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Awesome, thanks for the video!

This should be fixed now in v1.4!

I've uploaded a new version that hopefully finally fixes the climbing bug, let me know if it worked for you

Thanks for the feedback, I uploaded a new build that hopefully fixes it for you!

Unfortunately not, this was made with Adventure Game Studio a long time ago, which doesn't support exporting to Mac.

Dang that sucks, I thought I had found the solution in 1.1. I'll try to find out if this was a regression or whether there is another cause.

Lovely to hear, thanks for playing!

That's awesome, glad you made this great little game :D

This was really cool! I love the clean aesthetic of the environments, and it had a little bit of everything that makes Tomb Raider fun. 

Thanks, awesome video!

Cool thanks!

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the video!

That's good to know, though the climbing system should work regardless of the framerate, so we're trying alternative approaches for setting the position to hopefully fix this.

Thanks for the report. This can happen if the framerate is low - the climbing system times out before reaching the top of the ledge. We're working on a fix. In the meantime, have you tried running the game at something lower than  1080p, or switching to low quality in the pause menu?

Awesome, thanks!

Thanks, glad you liked it! And thanks for the video. I'll think about making more levels :)

Thanks bud! I have some ideas cooking where I can definitely use these mechanics now that they've proven to be good and practical, would love to chat about them when you're back :)

Thanks! And on a trackpad, nice! Will check out that ledge, there are some places like that which are a bit funky yeah, gonna fix those for v1.1. I'll ping you on twitter when it's ready for testing then, thanks for offering!

Thanks, glad to hear it!

Yeah, spotted that one too 😂Will be fixed in v1.1.

Thanks for playing! There is indeed a bug with the climbing in certain framerates, looking into it.

Thanks for reporting, it's a known bug with low framerates that we intend to fix in a future update.

Will look into that for the next update!

That's fair. You were looking for a faithful recreation of the original games, and I don't disagree that the game could be more challenging and  polished, but that was out of the scope I decided on for a small gamejam project to do by myself on the weekends. And I like the modern games too, so it's a mix of both styles sometimes. If I end up making more levels I'd definitely look into improving the gameplay mechanics, but for now this is what it is, and I'm pleased with it.

You do make a good point about the auto-ledge-grab, it messes me up sometimes too, and it just occured to me I could add a toggle for that in the next update, for people who prefer a manual climbing experience. The ledges I planned on improving too as I was forced to move some of them around on the last day of dev, so they could use another QA pass. And I'm looking into the occasional movement glitches with the creator of the climbing system.

Thanks for playing and taking the time to write down your thoughts  ðŸ‘


Those are good catches! Weird edge cases for the collision detection on the climbing system probably, but I'll see if I can fix some of this in v1.1 👍

Thanks, that means a lot!

Glad to hear it!

There is no built-in functionality for that, but you can use the free version of Fraps (which is what I use) and probably other game-focused screen capture software will work too.

Thanks Fred, let me know what you had trouble with via and I'll try to fix them in the next update.

And you thanks for the video and for playing!

Thanks a lot man! I really enjoyed the video too, so great to see how much you enjoyed playing it. I'll definitely think about making more levels!

Thanks for reporting. I've seen this happen before when the framerate is low - have you tried changing the resolution or switching to low quality in the pause menu? Does that help?

Haha, good job! Oh and yes good point - there is actually a forced respawn button (rightshift+R) but I forgot to write it down (:

Cool! I like the atmosphere in the game, the cave entrance looked very spooky, and coming into the clearing after finding the keys was a great reveal. I couldn't make it across the logs, the jumping is a bit too unpredictable to be accurate, but up to there it was pretty nice for a genre you don't normally do  👍

Thank you so much! That feeling of calm isolated exploration was central to my idea, definitely. It's also why I didn't want to add any dialogue or too much narrative to distract from the player's exploration. I'm glad you feel I succeeded in that regard.

If you're going back to hunt for secrets, I'd wait until v1.1 due soon, I'll add more of them then ;) as well as fix the crouch button and the janky ledges, thanks for reporting!