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Loved this. Properly sat down and played through its "entirety". Almost everything about this was well implemented. Very fun and the mechanics feel good, really nailed the "complexity from simplicity" design. The only disappointing thing was lack of ending, even something simple. I was really expecting to jump that gap to some kind of end-game screen, the bug wherein dash doesn't work on the first level is somewhat disappointing, but I was still able to get across by taking some damage and using double-jump, so I pretended that was the end and felt a sense of accomplishment anyway :P Really great work! Keep it up :) 

I liked almost every aspect of this. Great concept, fun controls, good visual (lack of audio but I can respect that). THE ONLY CRITICISM I have for this game in its current for is that it's REALLY ANNOYING that the path melts from the HEAD of the caterpillar, meaning slight inaccuracies in control prevent you from going down the path you were intending to go down. Frequent resets were incurred through no fault of my intention. If the path melted from the tail, the player would have some wiggle room, and the mechanic of being a caterpillar at all would make sense. Other than that though, I really liked it. I really enjoyed the emergent speedrunning mechanic as a result of your time constraints. My fastest time to beat the game was 21 seconds.

Farting does not seem to have any obvious effect; vomiting seems to be your only attack. The screen shake is perhaps a bit out of control haha. Couldn't get past more than 1 or 2 kills


I liked that despite the programmer art, the LOGIC of the game was actually incredibly solidly implemented. I was on level 3 for a fair while without progressing to anything else… I'm assuming level 3 is just infinite? However, I didn't get dual laser guns like in the picture… so, I don't know. Pretty fun 🙂 

Hi @Rhornbeck! Thanks for the feedback. I think accessibility is one of the strongest takeaways we've taken from this. We really appreciate the feedback. Colour deficiency is one of the first-and-foremost accessibility issues we are going to be considering in future projects, and I think we will likely be developing a solution to easily integrate into games so that we can solve the problem once, properly, for all our projects. This way we will be able to include it in Jam Games and prototypes as well! Thanks for playing! 🙂

Doesn't seem to follow my mouse in web version; on OSX – am I missing something? Might be a bug