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It's actually an ingame screenshot. I did this in Unreal and it's basically a blue grid texture that is hooked up to the emission channel. 

its tick dependant and runs at 40 ticks per second which means you probably need a new pc.

you can change the resolution when you press escape and options

This Game looks amazing. Laggy but amazing. I have a gtx 960 but this game still suffers from poor framerates. I would just put an option in the Main menu to simply decrease the Resolution so that people with slower pc's can play it. Overall I like the game but i have 1 complaint. You don't really have time to react to the falling blocks. Meaning that if you happen to stand on one it's game over. I would just make a block flash or vibrate for a second before falling. But other than that it feels  and plays very well.

I really like the game. I just wish it was longer. But honestly, that's the best kind of complaint a game can get.  It just lack's a bit polish.

Really nice game but it has some problems with controls and the camera. The music is nice but it get's very repetitive after a while. And it's not exactly a good idea to put a time limit into a puzzle game. But otherwise it's fine. I like how the game doesn't take itself too siriusly.

I like the Idea but please make it so you toggle with E instead of having it pressed for the robot to hold the cube. Bad controls can break a game but the rest seems fine.

2 days remaining. I have 4 levels. To Do list: make 5 additional levels.

thank you. here's my e-mail address:

that looks great. But I imagine it takes a lot of time to make something like that. I do something different. I make only rough models right now and add the details later when I have finished everything. That way if I don't have enough time at the end some models don't have details but it doesn't matter as much.

Those are Celtic Runes. I looked up the meaning of them and chose all that have something to do with beginning or challenge. It is the one thing that added the most asthetically to the level and took the least amount of time since they literally took only 10 minutes to implement.

Finally finished the first Level! But the character still looks garbage.

I suggest adding a little bit of colour. The entire room is just gray. Maybe make the bricks red and the floor Marble or something. And then maybe add some decals They will break the repitition. Turn down the light a bit and i think it will look amazing.

No problem. I only need the model, I don't have any textures in the game. instead i just use flat coloures and materials. Here are the pictures:

oh thank you. As for the character, I do not have any concept art so be creative. Just make the character human and low poly to fit with all the other assets I've already made.

Making actual progress! but the character still looks awful. And i got volumetric fog. Maybe a little bit too much.

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Hey I already started development and only know I realised that I'm shit at modelling. I can design, program and make music but in order to make an actual good looking game I need some help.

This is my attempt at modelling a character:

And it took me only 3 days. The Animations don't look really good either. I'm calling the game Parallel World. It's a 2D puzzle platformer where you can use mirrors to switch between the normal world and a mirrored world. Somewhat similar to The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword's timeshift stones.

wow the music really is basic. But I really love how the instruments sound. Great job.

Another tip: Use paper and a pencil. Do not underestimate the power of a pencil. I use it all the time for prototyping a level, making concept art, etc.

I haven't done much yet in terms of assets but i can do this: