can get errors.

If you need further help, you can reach out to me on Discord:.

Good luck!

Keith at FSP

Yeah.  I have a few Roblox creators that use these kits just fine.

I create, delete, and recreate until they look right and work geometrically as modular assets.  I also have tons of archived failed attempts to make the packs on here.  Lastly, I use moment of inspiration which is more CAD-like.  It allows me to build in exact numbers more easily, something very important in modular design.

Sounds like something was done to the models after importing that removed material data.  I would recommend deleting the models in your Unity project, then dragging the models directly from the folder into your unity project and try again.  I've imported this collection successfully.  Also, this is a MAST question.  Might be better in forum for that tool or on the Discord server.

Not for the free pack.  Sorry.  The waterfall has a top and middle portion, each with left right and center.  For the cliff section, there's a left, right, and center for the waterfall top as well.. Everything should be named appropriately.


It is a known bug.  It will be fixed in the next version of MAST.  No ETA yet.

Enjoyed the experience!  Very clean interface too

First off, thank you for the wonderful compliments, about this kit and MAST!  As far as the merge mesh feature in MAST, I'm aware of this and a few other bugs, and it is eventually getting a major redesign.  You can report any other bugs at

Medieval houses didn't have windows at the base levels where they were stone.  Stone walls were to protect from thieves, raiders, and the elements.  I don't plan on adding anything else to this kit.  I am making a new medieval village kit as we speak, but it will still not have windows in the stone sections.  However, since everything is textured, you will be able to simply paint stone into stucco to achieve this look.  I don't have an ETA because... feature creep.

Partially.  All of the models are in FBX format and the original Blender file is included.  However, as the description says, I use triplanar and other shaders for terrain and water.  Also, AssetForge currently ignores all uvmapping and just generates it's own, which means you would have to stick with solid color shading which should work for almost all models.  Lastly, AssetForge is really meant for putting blocks together to make other objects.  Kenney has made it very clear that it's not intended for assembling major scenes.

If you are using Unity, you can use the Modular Asset Staging Tool (MAST) that I mentioned in the description.  It's completely free.  A full Unity package is included in Modular Terrain 2.0 with everything already in prefabs, tons of more advanced assemblies of the models, and 3 sample scenes.  Also, the prefabs have MAST scripts attached that will tell MAST how to handle them (i.e. Randomizations that swap out trees/rocks/etc, rotate, flip, and scale them, without deforming them badly, Raycasts that make sure props are placed flush to the terrain, and specifications that tell MAST how the should rotate and be placed to fit perfectly.)  A lot of work was put into making this kit easy to put together.  I even added colors to the parts of the models that won't be visible, to show what should match with what.

I know this answer was much more than you asked about, but I wanted to leave this information up for anyone else who may have a question about these other things.

I used Normal directional light + Gradient-based global lighting + Post processing effects for ambient occlusion and color grading.  I recommend downloading Unity, creating a new project, add the post processing package, and then import the modular terrain 2.0 kit.  That way you can see the lighting I use in more detail.

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Thanks =)

The models are in OBJ format so should be compatible.  You'll probably just have to scale them up on import.

just put everything in a subfolder inside Assetforge's Collections folder.

Anything I put up for free is public domain and can be used for any purpose.  Any pay packs I have would not be able to be redistributed, even in a modified format like you use.  They are intended only for immediate use in a finished product.  If you want to use a pay pack for redistribution in any format, we would have to work out a licensing fee.

I do not.  I only made a few scenes for the screenshots you see.

Awesome!  Thanks for the fix.  Can you post it in the bugs channel on my discord server?

I will be updating MAST with some major changes in Q1 2021 but not for the next month at least.

I can see the value in this idea.  I should also come up with a better way to swap between holder GameObjects.  That's for later though.

I have been working a full time job with no days off for the last 3 months so I haven't been coding on MAST since then really.  I will add your suggestions to the TODO list.  Both are easy enough to accomplish and should make it into the next release.

It should be a simple enough fix to make, a flag on the last page.  I wasn't aware of the performance difference you mentioned.

thanks for the compliment!

Decided to create these on a whim.  There is an untextured version of the models that work perfectly within AssetForge 1 and 2.

They are CC0 public domain - completely free for use or modification in any way you want.

yes.  Just this 1 time though ;)

Unfortunately I do not.

Go for it!  They're public domain.

Yes.  They are released under CC0 public domain.

most appreciated!  Surprised view3dscene killed the entire material just because of a few lines it didn't use.  I may make the changes in a future update.

If you open in Unity, the original models are there as well.  You can then copy them into AssetForge.

It doesn't, but I can create a custom triplanar shader that supports alpha for you.  It'll be more graphic intensive, though.  Find me on my Discord page


yes.  Just approved this morning.