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A jam submission

Transmission: LostView game page

A short exploration game created for Wizard Jam 5.
Submitted by Fabian Denter (@fabiandenter) — 6 minutes, 13 seconds before the deadline
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Transmission: Lost's page

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amazing everything! I was thoroughly impressed. from the game art to even just the design of things like the map, as well as voice acting and game mechanics. very solid game - well done!


I forgot to leave a thing here. 

Reaally good. Play it humans. 


This was so good! Everyone will have already made comments on how good it looks, so instead I'll talk about the audio, which is great! Everything, from the music to the voice acting and the good FX on the radio chatter helped to build up atmosphere in a way that made the setting seem convincing. When I switched on the bedside radio and heard the sound of the radio show filling the room as the player character commented on it, it felt like I ws in a real, lived in place.

Anyway, well done on this. Huge accomplishment.


Thank you, means a lot!


Wasn't able to get past the menu screen. Nothing happened after I clicked start or continue.
Real shame, the screenshots look super cool, an would love to give the game a go!

Developer (1 edit)

Heard about that issue two times, I think it's just long loading times (the game is not really optimized). When you click start you should see a white dot in the middle of the screen, that should eventually turn into a loading bar. Also one person reported that restarting the game worked. Hope you'll be able to start the game! Also sorry for the inconvenience!


Ah alright, I'll give that a try!