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How to rotate on other axes / free rotate

A topic by makenai created Jul 03, 2017 Views: 451 Replies: 5
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I've noticed that spacebar rotates around the Y axis, but there a way to rotate around others? For example, if I want the bottom of a block to be the side. It seems like a combo of Shift + Space would be sensible for this.

Related: is there a way to free rotate if I want to put something at 45 degrees?


There currently isn't a way to rotate on the other axis yet, the code is already in but I couldn't figure out a good way how to make it easy to control for users. This is definitely something I'll be looking into for the next version.


I'll add a +1 for this functionality as well. How about H, J, K keep the flip functionality and CTRL/CMD + H, J, K rotate on the same axis as the corresponding flip?


Free rotate would be amazing and the easiest way I have dealt with it in the past, is the way Unity does it providing 3 colored circles you can grab to rotate around a specific access which gives enough freedom to rotate into most positions

Adding support to this thread, and in depth position and scale controls 

Love it all so far, but I keep reaching for a rotate that just doesn't exist yet 

I would love this aswell! 

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