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Really well polished, good feel and simple yet understandable narrative!

The mechanic of attaching and detaching blocks was refreshing!

It took me some time to get the hang of it, but it gives possibilities to create very interesting puzzles.

Smooth controls, polished gameplay, and a really clean art style!

I really liked this game!

The emotional package it delivers just works, and its message is clear (or atleast I think it is ..).

The starting scene was a tiny bit frustrating due to the fact that I was trying to break the rules the first time and had to redo the scene over and over again, which made me stop trying to break the rules.

But overall, a really good, polished product!

No Leg Jack!
A game where you kick ass as a legless veteran soldier by flying around the map using your guns recoil!

Check out my game!

  • Slick and clean design (art / audio)
  • Tight and easy-to-learn controls
  • Interesting creative level design (especially at the end-levels)

Cool game! Really solid. Got one error for a obj_wack or sth? Maybe because Im retared and break everything I touch xD

I have the same as @isaelsky21

Great game! Lots of fun and great art-style. Love the music! The only big con is, just like the others say, the controls. Its really hard to master them.

Looks good! Are you still planning to improve it? Maybe add in breakable walls in the middle, and cool powerups, like splitting balls.

Bullet Runner community · Created a new topic Feedback

Hey everyone! Please leave your feedback down here, and I will get back to you (and try to shape the game towards your likings!)

Thanks in advance! ;)

Hi everyone!

Please leave your opinion about the game here, so I can keep improving my work!

Thanks in advance,