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Sohom Sahaun

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It actually is hard. I got a hard time playing it too, hahah.


I have noted the bugs. Will fix them surely and hoping to add more gameplay and stuffs. :D

Thanks Securas!

Thanks Chippy.

And the bug, yes. Will be updated after the voting ends.

You can check my profile.

Hey! Beautiful music you got there.

Are you still free for the jam? I am a programmer, teamed up with an artist.

We are a team of 2 people, a programmer and an artist. Looking for a music composer. :)

Ding dong. 

A very cute little game.

There were some issues with the dark surfaces. But that is not a major one.

Loved this. Keep going!

By 20 seconds!

Here's the game: Chini

Haha. My bad.  Fixed that.

Thanks! :P

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Hi! I am Sahaun and I am a programmer. I use GameMaker, for a long time now.

As I do not get much time because of studies, I participate in small jams often (and fail miserably). Haha!

And... I love pixels! <3

You can find me on twitter and facebook.


Loved the sprites. But the game needs more work.

Note: I saw a fire at the top-left. What is that for? :P

Loved the particles, music, powerups... Gave me a 'Thomas Was Alone' type feeling.

Job well done. <3

I liked the idea, visuals and sound of the game. Got some issues tho:

1. Problems with collisions.

2. I could not find it relevant to the theme. :/ (Is this only me?)

3. Sound not looped. (Maybe)

Looking forward to a good post-jam game btw. Good luck. :D

It was some fun. But I gotta agree with others on the soundtrack, powerups and timer stuffs.

Good work! :D

Like the graphics concept and the theme relevance.

Could have been better tho with some more elements and challenges!

Loved the story, visuals, narration and everything. :D

What I loved the most was dancing around with his head. :P

A good little game.

Thanks man! Means a lot. :D

Gonna update in a few mins. :D

Thanks. :D

At first I thought it was boring... But time just flew away! :P

Did not love it! The art, idea and humour was great! The ending? Meh!

Nice idea and visuals. Loved the mechanism of summoning shrooms and thorns. Has a lot of potential to have a story and a 'big' game. :D

Collision states need to be worked out.

Yeah man. That's what the technique is. :D Glad somebody figured that out.

And yeah, that was intentional. Just wanted to add some length to the gameplay and get the shit out of the people. :P

The game is full of fun. Truly loved the concept mate. :D

Felt the control and shooting was a tinyyy bit off tho. Veryy tinyyy. For only me? Maybe. :P

Loved the intro and artstyle. :D
Would make a damn mobile game. <3

You get the game if you keep playing.
I tried hard, and completed the game, with 0 death. :P

Too much hard man. :'(

The turning and throwing speed should be increased a bit I think.

A weird game lol.

Loved. <3

Add a little more gameplay maybe?

That was a lot of fun really! :D
You eventually reach a point in the game where there is no meaning of your existence lol.

Loved the idea. Looking forward to the post-jam game. :D

Fun! Playing right hand vs left hand multiplayer. xD

You are not alone.

Damn yeah. Got many other plans but... got nearly 24 hours. Even missed the submission at first place. :|

Will keep in mind for the post-jam development. :D Thanks.

Thanks. Will put that in my list. :D

Yeah... Did not have time for that. Will do shortly. :D

Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks man! :D

Do not seem to find mine.


GameMaker programmer and can do 'praogrammer arts' lol.
Looking for a team.