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And That's WhyView game page

Submitted by Atte Okkonen (@AtteOkkonen)
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 I liked this a lot! Things I enjoyed:

  • The visuals.
  • Immediately solving the 'frog door' puzzle as soon as I realised where the samples were from.
  • Having the sudden realisation that the music was a cover of The Wizard.
  • The description of Gob Island on the sign.
  • That skeleton animation at the end!

Beautiful art and cool little puzzles.

I had to try the "feeding puzzle" a bunch of times with the same items until it worked...


Thanks! Did you notice/remember the safety goblin's advice, that the last item must be fed very fast ( the items is a bit clumsy as you have to click through the Gobbler's comments in between).


So cool! I loved the art, dialog and the little puzzles in it! Great stuff!


This was so charming, I was smiling the whole way through it. 


Lovely stuff Atte, simple and well executed. The music was really good too so props to the composer :)


Very good art as always. The puzzles were simple but satisfying.