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weird theme weird game :P thanks for playing!

aggelos.baki#0539 cant add you

i think we have wored together in a previews jam . i lost my discord acc  so give me your discord acc to add you again ( ignore this if im mistaken)

glad you liked it! :P 

we are happy that you liked it!!

thank you for your kind comments

thank you!!

glad you liked it. thank you for your suggestions!

we also wanted more :P

we are glad that you liked it :P 

there is an options menu try to set all to low except screen percentage or resoloution and tell me if tje problem percists

did you addend in rar?

so if i make a character in fuse and the animations on adobe is <legal>?

i noticed that somehow the fps change tha gameplay.thats why the buttons press b4 play on main menu sets all setings to low.As for the knife you grab once (and you throw it) you cant grab it again thats why sometimes the knifes didnt grab or maybe low fps.As for the enemies you are right but i dont find it so bad, maybe im wrong :P

THANKS for playing i hope you enjoyed !!! dont forget to rate

it was the first game i played for the jam i see the santa and i thought tha mine theme was wrong!!! then i saw the page nowhere the theme neather at the video so its not your fault.AS for the game the game is very beutiful with simple gameplay(i would want one more <gameplay aspect> to be better for my taste ) in theme i rated you the avarage from other categories to be fair

thank you for your sugestions i tried bigger but it works the same!ill find a way to fix them however at editor it works fine so its hard to fix. i hope you enjoyed!

my game

a d to move q to change prespective will be better but keep the arrows too if you can

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wsad to move 

 space to JUMP

left click to grab knives

IF for any reason you killed all the oponets and the new arenst spawning you press 1

i finished mine! good luck with your project!

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how i rate the games i played? for the jam?

i realy liked the game and the end!GOOD JOB! but i aggree that the contors are a bit weird!

i dont think this is a problem there are no clear rules at these gamejams so i cant be 100% sure.i think the rules are existing to NOT take ALL (meshes code,skeletals,) form learn tab (ue4) and use only those.BUT i cant be sure.

im glad you liked it!

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may i ask if the lvl 2 had performace problems ( low frames per sec) ? (this lvl had trees for background)

thank you for sharing your opinion unforunately i couldnt give the ball more air control thats why from lvl 2 there are the dashes

1)nice but too hard.2) if i die from monster  the restart buton does not work (if i fall ti works) ,the main menu button works always

can we make this more clear! if someone uses starter content or the cotrolls of manequeen or the engine content is ok (default stuuf)? but if someone download the learn tab or free marketplace is not?