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Cool use of a single mechanic! I dig it!

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This is so cute! I loved it, just wish it was longer! It reminds me of the Terry Gilliam's animations, great job

Very cool and relaxing game! I have to say that i got stuck on the first puzzle (had to check here), but i was happy just tickling the giant with with the chill sounds. I like how the narrative and the puzzles mesh together, like you're playing through memories.

Nice voice!

"The bear's mental fortitude" lol! very funny little game

Throwing a bear on a bear is such a nick move

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Oh man! Hahahah, so fun to play! "its reader mail". Laughed a lot playing this, cheating hitman head OP !

So cool! I loved the art, dialog and the little puzzles in it! Great stuff!

I loved how you made everything very clean and simple. This must be a pain to balance for a jam! Nice Job!

I love how the egg enemies look and fly around to the guillotine!

I got 18880 points, and i felt very royal about it.

Nice! hahaha! I loved the last screen, even the walls look the same! :D

Very strange and unexpected, i dig it! Really cool touch of putting the references in the game!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, audio stuff was all a last minute freesound raid

Nice! I hoisted myself 3 times before noticing that the mortar wasn't fully equiped :D

Really cool sound noises!

999 Remain!

Loved the art and animation of the game. Also liked the enemy behaviour, pretty fun when they dash in your direction. And i definetly hoisted myself, more than once.