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thank you so much!

oh yeah I meant to fix the rotation points in my last patch but I forgot...maybe I'll do it this week and also do a mac build

Thanks! I tried to keep it pretty straightforward, I do wonder if we should have put in a more direct line of text somewhere to nudge people in the right direction haha

Yeah, the difficulty ramping wasn't really built out. The number of enemy spawns increases, but not a ton. I was thinking about tying fire rate to vehicle speed and making the score based on enemy kills, so you have to balance vehicle control with weapon use, and also wanted to have more complex (and dense) enemy patterns but instead I spent a million hours trying to find the perfect song and making VFX. Also I never put in powerups...I wanted to reduce the fire rate in general, but have relatively frequent crown pickups that would boost it.

Hi, this game doesn't appear to have anything to do with the jam theme; so I have to ask, was this actually created as part of Wizard Jam?

This is cool, I enjoyed playing it. Thanks! Having to click through the story changes the pacing in an interesting way and you use it to your advantage well in placing emphasis on words and phrases; in particular the clock stuck out to me as a great use of the mechanic you're using, perhaps because the time ticking up mirrored the clicks. It made me wonder if this would benefit from some kind of click counter, like a faux page number or a click-based-clock.

I've played this longer than any other wizard jam game by a wide margin. Would be nice if UI informed you of new messages / new employees, and I felt like the money/clicks panel could have been more prominent. Minor UI feedback though, I enjoyed the game!

Love the art and that most of the buttons just control lights. It was pretty funny when I was upside down and hit a button in panic and all that happened was a light going on.

Took me a couple tries to figure out the mechanics, but once it clicked I had fun. I found it pretty hard so it took a couple more tries to finish, but I enjoyed the challenge. Also the info-graphic style works really well.

That was weird and fantastic.

Hearing the very familiar audio combo of [silenced pistol -> "DAMNIT FISHER"] in this context is hilarious.

The wind-up is a little long I think but the pay off is worth it, and I got a good laugh out of the end. I liked the banter between joyce/geddy/kyle, but sometimes I thought the protagonists dialog was a little too stiff (even for her character).

Really nice art/animations, dialog and battle systems both felt great. I think I hit a bug on the last boss? I got stuck at the FIGHT screen, animations are still playing but I can't do anything. Anway, awesome work!!

Using very little this game does a great job of creating a sense of panic. Nice consistent style, and the audio/visual effects work really well. I found the difficulty really inconsistent; sometimes it feels like the letters speed up much faster than others and it feels a bit unfair.

This woulda been a f****** awesome Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing mini game.

This is really impressive. Nice work! I almost believed I was somewhere doing something

This is a really fun mechanic, I'd love to see a bigger game built around it! The art reminds me a lot of the old Madness flash stuff ( Also I liked the wood particles.

For all your complaining, you actually generated a lot of content in this game and made something that feels like a very complete jam game.

The shooting and explosions felt good and I really liked the look of the flight patterns being drawn on screen. Art was a bit of a weird mix, it might have been better to stick to either all hand-drawn or all polygonal.

That was a very strong opening! Also you don't need to apologize so much, it's a jam, no one's expecting a Twine War & Peace.

I switched to upload from Dropbox and it seems to work now.

I put up a build here if people are having trouble downloading

I'm getting the same thing. I tried uploading a new slightly smaller .zip, and it's still happening.

The game should be playable with only 8 fingers; if you need more, borrow some from a friend.

I wasn't sure how to succesfully pickpocket anyone...tried to do it as soon as they became distracted, and was out of sight of the cop, but they always got alerted and I never got money. I liked the art and the concept.

Really strong writing and I liked your take on the paper theme. Nice job!

I found it a little bit difficult to get the arc on the harpoons right, but this game is pretty solid. Really cool style, and trying to keep combos going while buying harpoons and making sure to kill whales is fun.

This was really weird and great.