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I love the sounds and voices, very cool little game :)

Difficulty spike is a bit too evil on the second wave. :)
I like the management mini-game inside the game, it makes you think and develop strategy in handling it.

He-he, yea, beacon remains unused for time reasons. As well as guns don't hide when you dive. But you can dive, when ballast tank fills more then half-way you start to go down pretty fast.

Thanks for your comment, I just realized, I should've used a spring on camera as well, it would've been much smoother. I'll look into fixing some logic for the camera to handle corners better after voting is over.

I wonder if anybody will be able to finish it, get to the top. Please comment. I've finished it in segments while testing. But it is quite evil. Camera is a physical object, and you need to swing it around the corners to have it follow you better. Also 12 springs on the "leaves" have a low break tolerance, and can break away if you fall few levels.
And there's a bug with a camera which can manifest on respawn, maybe requiring a restart after a few tries, which doesn't help.

Really well though out and executed idea, very impressive.

In the windows build,  .exe is in the data folder, it should be in the root with data.

Fixed main menu and targeting issues (missed an assignment). @Digx7, have you tried a PC version? WebGL can be unplayable after few minutes.

Recommend playing PC version, WebGL does not handle it very well.
Set out to build completely different game, had to improvise to have some kind of gameplay at the finish line :)

Very fun experience, music is perfect!

Cool original idea, reminded me of Sokoban, if you reverse it. Definitely can be expanded upon into a full fledged puzzle game. Great job!

Thank you. I've spent a lot of time trying to get the "hardcore" controls right, too much really.  I'm sure I'll use them in one of my projects in the future.

PC version is up, controller would be tricky to implement for 16 buttons in this time frame.

Bug-fix update.
Pirates respawn properly now. Claw can properly release cargo. Also added cargo timer indicator and tweaked balance, the game now can be won.

Thanks. I wanted to recreate original Elite controls, then realized how limited they were, and went all out on it. I need to fix physics on pirate ships and their spawn. Everything else works as intended, mostly, apart from absent music/sound, engines particle effects, claw animation and iteration on placeholder models...

Originally had an idea to make you adjust rotation with the station to deliver the goods. If that wasn't hard enough for you :) As an original Elite tribute. But yea, given more time, particles on engines, enemy with an actual AI, proper lighting and sound effects and many other things...