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Kenric D'Souza (AzureByte)

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Very cute! I got ending B

Apologies, I can't rate this one because I could not play this on my Windows PC. Screenshots and gameplay videos would help!

I liked the art! Was hoping for different abilities/ranges for the different characters.

Thank you for playing it and for the feedback! Yes its designed so you have to plan your movements carefully.
I tried to balance a 'space feel' with tight controls but maybe its still too slippery.

I think it might be my computer, the gif looks nice and calm but the game on my machine runs very fast (near instadeath at the start).

Hey I don't see a download link nor is it opening in the browser. Its okay if its not finished, would like to see it anyway :)

Haha cute

There is, but in the gamejam state it might be hard to find. For that level, you have to avoid the beeps and go closer to the music. If I get time I'll make a post jam version that is better designed so the goals are clearer. Goes to show how important it is to let people not involved in the development of it to test your game.

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Thanks for checking it out! The idea was to have the player investigate the music, but I can see how the beeping is more appealing to go to. The beeping is the proximity sensor. We might remove it in a future version since it seems to cause more confusion than help.

Consider making a video of yourself playing the game for people without access to a Mac so they can still experience it :)

Hi BlueJackalope, thanks for checking it out! If you don't have a controller you can use the keyboard 'A' key to start it :)

I think tooltips on the buttons would be helpful. When I first got in I had no idea what each button did. It was definitely a weird non-intuitive thing of having the leeches being useful but also harmful but it soon became obvious when you saw the fading numbers showing what the leeches did when they hit you. I would complain about the balance being a little off. I'm guessing the enemies are randomized but instead, having a steadily increasing difficulty might make the game more approachable to people (like me) that find it really hard. And this is coming from someone that enjoys a good tower defence.

Overall a great game made in 48 hours! Great job! :D

Yes, what isaelsky21 said. You need to zip up the exe+folder and submit the zip of those two!

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Ah cool, it works now :) A very cute looking game!

Hey there! It is currently giving me an error and I cant play the game.