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"thanks for the reply dude. you've been a huge help" No worries man, good luck with the game! 20 days have passed since then, how are the stats of the game going, is people downloading it or no luck? i know how hard it is to get your game to peoples phones haha

its really hard to get downloads, and with a shitty game its even harder. I got the experience that i want with publishing in google play which is a good thing. Some people say that I need a boost in installs, so an admob campaign can certainly help. i think posting on forums is not enough, atleast for the kind of game that i have. so maybe a more appealing game would fare better but i think the larger publishers use admob to boost their install up to a certain point that it can be sustainable. now my goal is to make a game that will fit that criteria. maybe im wrong but thats what im seeing right now.