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Lazy Goblins

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Idk if it is just me but when I bring in two block and scale them to the same size one block always seems to be off of the original blocks grid snapping, if that makes sense lol.

Also what is the max colors to have and will we have a way to save color pallets in the future?

I would love this aswell! 

Created a new topic Anyone looking for teammate?

Hey there! I am a skilled Game Designer / Scripter / Level designer looking for a teammate! Let me know if you are interested.

Loved the art, sound, and music. The sound made if feel satisfying to grab some of those little demons! Although there is not much depth to the game I could see this being a great game if you continued to work on it!

Very fun game! Love what you did with the theme you got! Love the music and sounds as well. It all fits together. The level was fun. Liked the idea that you get trapped in rooms with lots of slow enemies coming towards you. 

Loved the sound effects! Great job for the first game you ever made! :D Congrats!

Posted in Team Interest

If any team needs a level designer / scripter let me know! I am well versed in Unity but have some experience with GMS 2 and UE4.

Hello, everyone!

We are Lazy Goblins and we are on a journey to create a game a month for an entire year from start to publish!

Wacky Duels is a dueling arcade game with a very unpredictable AI, bouncy bullets, flying barrels, forty-six singleplayer levels and with twenty-two levels to choose from to duel your friends in same screen multiplayer! The game will be launching on for full release on the Google Play store April 2nd, but here on Itch you all can get it for FREE and a couple of days early! :D

Go here to download Wacky Duels!