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Really cool game design. How to complete the objective was a little unclear. But otherwise you really nailed the atmosphere. I can see this game becoming very popular. Great work!

Bit of a mind f* as the car is ever so slightly constantly drifting. Really cool design and reminded me of playing Spy Hunter (that's a good thing haha). Well done!

Very interesting use for the camera. Interesting level design. I had some difficulty staying on certain platforms, but otherwise I had a good time playing this. Nice job!

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really fun and easy to pick up. the sound elements being able to hear enemies through walls is nice. I would only wish for a leaderboard to see which pacs have how many orbs and how many captures each ghost has. maybe random spawns so ghosts can't camp pacs. really nice though, great job.

I noticed one bug where pacs would spawn with a bright glow, like maybe they died while using their ability?

ok, I got it working. quite interesting! very soothing with the nature sounds and the narrator's voice, and fun puzzles.

cool! I was never sure if I was hitting the enemies or not... whether or not they were taking damage etc. but over very cool game. cool design.


cool art and that poor bear :(

haha this was so funny! nicely done.

I wasn't able to get it working :/

haha this was a pretty cool clicking game

how did you do the pixelated 3d look?

very cool! quite trippy and fun. I think I got stuck after I got to the sign, but still a very cool game!

hahaha this was really fun! I liked this game. nice job.

this seems like a lot of work! I enjoyed it. nicely done.

haha what a fun, cute game! nice work. cool visuals and design.

wow, very cool game! I'm not sure if I cheated by figuring out a wall jump mechanic, but I couldn't figure out how else to get through most of the game. very, very cool. nicely done! would play again.

Haha this is pretty cool! I enjoyed it. Kinda reminded me of some of the original mario party games. Fun graphics and really nicely done on the AI. I didn't understand the bomb/flower things, but still had a good time. nice work!

lol I enjoyed this. the tetris was hard because of the controls, but I don't think it was meant to be easy. overall a fun and enjoyable experience. I enjoyed bloom (?) mode. can't remember if that's what it was called. either way, nicely done.

haha quite a funny game! I love the art style and it was a fun game to play around with and to see if I could get any of the potions right... nicely done!

amazing everything! I was thoroughly impressed. from the game art to even just the design of things like the map, as well as voice acting and game mechanics. very solid game - well done!

Thanks for you comment on my game - I have fun working with Blender. Yours was a lot of fun to play! What did you use to make your game?