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That's very strange! I'm at a bit of a loss for what could be causing that behaviour, I've never heard of it happening before. The game doesn't have any Steam integration at all, nor VR functionality, so I'm a little confused as to why SteamVR would be getting involved. 

The only thing I can think of that might be related is: were you trying to launch the game from a Steam shortcut?

this is really cool, i've never thought about doing a leaderboard with a google form!


lovely surprise to see this from you 😊

Love to see this write up. Thanks folks 👍🏾

Hi there. No that seems right, 1.4GB is roughly the size of the unpacked game. The downloaded file is a lot smaller because it’s a compressed package. I don’t really have much control over the file size I’m afraid! Hope you’re able to run the game without trouble.


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Hey all, 

This is Concentric. It's a minimalist action game about gracefully moving in circles. Navigate along a set of concentric rings and bring energy back to your core. 

Retrieve energy. Evade traps. Play fast and take risks for a better score. Carve a perfect path through the level and rise the ranks of the global leaderboards.

More information on the game page:

This game does a really unique and smart thing in the way it recontextualises the staple shmup concepts of health and damage. Super cool! Well done folks!

The polished feel and visual design in this game are both really coherent and nice. I can totally imagine seeing a version of this as a premium iOS game. 

This is a really nice vignette; so atmospheric and pleasant! I felt like I could just walk around listening to that music for ages. I liked the scene transitions with the echo-y fade out a lot.

This was so charming, I was smiling the whole way through it. 

This was funny and well put together. Also, some good bunny hopping in this game!

This was so good! Everyone will have already made comments on how good it looks, so instead I'll talk about the audio, which is great! Everything, from the music to the voice acting and the good FX on the radio chatter helped to build up atmosphere in a way that made the setting seem convincing. When I switched on the bedside radio and heard the sound of the radio show filling the room as the player character commented on it, it felt like I ws in a real, lived in place.

Anyway, well done on this. Huge accomplishment.

Oh nice, thank you!!

Hey there!

EVADER is an arcade style action game about skilfully avoiding death using a unique dual-control movement system. 

Survive for as long as you can against endless waves of enemies .

  • Fast and frantic "die and retry" gameplay
  • Six unique enemy types
  • Xinput Gamepad + Keyboard support (Gamepad recommended)
  • Online Leaderboards

It was made for Wizard Jam 5, which just ended last week.

This was funny!! I played it through enough times to see (I think) all of the endings and really enjoyed myself. Also, that opening sequence is incredibly good.

Haven't played this yet, but that thumbnail art is hot stuff :)

It only supports XInput controllers, so you can use something like x360ce to emulate that if you don't have one. As for the file size, it's about 180MB. Sorry if that takes ages for you! There's nothing I can really do to reduce it by very much. Unfortunately it's just an Unreal Engine thing.

Thanks for checking it out :)

Hey guys, apologies for the bugs I didn't manage to fix in time! There seems to be a randomly occurring crash to desktop in this build (it seems to trigger in the menu screen), so sorry about that! Hopefully I'll be able to fix it really soon.

All of the little details are so well observed in this. I chuckled when I got to the top of the first tower and it did the camera orbit; and when I unlocked the final skill in the tree.

The level design was also genuinely reminiscent of Shadow of Mordor too.

You did a really good job with this.

"Install instructions: Extract and runcle."


(try entering the code "puffin" at the main menu to access a secret)