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Thanks! I'd like to revisit it sometime but for now development is pretty much on indefinite hiatus.

Thank you, that would be much appreciated!

Great to hear that you had fun despite the "balance" :)

I was trying to make this great dynamic system but never got it working properly...the way it is right now just happens to be the state it was in once it finished breaking. I'm still a bit burned out at the moment but at some point I'll have to redo the wave system from the ground up, the current one is a mess where each wave has a fixed budget but also quotas to fulfill and in addition tries to take into account how long each enemy type lives on's pretty terrible.

Both "defense" and "defence" are actually correct, the one with c is just the British version. "Defence" just looks wrong to me though, can't stop thinking about people being hoisted off of fences.

Nice. This was pretty creepy...I love the death sound clip!

WTH, an advertisement?!

Really good job on cutting those clips together, I think it gives a good impression of the Thumbs...err, Importers? Truthers?

Good hoisting! The whole style, especially the super trippy dodge-bars are great. Love the medieval Hoister portraits too.

I felt like the round was way too short, especially without(?) a way to restart afterwards. It might be different with 2 players frantically hurtling garbage at each other though, I just played against a statue and won, yay!

The art is really cute and the mechanics are solid, good work!

Beautiful art and cool little puzzles.

I had to try the "feeding puzzle" a bunch of times with the same items until it worked...

This is great. The concept is really cool, I love the replicated Unity interface!

Good...without the bye! Visuals, puzzles and voiceacting were all great. The intro sequence gave me chills.

No idea what was going on but I liked it!

Haha...yes, balance...that is totally a thing I did.

Thank you!

Yay, somebody found the upgrade button! Currently the game does a really bad job of exposing that option...

Thanks for the feedback! Did a bit of testing earlier and they are indeed op. I'll nerf them a bit.

I love the style and concept!

Even with the majestic blast(which I didn't notice I had at first) I spent pretty much the entire game looking straight down onto a horde of eggs though.

I played with 3 AI players and have to say, well done on those! Actually keeping track of any petards was impossible for me(even my own - I probably self-hoisted a few times). But I had a lot of fun frantically running around.

The game looks great, even with the nightmare-inducing mouths!

This was hilarious, the tone and atmostphere were near-perfect. Really, really good!

Those robot barks were delightful. Cute pixel art too!

The game felt pretty difficult to me, I even managed to self-hoist :) But eventually all brains fell to my perseverance.

Whoa, that got creepy for a bit there! Well done, I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Cool concept and very slick presentation!

It sometimes felt like the combos weren't as strong as they should have been. That could be because of missing pieces in the progression...I found the colors and heights a bit difficult to accurately distinguish at times.

"It's reader maaiiil!" Got two full Nicks on my first two runs.

Cool game, those naked furbies mess me up though.

Cool little experience!

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I love the feeling of taking stuff and dropping it in the cauldron. It looks so good too! Sometimes it is difficult to tell what somebody actually needs, but experimentation is what the game is about, so that's fine. Wizard!

Turning down graphics options and increasing the framerate actually made the game more difficult. :D

With such a slick presentation and fast pace(being able to jump back into the game immediately is especially good) this game has a lot of potential for being addictive.

Gorgeous! Love the style. I had heard that the game was extremely difficult before playing so I chose "Walk int he park".  Thank you for adding easier difficulties!

I liked the style, the animated UI elements were especially nice. The ghosts are also super cute.

Love the art style. The writing was pretty funny too, wish I could continue this sleuthing adventure!

@SuperBiasedMan (How do I actually reply?)

Thank you! Watching you play has helped me understand a bunch of issues a player might run into during their first playthrough. And showed me that the difficulty is probably still a bit high.

That was really fun, great idea and execution.

My banana and broccoli pizza needs improvement.This game is already pretty perfect though!

Thanks for the feedback!

I only actually made a build of the game right before I had to upload it and for some reason the physics changed in the transition from playing in the Unity editor to the standalone game. At that point I was so sleepy that changing anything would probably have made things worse. And time was running out anyways.

Absolutely agree on the game giving some feedback. I had planned to have a particle effect or something for the boost and yeah, I simply ran out of time with the sound. Since that's an area I know virtually nothing about it wouldn't have amounted to more than some bleeps and bloops anyways, since you can't use preexisting assets.