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the enemy must've spawned behind you and you decided to leave. Try turning instead of moving forward.

Ya, the controls are clunky.

i will check out that game. I didnt know it already existed

thank you very much for the honest review! yes, the controls are wonky and unintuitive. needs more work. i like my water too :D

hello! I originally didn't have plans of continuing this but one of the artist suggested it could be a good mobile game. another one of the reviewers said this could be turned into a multiplayer game.

what's wrong with deckhand! it's like all hands on deck!

you're the first to say it's easy. Yes, the ramming mechanic and crashing into each other was intentional. The third wave launches 6 small enemies which i hope to initially overwhelm the player. However, the next (last) wave is a 1-on-1 with the boss so you cant use that tactic.

thank you very much for your honest feedback!

and yes, the controls are quite a pain. people have difficulty figuring out where their crew members are.

oh nice! yes, you are right. the indicators for crew assignment aren't well placed and they're difficult to work with. ty for the honest feedback!

You are right. The people I play tested with the game (after the jam), had to play it 4-5 times before they developed a technique and actually stood a chance at the boss (4th wave). As for the accessibility of the controls, only the up and down makes sense. 1234 (+space) doesn't. And turning the wheel doesn't convey the correct information.

thank you for the honest feedback. what makes it difficult is the interface. "why don't i have enough crew?" or "where's my crew?!"

ty for your kind comments. those suggestions are indeed interesting. kinda like transistor?

thank you! I agree that it does need more polish. This is my first strategy game. Though it's more of a prototype

thank you! i never thought i'd trigger the player to cheer for the jellies :))

thank you! you want to assign moves while playing? hmm... i wonder how dragon age origins did that.

Thank you! I was aiming for the gameplay in Dragon Age: Origins but much to my surprise, it's waaay too complicated for a game jam. As for a mobile game, I'm not sure how big the market is for that. But I'll consider it.