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It's been fun to follow your progress here so far. Game looks cool! Definitely reminds me of the early tomb raider graphical style. Good luck with the final two weeks.

Thanks for making a video, I'm glad you liked it!

Cool, lotta atmosphere in very little pixels :)

Incredible experience so far. I've always had a fondness for dirtbikes in the desert, and being able to just ride forever here feels great. And it looks great too. The handling could be a little bit more forgiving for my taste; I can sure drive but to get into the flow I'd want to be able to swish a little more, if you know what I mean. A bit more graceful movement. Especially when going slow the bike often starts swerving out of control.
The best part is the scroll wheel, which you don't advertise, but I tried it to zoom out and it worked. So good. Looking forward to future updates.

This is amazing! Really smart way to capture the feeling of a place, and some fun interactions.

Looks cool already!

This game is incredible already. I love how you've gotten in a lot of the hallmarks of open world games, such as the missions, hidden collectibles, lots of vehicles and diversity of the city. Even being able to play all kinds of minigames in the office! Traversal is really good too, though sometimes the turning feels a bit heavy, that's due to how the animator is set up. But being able to climb up on walls is such a nice feature.The atmosphere is real nice too, with the depth of field and volumetric lighting and the whole weather system. If you develop this further it will become a really great indie game. Good luck!

God this is an amazing creation. The aesthetic is so spot on, what an interesting idea. Good job!

Thanks for your feedback! The out-of-body mode was an intentional easter egg, I use that to create screenshots ;) Manually pressing Use to get into the boat would be a nice improvement yeah, if you were mashing the button you immediately skip the outro cinematic.

Thank you! Ha yeah, my 3D skills aren't so great yet so I used what I could get ;)

That's great, thanks!

Fun, thanks for playing!

Definitly, yes. Maybe not on the short term, but it's an idea I really want to execute. Glad you enjoyed the demo!

That was marvelous, unique controls and perfect length. Well done!

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That was a nice little vignette, I like the style and the atmosphere. I hope you make more things like this :)

Thanks :) I do tend to get the mouse sensitivity a bit high in my games, it's high on my computer too. I'll add a slider to the options of the next version.

Loving it so far! Only one problem - I can't aim with a dualshock (PS4) controller. The trigger opens the pause menu. And when using mouse and keyboard Cass starts spinning when I aim, so not ideal :P Hope you can work in full controller support - I use Rewired myself and it's done a great job for me so far.

Thank you! :D

Thanks so much, glad you're enjoying my work!

Man that was hella good. The battle system felt so robust already and there was a ton of content. You didn't half-ass any of this, from the subtle walk-bob to the quest resetting when you die to the alert indicators that actually turn green-yellow-red like the real game! Ace job. I would love to see you do a proper game with that battle system.

AMAZING. I love it. A+ would Big Bird again. 10/10

Holy moly this looks amazing!

Cool! Thanks so much for doing this and taking the time! It really motivates me to keep up the development.

Haha, good choice! Wouldn't want you to have to start avoiding your own cellar.

This is amazing! Great art style and fun puzzle mechanics. Really polished-looking. Would play a full version of this. The only difficult thing was to understand when the state of the puzzle gets reset exactly. I guess it's when you break a connection? When I hooked up rooms one by one the player kept his position in the puzzle, but when I shuffle stuff around too much and connections break then it gets reset? Anyway, really cool!

Glad to hear it! And thanks for making a video, that was geat!

That was fun! The driving physics are a bit finicky, but it added to the intensity (and the hilarity). I like the twist introduced in level 3.

Hey there! The opening credits track is a placeholder that came from the Back To The Future soundtrack, any other music I'm not sure. You're probably fine, but if you're worried you could just mute it when you record, there are no sound effects or speech anyway. Thanks for wanting to take the time to make a video anyway!

Hey Will, thanks for the kind words! It's so great to hear you enjoyed the demo, and thanks for making a Let's Play of it, it was really fun to watch, and gave me some new ideas. Seeing people play the game and get excited makes me excited to continue working on it :)

When there is something new to play I'll definitely let you know!

Awesome! Thanks for checking it out and making a video, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

All fixed now!

Thanks! Yeah I noticed the conversation with Marge still has a few quirks, I'll fix those soon. And thanks for the heads-up on that dll, I just upgraded the project to the latest version of Unity to make this build, so maybe something went wrong there.