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Hey Zen00, thanks for the feedback! I totally agree with adding more complexity. We were - obviously - limited by time constraints, and had to fit our scope for our two-man team, which left off expandability. This was inspired by a niche multiplayer genre, actually, from games like "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" and "Spaceteam." We were curious what a single player game like that would be like, and we learned that it's equally difficult to play, but less of a draw due to the lack of social interaction; it also requires a LOT of audio work. (Just in this short prototype we had multiple hundreds of edited and mastered voice lines). In conclusion, I think this genre is best reserved for multiplayer.

Thanks, Akusan! I think more feedback is a welcome addition. We were aiming for difficulty and originality, which - thankfully - we seem to have achieved! Our inspiration came from old school "no hands held" immersion. I think we shot ourselves in the foot with a high difficulty curve, because - I seem to have learned - jammers don't want to invest the time to approach the difficulty curve and rather expect an intuitive easy-to-learn game, which makes total sense. Thanks again for giving this a go!

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Thanks for giving it a play! I agree with the video. We rendered to low quality to try and keep the filesize small while hoping to implement a hands-on tutorial. We had the audio recorded, a few of the events programmed, and - obviously - the art rendered, but we still had to design the win/lose, all the music, and the audio. That was the entirety of our last day, rigging up the audio everywhere and polishing off a few bugs our testers found. I also thought that the max upload size was 75MB... I'm now realizing it's 750. Haha. So I'll probably attach the higher resolution video to the game. In the meantime, you can find that video here:

Thanks again,


EDIT: Words are tough.

The art was great! Nice job there. You should reach out to some other GameMaker devs and see if they'd be interested in working with you on some things. You've got the skill for the art, for sure!

This is very polished. Great job at working in the fog of war!

Awesome job! I hate those sharks.

Hm. I can't seem to get anything to work other than changing levels with 1,2,3,4,5. Any tips for making KBM work instead of a controller?

Really good job! I think it's way too difficult where it's at. I just don't think there's enough speed to keep up with the enemy AI. With that being said, it was such a cool concept. I like the idea of manning your crew to move around with your ship. I don't think '0' should be your clear button, though. Something more accessible for your hands would be great. Nicely done!

Great job at making a VR game. I've heard those can be tough! I wish I could play it, but I don't have a Vive yet. Looks promising, though!

The title screen is very pretty! It made me think I was about to play a great story-centric RPG, probably due to the cliché that's been established in a mystical night sky to associate with JRPGs from my experience. (Western too, I suppose). It was pretty good for a sidescroller! I liked how your enemy variations were inspired by the creatures in real life, such as the star fish.

Hey this is really good! I found myself playing this more than most of the other games I've tested so far. It's simple, but I like the ability to upgrade and see how far I could get! It did feel like I should get to blow up a big boss at the end, so hopefully that makes it in at some point! Really well done. I think a variation of enemies, sounds, and artwork will help this go a long way!

Great job! The art and sounds were spot on. It was really liking take a trip back to the SEGA goldenage. A few suggestions would be to make the music loop, it would run out if I couldn't find the key and exit in time. Every once in a while, when I killed an enemy, he would stay on the screen but I couldn't do anything with him - hit him, he wouldn't shoot me, and etcetera. All-in-all this was done excellently. I was especially fond of the background, tilesets, and bubbles!

I'm pretty much an expert at pressing <D> now. You had some great music here and a nice artistic design! I think there needs to be a little more for this to really grab me; a more direct narrative or more varied artwork/animations would have helped a lot, in my opinion. It was still a cool experience. Nice work!

Pretty good start. I like the idea of competing for destroying monsters, (I assume, I couldn't play Multiplayer). I think it needs a lot more polish, though. I would occasionally get stuck and I'd have to re-click my movement buttons. I could see past the background to the blank color at the edges of the screen as well. I think some audio cues and animation would help with the aesthetics, and probably cut off the exterior edges with a dark black or an earth tone to blend in with the tiles so it doesn't feel like you're in this floating square. There doesn't appear to be any Win/Lose conditions as far as I can tell, and make sure you put in an exit button so we don't have to Alt+F4. Nice start; I think this could be pretty cool with some more work!

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I downloaded Construct 2 just to give this a try, but it doesn't look like all the necessary files are included.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you appreciated some of the finer parts of the game! Those little things are some of my favorite parts, messing with synthesizers and giving myself a few hours to drive into the audio as opposed to coding. Feels good, man! Thanks again!

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Hey don't worry about it! This is a tough one for people who like a less hectic game. My wife was pretty angry a few times because too much was happening at once. I really appreciate you playing this and giving it a go!

EDIT: We really wanted to add an interactive tutorial, but we just couldn't find the time nearing the end. As with most jams we couldn't fit our whole vision in this window of time, but settled for a video I recorded and edited like, 2 hours before the deadline. Haha. If we continue work on this one, that's the next post-it note in our backlog! 

No worries! That happens to ever developer at some point. :D

Hey! I'm getting the idea of the game but the arrows don't work on mobile for me. I'm on a Google Pixel if that helps!

This was excellent! I knew there'd be some sidescrolling shooters but this was so polished. I loved seeing how far up and down I could go with the variation of enemies. The art was beautiful and the gameplay was nice and responsive. Excellent work!

I seem to have thrown my ship in the wrong direction... I - I don't think the game knew what to do when I did that because it just froze.

That was a grea little narrative. Took some good cues from Limbo, Portal, and Prey it seems. Nice work! 

Great job! I liked how the story progressed. I noticed that your hunger and other levels didn't update as they changed.

Cool artwork. I would like to have had more sounds. It was intersting having that one piano piece and then nothing else. I wasn't sure what to do on the actual "fighting" part, but I got it pretty quickly. I look forward to the rest of this!

Nice job! You had a full game here, where you can win or lose. Sounds were nice, and I liked the added piece where you can pick up lost pirates. 

Great job on this! I particularly enjoyed the part where you could save your ship using QTEs. The rest played as expected. Some more visual/audio feedback would really kick this up a notch!

Nice job! I couldn't figure out the objective, really. I kept checking the News and was buying and selling fish, but I wasn't entirely sure why. You have a lot of awesome mechanics in here, though! I look forward to your next iterations.

Hey pretty cool! I like that you had a catch to flip your boat back over when you jumped poorly. There was a gap in Level 2 that I somehow managed to wedge myself in, and my boat is forever floating through space now. 

I uh, killed eight drones? I don't know how but I did! Cool art and the Star-Wars AI was pretty good. (Though they were constantly trying to mount that beacon signal). I couldn't figure out how to make the ship go down or up. I could only get WASD to work.

Interesting delivery on aiming the sidescroller diagonally as we turn. It gets pretty swarmed in the middle. The art between levels is great. I'm not sure if we're supposed to go way off-screen, but we can go way off-screen.

I like what you've got so far. I'm interested to see where the theme comes into play, but I sorta get it from Scene 8's interaction. I'll reserve my rating until the next patch!

I think I got a contact high just from playing that. 

That's awesome to hear! I'll definitely keep an eye on this. I loved the art style, and it seems like it will be excellent when you done what you want to get done to it.

You had a pretty cool concept from what I read. If you update this, I'll be sure to check out what you have implemented!