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Hey thanks so much Sean! 🙏

I have ideas for more stories in this setting, but when I will get around to them I cannot say.

Hey Eric, glad you enjoyed it! Atmosphere was definitely important to me so it’s good to hear it came across 🙏

Thank YOU!

Could you try and find the player.log file in C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Hedgefield\The House On Holland Hill\ and email it to me at

Ah dang, sorry to hear you're having this problem. What operating system and computer model are you on?

Thanks! So far all this is procedurally-generated, so for future versions I'm looking forward to going in and hand-crafting more unique areas.

Thanks! Adding secrets was a fun thing to do :)

Thanks so much, glad you two enjoyed it! :)

Version 3.0 which will be out in march will support controls remapping!

Thanks so much! I still love it too, the game concept will come back in one form or another.

Thanks! It'll be arriving at the end of the month :)

Ah wow that’s so great to hear, thank you! 😊

Ah thank you!

It is indeed lost, the full version was built in Flash and displayed in a museum for some years, but doesn’t exist anymore as a playable executable sadly.

Great atmosphere, I really enjoyed the game! Unfortunately after the ads countdown at the attic stairs the screen went black and froze. Might try again later.

Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it! And you're right, Nora and this were both submitted to the Tomb Raider gamejam, it's fun to see we had similar ideas.

A few hints for the secrets:
1: the desert sands are keeping this one safe
2: don't rush through the entrance
3: instead of climbing up, climb down
4: carelessly left in a passageway (can I guess that this is the one you found?)
5: don't get distracted by the treasure

Awesome game! The car controls pretty smoothly, driving around was fun. I wish I had a little bit more control to dodge the drone shots, sometimes when I aim up to shoot drones I can't really see the ground anymore. Maybe if aiming vertically didn't move the camera so much it would be nicer. But the atmosphere is great and I love all the challenges. Would be cool if unlocking all of them gave me extra lives. Nice job! Very polished for a jam game.

Thanks for checking it out, and I agree! I’m still trying to get to that really dense forest vibe with branches and plants and moss etc, but performance degrades with every new type of foliage I add, so it’s a balance between optimizing and adding new stuff, but I keep trying!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to play and share your thoughts. I was thinking the same things, I definitely want to expand on the weather, add water, structures and little challenges for exploring. Hopefully soon!

I can understand that, have had the same with the two previous thirdperson systems I bought, but so far I've stuck with Climbing System ha. At least it's on discount for Black Friday ;)

Awesome, thank you! And good luck on your own game! The Climbing System is really ace, it has improved a bunch since I used it here. Let me know when you get around to making something with it.

Hi, unfortunately there isn't, but thank you for asking, that's a feature I'll take into account for future releases.

Thanks! Glad you liked it, and could appreciate the details, intentional or not ha

Oh that’s really helpful, it might be a flag that only gets set if you talk to Callum, I’ll check that out, thanks!

Oh weird! That used to work. I’ll look into it.

Thanks so much, glad you liked it!

This is an incredible initiative. I'm happy to add to the bundle.

It is only a demo for now.

Oh weird! I’ve not seen that happen before. Sorry to hear that, but thanks for reporting. I hope you still enjoyed the experience. You were almost done anyway.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks so much! I look forward to making more like this as well.

Thanks, it did!

Great thanks! It was made in Unity, and the other things I used in the making can be found in the credits section at the bottom of the in-game pause menu.

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Thanks so much!

Great, thanks for the video!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

It's possible to pass the blades by crouching directly under the intersecting spaces between the blades. But I could edit the colliders to make it a little easier. Glad you enjoyed the game otherwise!



Awesome, thanks for the video!