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thank you butterscotch shenanigans. o7

clever premise and gameplay loop, who knew feeding worms took so much strategy

already an intriguing and stylish game, excited for more

really clever interpretation of the themes! The controls are satisfying to use too

very good art style and concept. love the radio

super cool movement!

Took me a couple tries but I finally completed all the puzzles! Really cool concept, good work everybody.

This game is very good and I am very bad at it. Couldn't shake those dinos off my tail no matter how much I wiggled my arms. I'm super hyped for Breckon to stream this.

Amazing as always, atte!

Super cool concept. I would definitely want to see more of this. My ghost started really freaking me out after a while, it might have been a bit bugged out or I wasn't waiting enough, but it seemed to be doing the wrong actions at the wrong time, and following me too closely, like a rebellious stalker ghost. But it does fit well with the mysterious atmosphere. 

This is amazing, everything is great, the gobbler shoving buildings in his mouth while still looking terrified is perfect. Everybody made fun of my cape but I sure showed them.

very well done. My first day was great.

Love the art and music. Really cool concept, adds an innovative twist to the puzzle platformer.

That's the Stuff

I got so hyped up by that credits sequence. Classic wizard. Super cool concept and well executed. I like how when you pick up stuff and look at it you clip your whole face into it.

Cool concept, funny dialogue, love the t-pose! I'm not sure if I was supposed to bring people food or something, all I could figure out was how to throw tables around and take orders.

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This is a great game! The feel of the hair is very satisfying and the levels are super fun.

Love the art style, and the levels were well designed and very fun!

thx for playing!

nice usage of the title, really creative puzzle design!

Incredible to look at. The levels where you can spin around were so cool!

Really well done! 

Really well written and unique experience.

Very interesting world and cool robots.

war of the broses > smash bros

Submitted 4 hours and 20 minutes before deadline, nice. I'm kinda confused and kinda scared after playing this game.

love the look and the music. The gun might be a bit op. I kinda just drove forward and shoot all the obstacles in the way. I dont know if this was intentional, but I achieved lift off and basically flew off into the abyss, which was cool.

Really polished and fun! I love the art style and the interactivity of everything.

This game has made me consider watching Die Hard. It's really fun!

All the bodies flopping around was really funny! I got them to gather around the spinning things in the second level and they just kept getting knocked down. I didn't know levels had a end state at first so maybe you could add a prompt or something in game that the goal is to find the marker.

The music was so majestic. Really enjoyable experience. Some of the voice lines repeated themselves over and over and I think the VO could be turned up a bit, it was hard to hear what they were saying in parts.

really interesting mechanics, definitely had to plan out what to do to set myself up for success. I beat the levels basically with the same strategy, but I can see these mechanics developing into a really creative puzzle platformer.

A really nice experience, I liked the light music and the buried treasure was real good.

more like Green Deed Greedemption amirite? Thanks for playing!

Really liked the character sprites and animations!

Really liked the exit button.

why... the tongues...  10/10

really like the animation!

really impressive effects. I think if you wanted to expand on it you could add more to the gameplay than waves of enemies.