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In Shadow of Something, you go to places, do things and kill guys.
Submitted by Lastair — 55 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline

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Really impressed. The joke wears a bit thin, but the initial goof of it is quite good. Kept playing to see how many mechanics were done and was, well, impressed. (I'm repeating it because it's true.)


Holy... cow this is good. Mechanically sound despite being... hilariously generic. You just see this huge dramatic Assassin's Creed-style vista and the low-key dramatic music and... the total lack of detail, lack of colour, rough geometric shapes and it all adds up to...

Love the melee tells, love the feedback, the half-hearted intro... truly, this is a Shadow of... Something.

ADDENDUM: Christ, the vision system feedback, the mantling, the sheer size of the thing! Lastair, please take this as a compliment, but "Gratz Lastair! (Fuck Lastair)".


Man that was hella good. The battle system felt so robust already and there was a ton of content. You didn't half-ass any of this, from the subtle walk-bob to the quest resetting when you die to the alert indicators that actually turn green-yellow-red like the real game! Ace job. I would love to see you do a proper game with that battle system.


All of the little details are so well observed in this. I chuckled when I got to the top of the first tower and it did the camera orbit; and when I unlocked the final skill in the tree.

The level design was also genuinely reminiscent of Shadow of Mordor too.

You did a really good job with this.


This is really impressive. Nice work! I almost believed I was somewhere doing something