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Really nice ps1 look! I especially like the mood and lighting in the storage area. Good audio work too, with that setting, voice recordings and some haunting piano, it reminded me of this ambient album series I really like

3D still scares me very much... but I do love ps1 horror (a huge Silent Hill nerd) so maybe someday.

Nice, I really enjoyed the cool sega cd room and the turn based stuff in the end.

Thanks, yeah the music enhances nicely the haunted library mood. Even though the game is otherwise very NES style, I thought how about having the audio in a different style this time. I gave my friend this Symphony of the Night track as a reference 

Thanks! Figuring out how to do / can you do different stuff is kind of an interesting game in itself once you have an idea what are the things you're able to modify. You could do relatively complex environments... but since the tool is not really designed for that, managing the assets can get tricky fast.

Thanks for playing! Flameboyant, nice :)

The slightly awkward "hold to break" was a result of trying to stay with only 2 main action buttons nes style. Also at first I was thinking some Dark Soulsy stuff to add, so the item break was a bit like committing to estus flask heal.

Thank you! Yeah the main puzzle of noticing what sigil has all the right shapes is pretty obscure, especially the first time playing... but hey at least the bad ending is equally interesting/strange as the good one I think :)

Bitsy3d seems to have now some attractive new stuff like fullscreen view and custom resolution for images, so maybe I will try to make some kind of a successor for this in the nearish future.

Thanks :)

Thanks for checking it out, the bitsy 3d is still pretty new/in beta so let's hope it will have an option for a normal first person camera/movement in the future (can't do anything about it myself).

Thanks! Good points, I added the controls here (and might look into the settings for turning, though I kind of like the swiftness).

The color palettes are such a huge part of the experience in this austere style, it was super interesting to test different moods for the areas.

Thanks! I relatively recently started using PyxelEdit and using a program that's specifically designed for making pixel art animations and tilesets has made doing work like this much more enjoyable and faster.

Nick Breckon's playthrough will function as an official guide for now :)

Thanks for playing. The ending is quite uneventful, so if you've got everything else but the melody puzzle pieces, you've seen pretty much all there is.

Thanks for testing! I've had a (too) long break from this project, but at some point I want to continue from here, adding and changing a lot of stuff, because yeah right now it is a pretty straightforward experience.

Thanks for playing and persevering through the initial obscurity. In the end you were playing the game really well! The punch (that happens when you try to shoot without points) is for breaking the blocks. I really also should have put the air jumping in the "instructions". I think because I saw this version so much as a WIP thing I was (subconsciously) reluctant to put time into guiding new players. 
(The current music is great but gets quite repetitive soon so that's why also the 'H' mute button is useful :))

The feedback about the harshness of exploding when going over the limit was interesting. I like how getting full can suddenly turn the area super oppressive and dangerous. But I probably will try to think some ways to soften that. Tom Francis wrote on his blog sometime how a wider spectrum of failure is usually better than a binary success/fail.

The mix of pixelart and photos is really interesting and together with the energetic music this was  a fun and strange experience.

Thanks! Did you notice/remember the safety goblin's advice, that the last item must be fed very fast ( the items is a bit clumsy as you have to click through the Gobbler's comments in between).

Thanks for the nice comments! It was really fun to reimagine such classic characters and music.