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Man the sails! Man the cannons!
Submitted by xeratol (@Xeratol) — 1 hour, 41 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#83.5793.579
Theme Relevance#353.0533.053

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I finished the tutorial, manned my sails, and set forth ready for adventure.................... still sailing............. yep still sailing............ sailing sailing over the bounding waves............... yeah, nothing is happening. >_>

Cool concept, but a very boring execution. :(

Also the manning concept feels really clunky, especially when you are just starting out, I can imagine that will a full crew it wouldn't be too bad.

Anyways, checking in......  still sailing after writing all this, nothing new. Good idea though.


the enemy must've spawned behind you and you decided to leave. Try turning instead of moving forward.

Ya, the controls are clunky.


It might be better to start with a full crew, then lose them due to combat damage. And of course pick up others along the way.


This is crazy cool. Do you have future plans for it? You should. Did you draw inspiration from any other games for the mechanics? Also, how is this a game jam title?


hello! I originally didn't have plans of continuing this but one of the artist suggested it could be a good mobile game. another one of the reviewers said this could be turned into a multiplayer game.

what's wrong with deckhand! it's like all hands on deck!


oops, I meant title in the sense that it's one of the titles (games) submitted to the game jam. The name is great, sorry for the confusion.


Really interesting game! The controls were a bit hard to understand at first, but after playing the tutorial twice I eventually got the hang of it :) Though the L/R turning got me a bit dizzy haha
It's a bit different from games I'm used to (since I rarely play resource-management fighting games), but it made the experience enjoyable.
I liked the ocean (sea?) effect as well! It looks watery :)
The 0 button is a blessing. I liked how you paid attention to small details as well! I noticed that more crew for repairs = faster repairs. :)


thank you very much for the honest review! yes, the controls are wonky and unintuitive. needs more work. i like my water too :D


This reminded me so much of "Overboard!" xD I found interesting the type of management in this one, having to plan what work should have preference over others.
However, I found the game too easy because the enemy ships kept crushing between themselves. ._."


you're the first to say it's easy. Yes, the ramming mechanic and crashing into each other was intentional. The third wave launches 6 small enemies which i hope to initially overwhelm the player. However, the next (last) wave is a 1-on-1 with the boss so you cant use that tactic.


It's true that the last one is 1-on-1, but, at that point, my crew is so big, that even having received a lot of damage, I could recover easily.
Maybe I felt the game was easy because I've got a lot of experience in this kind of control (Overboard! by Psygnosis), so I had to focus only on how to move my crew from one function to the other.


i will check out that game. I didnt know it already existed

Deleted 3 years ago

oh nice! yes, you are right. the indicators for crew assignment aren't well placed and they're difficult to work with. ty for the honest feedback!


Really good job! I think it's way too difficult where it's at. I just don't think there's enough speed to keep up with the enemy AI. With that being said, it was such a cool concept. I like the idea of manning your crew to move around with your ship. I don't think '0' should be your clear button, though. Something more accessible for your hands would be great. Nicely done!


You are right. The people I play tested with the game (after the jam), had to play it 4-5 times before they developed a technique and actually stood a chance at the boss (4th wave). As for the accessibility of the controls, only the up and down makes sense. 1234 (+space) doesn't. And turning the wheel doesn't convey the correct information.


Difficulty spike is a bit too evil on the second wave. :)
I like the management mini-game inside the game, it makes you think and develop strategy in handling it.


thank you for the honest feedback. what makes it difficult is the interface. "why don't i have enough crew?" or "where's my crew?!"