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Great job! Loved the minimal style of everything,  and the particle effects on the player were awesome!
The sacrifice mechanic helped bring something special to the game, so that it wasn't just an ordinary puzzle platformer.
The player movement was something I felt wasn't too good. Perhaps speed it up a little? And having a greater gravity applied to the character when falling sounds kinda weird, but it really helps getting rid of that sort of floaty feel when falling, whilst also letting the player jump high. 
And maybe make the green zone two cells wide? Found it a little annoying a few times tryna get in... but that was rare so maybe not such a big deal haha

Thank your playing! For the green square being 1 block I really liked it so that you could perfectly fit into the level. For the player movement I could tweak it indeed too make it a little more fluent. Thx for the feedback!