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Game Jam Progress - Post here! Sticky

A topic by Matthewpalaje created Jun 01, 2017 Views: 9,669 Replies: 453
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HostSubmitted (1 edit)

Hey everyone! In this topic, post pictures and links to videos on your game jam projects! Each week of the jam I'll try do a mini spotlight video to show off the work being done here. 

To post a picture follow these steps:
-Put your image onto Imgur:
-Right click on the image 
-Press copy link address
-Paste that link into your comment 

The image should appear!


i would upload a pic but i cant :(

HostSubmitted (2 edits)

This isn't for the game jam, just testing if it works. Read the original post to learn how to post images!


Because in soem cases this does not work, here is a 100% way to get it work. Copy the Pictureadress and then add a video to your post. Normally you should a a link to a video, but it also works with pictures. So paste the link into it and the picture will appear !


I guess I'll kick it off!

It's super bare right now, but I've got things like selectable elements going, along with highlights, also the fixed camera that'll only move up and down between two points (dont want the player zooming their camera off into space). Still, doesn't have to look pretty yet, it just has to work!

Also it's kind of hard to see, but the mirror on the right is selected (it's got a red light that turns on when it's selected), and the top left mirror has the mouse cursor over it (pinkish light that turns on and off as long as the mouse cursor is hovering over it). Bottom left is what mirrors look like when it's not selected at all.

All in all I'm surprised at the amount of progress I've made so far, considering how long it's been since I've actually touched a game engine, but it's coming back to me slowly lol.

Can't wait to see what others have done!

Also, I recommend a program called Gyazo for taking quick pictures of your progress. It binds itself to your printscreen key, lets you drag out a rectangle and it'll quickly upload the image to its servers. Then you can right click the image it uploads and select that image url to use here, it gets rid of a whole other step of saving and uploading a print screened image lol.


Great job Kyle! Making heaps of progress.

woah, i wish i had the same mindset as you.. right now i'm sitting here with a pretty image with no idea what to do with it

(5 edits) (+3)

So my game Bereaved (That's what I'm calling it for now) is a Puzzle Platformer with voxel graphics(because I suck at blender) where you control 2 twin brothers(at the same time) that are spiritually connected that has dies, one is sent to the gates of heaven another to the gates of hell, you play as these brothers on their journey to meetup once again.

I've got the 2 screens setup with the ability to swap them around whenever you want


Nice effect! I'm keen to see more. 

That's an awesome effect! So is one of the always active while the other is paused? Or are you effectively making the player try to control both?


Player will control both at the same time.


Cool concept - cant wait to see more :)


Have done some art assets


Really digging the architectural style.


WOW! That looks amazing, keep going man.


I didn't take my time for "granite" today.

Completely loving the style you're going for here with the voxels!

(4 edits) (+1) sorta got an idea, going to consist of 2 worlds spheres and jaggedness

Ooh, I like what you've got going on here!

Thanks dude


Cool three !

ya not sure how to get the image to apper

Are you using the link button? If so, just paste the url into the text editor itself and see if that works.

did do not sure why it didn't work

I also couldn't get it to work at first. What ended up working for me was to hover over the image and click the drop down arrow next to the link that pops up. It will give you an option for "shareable links" or something like that. Click it, then select the link next to blogs. Post that and it should work.


Mine sounds like it's very much along the lines of @10d22's. Currently you control two players at once who have opposite gravitational directions, but they can become disjointed along the global x-axis as well as cross each other's local y-axis. I'm thinking I'll try to incorporate puzzle elements into the game, but it might also be interesting to have some metroidvania-esque business as well. I can imagine a certain level of difficulty would emerge from having to make rapid decisions for two characters that are not locked to the same x position. Anyway, we'll see! Let the fun begin :D


I really like this idea - you can create some really nice puzzles with this :)

Looks really good! and I don't think it will be that similar to mine! Keep up the good work.

very cool idea, dude, a proper polished and released game-worthy :) i love toying with gravity, have some gravity-based designs of my own, but I don't think I ever thought about this :)


Wow, so many cool ideas so far!

This is my first Game Jam and I decided to give it try as I looked at the announcement this morning.

Here is what I have so far from couple of  hours of work this morning.

The idea is to link 2 objects in the world and mirror their location / rotation.

If the mechanic proves interesting I plan to make it a simple puzzle platformer. 

Looks really cool, looking forward to seeing more!

Heh, I'm actually a little jealous of the creativity on display here, not to mention completely mystified on how some of the stuff is being pulled off on everyone's videos lol. Great job on this so far! Definitely can't wait to see more! :)

Very cool idea.

Submitted (4 edits) (+3)

Hi friends, 

I call my friend Bruno to participate in this JAM! He is the unity code man!

I'm working in the concept and art assets.

Our game is about mirror reflecting light to beat the DarkLord here the Boss and gameplay concept

edit:  image fixed

Nice !


Thank you! Hope it turns into a game!


Enemy boss Zbrush sculpt WIP


My first character using Unreal skelleton/animation - Learning tricks in this JAM! 


First prototype running.

(1 edit) (+1)

Keeping Gameplay a secret for now but i made this model, My first non humanoid :)

Oh it looks cute :-)

(17 edits) (+1)

Just started messing around with Voxel Characters. And my Recreation from the tutorial is quite good !

And yeah, till i come up with an actual idea, what i could do with Mirrors, i will keep creating chars and enviroment and stuff:-)


That looks pretty good.

Thank you man ! :)

(3 edits)

Got a new Charakter done. Somehow still not happy with the hoe..

(2 edits)

I switched to double the amount of blocks for every character, so that i can add more details, and create non human characters, otherwise it would be difficult to create a skeletons. I also came up with a pretty good game mechanic that i will try to get working. But the basic game concept would be a horror game. 


I think that char looks really good. When i first read the post i thought you was making a pun about the hoe! lol

If you think about it. With a horror game i wanna make, it is a pun, which was unintended at the time i posted the picture :D

(1 edit)

Sooo finally got Animations working. Sometimes i hate blender... especially if u miss 1 thing and your whole animation does not work.

But here it is ! My first Idle Animation for the female Character. Guess i can add that to the male char too.

And a friend of mine joiend me onto the artworks, so i can try more gameplay mechanics !  :D

We already thought about creating random levels, when the basic mechanics work !


And heres what my friend already designed as teh 'mystical' enemy !

Especially the hoe looks ways better than my design i made earlier.

It gets especially interesting when i add particles inside of UE4, bc then this dude will look bad ass :D

This one's really nice looking! I can imagine it looking even better with effects :D

(1 edit) (+5)

Basically i made a pixel platformer where there is a mirrored version of the player on the other side, currently i only have this one prototyped level >_<

Edit: I tried to make this game in 4 colors, cause i wanted to try something like that. (Original Gameboyish color palette)

Looks really awesome!

Looking good!

Nice :)

The good old time man, the good old times !

Deleted 2 years ago


(1 edit)

Progress Update:

Just finished setting up the player movement, as well as the base for the first level (I won't mention the game-play concept, keeping it a secret). This is my first jam, as I have just started to get into game development, so hopefully I'll be able to finish it in the next 20 days.

cool , I'm not alone , it's also my first game jam :)

Me Too boyZ, lets rock dis  !

Mine too :D

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)(-1)

What is the saying, Fail fast?

Tried an endless runner but split with the movement mirrored.  didn't find the fun. :(  

Update: draft of start screen for new idea.  Still needs a few assets created and put in.  I am thinking that play will have the character touch the mirror to a fade out and quit will do some sort of step back before quitting.


Player model is looking THICC. "Ahem!" I mean looking good!

Ubuntu master race? P.s Looking good !


Yes, all Linux machines in my house.


Everyone's doing really well! I could only work on it a little today, hopefully I'll get some more done before work, but I mostly got the reflection thing working.

Running into a slight issue where if the angle's wrong on one of the mirrors it gets caught in an infinite loop and has to be exited out, I assume it's something to do with my logic where if the angle's perfectly aimed back at the source it's generating infinitely, but I'll have to look into it later. Also the last loop is short but I think that'll be an easy fix.

Looking good, I am looking forward to playing this. : ^)


Looking good so far!

(3 edits)

Progress Post 2:

So... I changed my concept up a bit, basically:

  • Now there are 2 characters (blue, and yellow), which of course, are mirrored! Their goal is to meet up and get back to being green...
  • I made a story where one green character was split into 2 different colors, by a... Color Wizard??? And so their (his) journey through levels is to get back to being whole.

I might add some special effects based on the character. Im still early in developement and i dont have time to 24/7 work on this project.  Please give me feedback on what you think, it iwll be really appreciated!! Oh, and the level will be complete once both colors combine. Character sprites are just temporary.

Click here to view image...

Edit: I added a better picture here...


The art style is nice :)

I agree, the style is really nice, simple yet striking!


Im liking the style you're going for :)

Submitted (2 edits) (-1)

I already finished the tile map renderer, the player rendering/physics engine and the main game mechanics.

Note to myself: Make better game assets.

I bet it will be really cool when its finished

Hi there, I am going for a jumping between worlds kind of idea, inspired by Dishonored 2/ Titanfall 2.

I am still looking for teammates if anyone wants to contribute.

I'd be willing to help! I have a lot of art experience, along with C# and Blueprint.

Great i created a discord server, if you want to get in touch.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I've been having too much fun working on this prototype!

  • Improved the switching mechanic
  • Added moving platforms with the ability to be switched with another actor
  • Added jump pads
  • Added switches that can  mirror two specified actors in the level - you can step on them or shoot them to active them :)

Awesome! Its like porta  with a big twist!


Thanks! :)

Nice !

One small bug, that i discovered appears when you marked the platform and teh cube, teh platform stops. Don't knwo wheteher tis is intended, but didn't sound like it should do this.


Hi DisastermanTV,

Yeah, Im still not sure how I want to handle the transition. I could freeze the platform while is "linked" or let it move. Its still not in its final form, so I will probably change it to fit the other mechanics better. Thanks for noticing :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello World!

I don't want tell what is the game about just yet, but lets say it will be 2 player game (Android, IOS, PC) ;)

And here is what I made today: 

-  Swipe mechanics

Nice work!

Thanks :D


I haven't done much yet in terms of assets but i can do this:

Interesting :D got something working in me brain box what happens in one world will effect something in the other world


Don't even have a Gamedesign or something but. I worked on a main menu^^. I know that I want to make the game in a 2D Pixelart style. I will use this menu for more little projects in Future.

Good luck to everyone and have fun on development ;)


Got my basic player controller and camera controller working it, player even slide on slopes


Nice work! Love that particle effect


I'm working on the main character model. Usually I stick to static props, but this will be the first time I actually finish a human model.

(1 edit)

Sooooo, I'm thinking I'm going to start over on a different concept. Made some decent progress but I'm just not feeling super excited about the gameplay. A month is a long time to spend on something I don't feel excited about! I'd like to come up with something really out of the box this time :3 Wish me luck!

Here's one of the puzzles from the current game.


If you are not excited then I think this is the right choice. Though I have to say, I see a lot potential with this idea, the only thing is I feel making the puzzles could be hard :p

making puzzles is hard and making them for some concepts will make you doubt the concept, unless it's outright goldmine of exploration even for the designer, kind of like Braid. but I disagree, this core idea is properly worthy of a full game&release. But yes, very heavily depends on good puzzles, the gif seems like a good maybe second or third one.

But you need to quickly introduce some other physics elements see-saws, pulleys, levers... only then the mechanics will start to properly unravel and be interesting, you have one "non-standard" gravity thing (both of the players), now you have have to add some standard gravity things that people instinctively understand, and start playing around with how those two cathegories interact (possibly in interesting ways)  ;)


I have finished movement mechanics. But my game doesn't so much focuse on mirrors as a mechanic but as a theme

Submitted (1 edit) (+5)

Mirror Game Jam (Update #1)

*Sorry for my bad english*

Hey guys! This will be my first night I have worked on the game. I waited some days to see if I could partner with someone but i didnt saw the oportunity :(  I was kinda down and almost leave the jam. But the theme was really interesting and I choosed to stay unltil I finish the game.

Whatever, the first idea i thought was the same idea that everyone thought when hearing the theme of mirrors... A puzzle game with rotating mirrors that reflect lazers. The idea was good enough in my head, but then i saw a post right here about the same idea. So back to the whiteboard.

My second idea was a 2d platformer that changes the "dimension" to have different prespectives and clear the level. But i felt that this idea had not much "mirrors"

For my third and final idea i took inspiration of Zelda Majora's Mask (my favorite game of all time). If you played it, you may remember a thief hideout in the Kafei's quest. Where you controlled Link and Kafei to clear some rooms.

Well, i took this idea, but instead of switching the players and only moving one, i decided to move both but mirrored. And the results may become some pretty neat puzzles...

Well, this is enough for this night, see ya tomorrow! 

This is so cool!



that is looking really awesome 



Came up woth teh same idea, but somehow, could not push the idea further. But yours looks quite good ! 


Me too, but I decided to try out something else xD


Yeah, this idea was something very easy and common... Thanks!

Looking really great!




Love the idea - you can come up with some nice puzzles with this :)




This is my first game jam so be gentle! Mostly as a way to stop me sitting in the prototype phase and tinkering forever. The idea is a simple 2d platformer where gravity is mirrored in areas the user draws. 

Anyway here's what I have after an afternoon of coding.

Still have a lot to go but most of the mechanics are in. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I like this idea.




Uff, this is so awesome!


This has a lot of potential


Cool idea!


This looks amazing!

Submitted (1 edit)

Wanted to learn UE4 as part of this game jam, so spent the better half of the day coming up with this. Blueprints is cool to work with. 

Have a feeling there's a lot of similar ideas being employed though, so I'm still toying around


Nice work! Keep it going!




I made a sword. Also very impressed with the ideas you guys are coming up with!


Rigged! Just have to fix the cape then its time to start animating.


Completely started again after seeing some of the other projects which were very similar to mine, so this time I have tried doing a first person horror/thriller type game (I know there are hundreds at the moment :3) however I managed to get a system working where the enemy is invisible apart from in the reflections. 

Let me know what you guys think.


That is a really good idea!

Thats very cool !


Wow, very creative! Want to see where this goes!


That looks fantastic!

(1 edit)
Are we allowed to post screw-ups?

First try at making "mirror" effect (+10 points if you know what's happened here, don't look in video description)

inverted normals?

in a way, indirectly yes


Looks like front faces are culled ?

See that bug gave me an idea for a game, now if we had the LD theme of small world, you could play as a god and each of those cubes could have a small world in them that you could interact with.

Just what i have so far, havent gotten to implement the mirror effect yet. 


Update #3!

  • New Mechanic - Mirrors! They reflect your shots by using the hit normal. Multiple mirrors will reflect off each other. Still buggy but the idea seems to work
  • Added Checkpoint and death. If you die, you respawn immediately (similar to Super Meat Boy) and keep going. No screens or time wasted
  • Added automatic switches on a timer, same idea as the other switch but this goes off on a static timer 
  • Added Stage clear mechanic with level linking and music

Are those screen space reflections? Then it's clear why the mirrors look like this - they can't reflect stuff that isn't in screen space(i.e. that which is not rendered on your screen like stuff behind you). UE4 also supports planar reflections, maybe those would be better for you


Hi Jagh,

Yeah those are SSR. I was thinking about using capture scene 2D but I didnt even remember about the Planar Reflection actor - this might be simpler to implement. Thanks for the tip!

Submitted (1 edit)


  • Add level editor
  • Add main menu
  • Create levels 1 - 11
  • Add another game mechanic
  • Improve code which generates the reflections
  • Fix some bugs

The gif below shows one of the 2 main game mechanics:

(2 edits)

  Alittle Work within the last 3 days. Still have a lot to do.


I just started working this morning after thinking about design, and I whipped up a quick textured model for the little dudes who will be assaulting you in my game:

i have imported some basic assets but i ran into lighting error :(

This bug can have multiple reasons, but most of the time it happens bc the lightmapresolution of your mesh is not big enough. You should try a resolution of 1024 or 2048.

Didnt worked, but thanks

(1 edit)


I like his beard :D


I'm trying to make a 2D puzzel game where you  use mirrors to see and interact with things on the other wall. This is my first Jam so i am very excited! Good luck to everbody!


Love this idea




Really nice idea!




Got the player character model and movement set up, along with the ability to deploy the mirror shield (which will be used to deflect evil drone lasers soon :D):

Pixeled some  basic groundtiles for the jam game. 

The game is going to be a metroid like game. with mirror tools as gameplay elements.


I have a working Main Menu and Closing Screens including an animated response to clicking play.

(3 edits) (+3)

Some of the progress of my first day making my game. Not much finished yet but I do have the "base" player model and a few others done even if it's a really simple one (I'm a really bad artist, I can't even draw a straight line with the line tool).

Trying to make it a shooter with puzzle elements based around mirrors and reflection with dynamically changing game modes (similarly to how it's done in Nier: Automata).

(The breakable mirrors in the video will most likely not make it to the finished game, I just made them for fun since it was pretty much 2 clicks away, but I might use them in some puzzle where you have to destroy mirrors or you'll get shot at with reflected lasers). There's still a lot to be done and I don't really have a lot of time outside of weekends but I'm having fun so I'll try finishing it even if I miss the deadline.

That looks awesome!

Don't have a video this time around as I'm going to bed now but I'll leave this update log here. 

Created a shield system with two different types of shield, shield can be materialized by using a defensive skill and last for a few seconds only, normally they stay on the left side of the player but they can be moved in front which also disables shooting, increases the time the shield stays active and destroys the shield at the end. The laser shield reflects all laser attacks but is weak against physical attacks and breaks easily and the physical one is the reverse of that. 

Added some little extra "animation" (example: when you switch to top down mode the weapon which is normally on the right side of the player smoothly moves to the top and becomes like a head) and added an experimental sidescroller game mode which might not make it to the finished version but I have some cool level ideas so I'll try pushing it. 

The weapon has also gotten a new attack type other than a simple laser, you can now throw it at enemies (that will come in handy against enemies that can't be damaged using lasers, however you lose your weapon until it comes back to you which takes a varying amount of time depending on the distance it traveled). 

Tomorrow I'm planning on implementing some melee hits with the weapon and starting work on the AI.


Here is my first prototype, mirrors can modify laser color and some switches require a specific color.



Not sure if I should be adding new posts or commenting, if adding a new post is wrong let me know.

Day 2 done! I've decided I like the idea enough to continue. I spent most of my time doing some pixel art for the character (I'm a programmer by trade so my art is a little sketchy and time consuming). I also fixed a few bugs  and put in a win condition (take the key to the door). I may elaborate on that if I get time come the end of the jam, but it should give me enough leeway to make some interesting puzzles. I'm still using some placeholder art (the door, the "DONE" at the end will lead to the next puzzle instead..).

My schedule is normally very patchy, fitting in with full time work, but I've been able to get more done than I expected this weekend.

Here's the progress vid!

Probably wont have another update until next week.

Update Post 3:

I've basically spent almost all this time making assets till now... I roughly work 2 hours a day on this project, still gotta maintain that social life.

Here's the rough list of things i've done;

  • Done the player movement script; this is a really simple script. One of the characters moves, for example - Right (A key), the other one - Left (still A key), this also contains basic jump mechanic, still need to tweak that though.
  • Started to make some levels; i am going for a 'World 1-1' sort of style.
  • Started to roughly sketch out the menu; level select and that sort of thing.
  • Added a little bit of personality to both characters;
    • The story is that... There once was a cube named 'Green' who lived in a gameboy colored world. But one day he was split into two 'Yellow' and 'Blue' (these colors make up green). Now he tries to get back together but everytime he tries, it fails (basically you end a level by getting back together, but instead of ending the game you go to the next level ). 'Yellow' is the optimistic part of 'Green', but 'Blue' is the pessimistic side ('Green' just doesnt give a ****). 

    Planned mechanics;

    Note; these are the mechanics yet to be added, these are just mock up images...

    Uhh i like it !

    (1 edit) (+2)

    My multiple world set up is coming along well, with some neat effects.

    I am still looking for teammates, if someone wants to participate.


    Wow, this effect looks really good!



    Now I have some little guys buzzing around, taking aim at you:

    Looking super cool there dude!


    Update 4!

    • Fixed the mirror bouncing
    • Added rotation to the mirrors
    • Added new meshes - tiles, cubes and a wall

    Awesome work!

    It's like : when you post something every1 knows there has been big improvements and a lot of new stuff implamented since the last post :D


    Haha thanks man!

    Looking great !


    Thanks to being stuck on that reflection problem there's less progress being made that I'd like, but I did recently foray into some basic UMG stuff, the buttons there actually work and you need to be selecting the light shaft to even fire the ray and it stops when another button is selected (basic radio button behavior as well. I just need to get the projectile for the fireball working, and then set up objects for those spells to hit and I can safely call the base prototype done and can move on to asset creation lol.

    And yeah, I had the ray firing back at myself on purpose to show it's been fixed lol.


    Cool to see progress! Im using the projectile component for my bounces - if you need help, let me know :)

    Thanks for the offer, I eventually got there myself with the fireball projectile I'm using. Pretty happy with the result lol

    First Movement ^^ yay.  And made a test Sprite for the Player

    Hello everyone!

    It's the end of day 4 and I'm just behind schedule, but I hit a major milestone so I thought I would share it with everyone. My game is going to be a walking simulator, where you can explore a run down, abandon house and a brighter, mirrored version of it, by traversing through mirrors in the game, finding and listening to cassette tapes left by the previous tenants, and potentially solving some puzzles in the two dimensions. Here's a snapshot of one of the mirror portals in action:

    I like how it's looking! still one bug (which if anyone can help me out with would be amazing, i can't seem to figure out how to change the direction of the players velocity when they go through the portal. not a major bug but just kind of annoying) but the visuals are what I think is really important and so I'm glad that they're looking like they are this early on. 

    I've also worked out basically the held item controls for the game, and have worked out  a way to "inspect" the held object (kind of ripped from skyrim) so that the player can read letters or find clues hidden under objects or whatnot, I'm not sure yet exactly how the mechanic will be used but I'm sure it will come in handy when building the world, so I can make letters hide messages under objects and such.

    From now on it'll be a mad dash to make all the assets I'm going to need (I have like 3 pages of detailed mesh's), writing a script for the tapes, finding voice actors, and making a the world come to life. There's a lot of work to do still, (If you want to help out, feel free to let me know, I'll take all the help I can get) , but I'm really excited! I'll post again once I've started designing levels, and once I can get some nice looking renders out there.


    "I like how it's looking! still one bug (which if anyone can help me out with would be amazing, i can't seem to figure out how to change the direction of the players velocity when they go through the portal.... "

    Im going by memory here, but if I recall correctly, you can Get Player Controller -> Set controller rotation. Then use the portal's yaw to set the controller yaw and you should be facing the right direction when you go thru the portal :)

    Thats not the problem, the person is facing the right way, but their speed is still in the same direction. I plan to rework it a little bit so that you have to be standing still anyways, but it's a strange bug!

    Not sure if that will work but try to use RotateVectorAroundAxis on the player velocity and for angle use the number you get when you compare the two Z rotations of the portals. If you are also rotating some portals in X/Y you would also have to do the same for them.

    (1 edit)

    Everyone's projects are looking so cool!

    here is  a bit of mine so far:

    I'm making a 3d first person adventure puzzle game where you reflect light through mirrors onto "receivers" to activate doors, moving platforms, etc..

    The mirror reflection mechanic is looking a bit like Kyles :/

    aweosome !

    Thanks :)

    (1 edit) (+1)

    This is my first progress report on my game.

    I am making a puzzle game where you move a ball (with WASD) and also move the surface the ball is rolling on (with the arrow keys) The mirror part factors in because the arrow key controls are mirrored (up is down, right is left, etc.). The goal is to rotate the ball and the surface to get the ball toward the exit (the translucent ball in the video)


    Cool concept!


    Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

    First status-report: Mechanics are down, now I'll have to make it not look terrible. At least there's still plenty of time.

    Submitted (5 edits)

    Some boilerplate-dwarves with interchangeable heads, also here's a flat-shaded one.
    I might be giving the theme, I'm going for away here. ;)

    Yeah, and imgur-links


    And a little scenery, including modular pillars and floor tiles.


    now with lighting


    Ok, now Im intrigued lol

    Real quick update of what i am doing 

    (3 edits) (+2)(-1)

    Progress 1.
    Hey, reading your post now I found out that my idea is not original at all, but oh well, I already started. By the way you guys are doing great stuff.

    So, my game is about defeating zombies before they touch you. By rotating the mirrors to reflect the light beam. Your attack damage increases with the amount of bounces. 

    I already have the programming part done. I still need to work with the zombies pathfinding part tho. 

    But I just started doing some art with magicavoxel, and I thought I could post some basic progress here.

    Hope you guys like :D, sorry for my english

    I love the art!

    Thanks :D



    Love the art!

    Thanks :D, Im trying... programmer art


    Thanks :D, looking forward to try your game!

    (1 edit) (+1)

    My game is going to be a simple 2d game where the player has a mirror that can deflect enemy attacks. I haven't actually started working on the mirror mechanic but I've made graphics for the player and mirror.


    I think I'am going to post my progress here aswell :D

    My first Idea was to make a story based game where you are part of an indian tribe that thinks that if you look into your own eyes through a mirror, you get traped in your own soul. Some day you accidentally look into a mirror and you get traped in your soul. There you need to fight your inner Evil so you can escape from there. Sadly that Idea is too big to do for me because I didnt got so much time this month (lot of school etc.).

    So I now made a much simpler game, inspired by the old "Asteroids" game. 

    The game concept is the same: Shoot the Asteroids. The new thing is that the lasers you shoot get deflected by the walls so you need to be careful that you dont get hit by them.

    The Movement, the shooting, the reflection and the basic asteroid movement is finished. All the art assets are not yet finished and are only prototypes.


    (3 edits) (+1)

    This little project took wayyy long then i thought (because trying to make it prefect in my head) but i'm happy with it!

    Looks amazing!

    But u mentioned it took too long, so i got a little tip for you (you can use it or not, depens on what u wanan focus on and what u want to create in terms of game mechanics), which u already at least partially got yourself.

    Keep the artwork level of items that do not have an actual function, like just standing around, low and put the time u gain into the  important artwork (game chars, enemys, items u can actually use), because changing these later on can be much more work, than just changing some assets that have no function in terms of gamemechanics.

    I will take that to heart, The more i work on the assets i find my time ticking away when i could be using else where. But at the same token i have made a lot of assets by hand so far and am way better at using Voxel because of it. :)


    Man I am not as confident as speaking as I used to be, so dont mind that, I tried to be clear and concise. Anyway, here's a proper video in case Matthew needs to use footage of my game so far.


    I like the control scheme, cant wait to see more!


    Hey Kyle. I was a part of the Mirror Game Jam. I inspired by your idea and came up with  reflecting a laser using mirrors. I am using Unity. I'm struggling with making the laser reflect and detect at the same time. I just wanted to know how you used the Raycast to achieve that.


    Finally am getting a theme going here but this guy looks so derpy 


    Awesome Tiki!


    Looks like something that could have been in crash bandicoot !

    I was just about to say exactly that haha

    Thanks guys there more of them to come


    Ive done the basic gameplay, I need to work on lvl design, and improve stuff overall :)


    Also it needs sounds effects, and music...


    This looks amazing!

    Thank you so much !

    wow... so. cool. I'm blown away!

    Really ? man Im so grateful :)


    I love the art style!

    :), and I really like your clean style


    I love the look of your game!

    thank you !

    Submitted (2 edits)

    Idea: You are a 50s-70s James Bond-ish character and you have been sent to assassinate an enemy following a line. (With maybe a bodyguard?) And you have 30 sec to place up to {An undecided} amount of mirrors with the ability to ricochet your bullet. After that time, the target follows the invisible line and you lose if he is not dead by the time he gets to the end.

    Help: Anyone have an idea for a name, I was thinking a 60ish spy movie title like 'The Vanquilizer' or something.

    (This is my first game, and jam)


    Thats a neat twist to the reflecting mirror ideas that a lot of us have. I like it a lot! I think you can make the environments progressively crazier (like using mirrors to ricochet bullets off other objects in the world, etc).

    Tbh, I wouldnt worry about the name yet - get the basic mechanics working first and a name will come! (At least thats what Im hoping because I have no name or story for my game lol)


    Thanks for all the info! I love your idea!

    James Trickshot? or any other first name with Trickhot as last one? Possibly with some other decorations around,like "James Trickshot, secret agent 036"


    Here's a video update from me, now that I have the basic game-play loop implemented:

    (Ignore the music, it's just what I had playing in the background when I recorded ^^).

    New progress update for my project is now available as well.

    "Mirror Escape" Dev log 1: first successes

    This also will be my first game made with Unreal Engine 4. I must say, using its C++ interface feels like traversing a very convoluted maze. Blueprints on the other hand are very easy to use and fast to learn. Not everything can be made with them though :(

    Also if someone wants to help me with creation of 3D assets, I will be grateful. I know how to use Blender, but i'm not an artist by any definition(just look at that hand model :) )


    just need to add in feathers and this one is done 

    Submitted (1 edit) (+4)

    Update 5

    • Decided to go for a different aesthetic - inspired by games like Superhot, Mirror's Edge, and Portal. Im going for a "sterile" environment with simplistic , meshes and a clear color scheme.
    • I also implemented pickable cubes that can now be used on the switches. You can also use the jump pads with the cubes to go from place to place :).
    • Added procedural ramp and procedural pipe (spline-based) to make level creation easy
    • Added Main Menu and Pause Menu
    • Bug fixes :/

    I WOULD LIKE TO REPORT SIR I GOT ALL MY MODELS DONE ANIMATED EVERYTHNG i dont know how tf to post an image tho but i got over 30 models

    more like 60

    wait toning ill make a video of everything


    Just finished some animations for these guys and they look quite good together in game 


    Holy thats how Aku Aku and Uka Uka from Crash Bandicoot would look like if they had legs!

    Gj mate, i love them ^^

    Thanks man didnt really think of them but i guess they do look simular

    (1 edit) (+4)

    Been really busy the last couple of days but I've made some progress, can now pick up and pull boxes and imported my character and some simple animations.


    It is looking extremely good so far :) 


    Finally fixed a problem I had for hand/arm animations

    (2 edits)

    Some particle effects, a dust ring that will appear on falling impact and fire. ooh and also sound effects but can't really share them by gif :P
    Dust Ring


    Awesome work, I really like the particles !!

    (2 edits) (+1)

    This should've been uploaded 2 days ago but I had to resolve some issues with my account. So this is my progress, so far..

    You play as a spider that can teleport by shooting lasers. Kinda inspired from the Geometry Dash spider. There are also mirrors that reflect your laser, which enables you to reach other places you normally can't. There are other types of surfaces that you can't shoot your laser on, and this is where mirrors come really handy. This is all that I have at the moment, I'm still adding more puzzle-y elements to the game and also more types of mirrors.

    Also I'm having a  hard time coming up with a name, so if you have an idea, feel free to suggest.

    The mechanics look fun! I can't wait to try it! I have no idea what to call it though :P


    Hmmm, "Salticidae"? name of the jumping spider family.

    Ooo clever name!


    Looks really fun!

    ooooh, TASTY! needs a quick pulse effect along the line on the teleport, otherwise it feels kind of weirdly dry


    Update 3

    So I had some more spare time so I managed to redo my sprites, still missing a parallax background. I'm pretty happy with the look now so I'll keep moving with this style.

    My coding time was dedicated to moving the level editing to pixel colour recognition, allowing me to design levels in photoshop, and better handling of intersections for the anti grav. Still on the mechanics to do is cutting and removing anti grav panels (looking forward to the fun math on optimised mesh triangles :)). I'm not sure yet, but I might do some basic enemies if I get time (patrol and shoot/chase within range).

    Here's the vid:

    Looking pretty good

    Its coming along nicely and looks fun!


    Wow, this looks really nice!


    Making actual progress! but the character still looks awful. And i got volumetric fog. Maybe a little bit too much.

    The fog makes it look a little bit like a horror good all the same

    I like the fog the way it is. if you aren't happy with the character model the fog will help hide small flaws.


    I finally have something to show.  This is my game so far.  I still only have placeholder graphics.  This is my endless dodger game.  You are the blue cube on the right and the left blue cube is your reflection.  You move up, down, right and left on the screen avoiding the monsters (other cubes for now) that are coming at the screen.  Your reflection will moving up and down with you but will move left when you go right and move right when you go left.  So far I have three types of monsters.  Green cubes are goblins and also have a reflection on the left of the screen.  A vampire (black cube) and does not have a reflection on the left.  A ghost (white cubes) only have a reflection and no normal form on the right.  If either you on the right or your reflection on the left get hit a monster the game is over.

    I am still trying to figure out a good spawning rate for the monsters with a nice mix of them.  I also have a few models to make in Magicalvoxel.  I am no artist but I hope to come up with something that will pass.  :)



    (1 edit)

    so... it seems I've decided to join as well, even though i've missed the first third and originally didn't want to.

    but then, yesterday night, I suddenly got an inspiration of how I would make one of my recurring nightmare dreams into a (not)game, and was like "yes, that's interesting and small, contained project, I've got to do that". and then I realized it fits the theme... so I figured, why not, let's try to jam it!

    So the game will be a recreation of a nightmare I've been having since I was 8 years old.

    ...figuring out why it fits into the topic of "Mirror" will be... kind of equal to figuring out the point/message of the game.

    So far I've got nothing specifically for it, but it's going to be low-poly, so previous night I've been playing around with/learning to make low poly stuff (related to a different game I'm prototyping), so to make this post not so boring by only having text, here's an unrelated screenshot of my low-poly experiments. Update with jam-relevant screenshots will follow next week :-D

    (for anyone curious - the glow is animated, and the way it looks in motion is how I've always imagined Octarine, the color of magic from pratchett's Discworld, this neon, eye-pulling non-light, flowing around things as part liquid, part heavy gas...)


    Cool to see more people join in! Cant wait to see your progress next week!


    So i finally could start with my project (who doesn't like being a week late? :D).

    Im going to use Unity 5  as my engine.

    So far i managed to throw together a raycast system that alows me to reflect them (using mirrors).
    This is ofc. going to be my main mechanic but this is not going to be the only thing in my game ;)

    I'll try to post daily updates from now on and HOPE that i will get a game done in the time left.

    - SadSmile


    Hi,  good to see you join!

    Posting often also helps you stay on track (it helps me anyways :P), so looking forward to your updates!


    New update!

    -New mechanic added: The Player can switch itself with another object! This functions almost like a mini time reversal mechanic where the player has 10 seconds before he is teleported back to the original location
    -Added a door with two modes: proximity or linked to a switch
    -Started the first level of the game
    -Added a Main Menu with custom music from a composer - frank88188!

    The progress on assets is going alright, just finished the first one, it took this long mostly cos I was figuring my way through Zbrush and Quixel and whatnot. Came out looking quite good imo!

    I'd like to have made it more cartoony, but I dunno enough about Quixel to make that happen. If I have time I'll try to rejigger it, but if not, I can live with this.


    looks pretty good :)

    "I'd like to have made it more cartoony, but I dunno enough about Quixel to make that happen."

    not in software but in how you do it. less detail and color variations/granules, less reliefs, more flats. would need to be drawn that way though, playing around with just effects on the finished texture might achieve the goal but i don't know how exactly to tell you, i'd have to play around with it for myself

    Oh of course, what I meant was I don't have the know-how with the program to achieve such results, and I know it can be done, it would just need some custom materials and stuff like that. I frankly also dont have the time to figure out such considering how far into the jam we are lol. I could go and completely hand paint each texture myself and make it look exactly how I want it to, but with time being a factor, and Quixel being able to knock out a result like that in about ten minutes of fiddling, I'm happy with how it is currently. A more cartoony look is just a luxury at this point lol.


    yes, sorry, should have understood or at least looked at what quixel is (btw wow, looks pretty powerful), but i was already too caught up in my own thoughts, my fault O:)


    Here's my second video update:

    I tweaked the laser projectiles to make reflections look smooth, and added a shield to the enemy drones (which will have to be disabled before being able to hurt them, in order to encourage the players to use trick shots instead of reflecting straight in front of them).

    (1 edit) seems i just can't help myself and have to play around with ALL OF THE SUFF :-D . 3d modeling, coding, then making this video (even though what i recorded doing isn't worth making video about, let alone one trying to be as flashy as this)... i can do none of it really well because i get bored trying to focus on one of it for too long, but HELL YEAH IT WAS SO MUCH FUN, all of it! <3


    i hope you all had a wonderful day :)

    WHAT IS IT!?!?! Is It a dog, cat, fox, or PLANE!!! but no really i have no idea what this is i was just trying to make a dog........ Life is strange

    looks like a crocoduckdile


    Hey everyone! Check out the mini spotlight video where I show some of the projects you have all been working on. I also announce the prize for the jam as we have a sponsor!! I hope you enjoy the video :) 


    Saw the video earlier this morning - really cool to see everyone's progress so far! And the reward makes it even better! Looking forward to next week's spotlight :)

    Great video, it's been a huge motivation boost! It's also amazing how you guys came up with those great looking games that all look and feel unique!

    Here's my take on the subject. It's my first time making a game (so it's my first jam as well), so I'm still in a very early stage, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up and finish it on time.

    Progress made:

    -I have improved effects, as to more clearly distinguish the mirror world from the normal one.

        -Including a distortion Image effect.

    -Developed a flexible state based ai that is comfortable handling the two worlds set up.

    As an example, you can see what will be a guard in the finished game. The guard is patrolling, when he sees the player he enters into a chase. After the player changed into the mirror world the guard changed back to the patrol behavior.

    Coming soon:

    -Lose condition / Player Death

    - A monster that will haunt you in the mirror world

    - AI tells , for exmple a vision bar over the guard. 




    Submitted (1 edit)

    Hey everyone!

    Here's a little update video :D
    BTW: My channels army is only ~1.500 people strong but i hope that i can pull in some new viewers for Matthew. ;)


    Cool mechanic! We've seen the players shooting laser towards static mirrors but this flips it around by having the player move the mirrors. Looking forward to your updates!


    I suggest lowering the sensitivity to allow for more controlled and persise movement.

    (2 edits)

    I still got a lot to do. This is my first game jam so there are many things I'll do better next time.

    Also sorry about the audio :P

    And yes my computer specs are from 2003


    Mirror Game Jame - Status Update #2.  I have a working main menu and closing screen.  I have my mirror working (with items that only appear on one side or the other), basic object interactivity.  To Do -> audio, a few more animations, actual level(s), & polish.  

    Hahaha, are the torches from one of Matthews MagicaVoxel tutorials? Love it :P


    inspired by, but done in blender.  


    Was initially excited on doing a top down puzzler

    However UE4 isn't really the easiest at making grid-like puzzles (or maybe its just my inability) and after cracking my head on making a pushable block with gravity and collision, I gave up :P

    Pivoted to doing a FPS instead as I was totally new to animation and 3D art. Anything with physics and inexact puzzles were going to be easier to implement in UE4. Also totally inspired by @coquigames!

    The gimmick is using the light gun to zip around at light speed but at a limited range, and how that ties in with the theme is that mirrors increase your range further.  Still very early stage though, and 2 weeks feels like a really short time!

    Also learnt to use Geforce experience and Shadowplay to capture video footage, and it is really cool!


    I like both ideas! Though the FPS one is definitely easier to implement :). Looking forward to more updates!

    Submitted (1 edit)

    Took some liberties with the idea of mirror. In Fireworks Maestro you create your own fireworks show where the fireworks mirror the beat of the music. It's also in VR since I've been wanting to do a VR jam game.

    Hi Guys!

    Sorry about , I did not have any English video, but you can see my upgrade here.

    Im showing how the "laser" and mirrors works, and how I limited my "ray" in distance and number of reflexions.

    Oh, a Brazilian here =DDD

    Im not sure if this is good or not :D


    Tried some new mechanic, the character can project a hologram of itself into a mirror. If the projection is no more visible from the character point of view, it disappears. Had to work for the first time with animations, that explains the weird walking cycle :D

    Genius! There are so many cool possibilities!

    oh, this is nice!


    Day 2 Update.

     - Added new Movement Mode
     - Controlling the laser is a lot easier

     - Interactable proximity is now correctly calculated

    - The game freaks out if the player jumps and tries to grab a mirror
    - Movement still feels kinda awkward


    For my week 2 update, I got all the gameplay elements I want completed, including sounds and music.

    Here's me playing through what will be the final level of the game:

    The only things left are a level progression, story and UI.

    It looks fun! can't wait to play it! :D


    First update video showing 3 of the puzzles in the tutorial level

    Still need to work on the pushing animations and add more animations as well as sound and more levels. 


    looks really nice.  One question, why can't the blue guy get on the movable platform and just be pushed with the platform across the pits?


    The movement of the platform does not transfer to the player

    Nice! You got very fun looking puzzles with a simple to understand mechanic. Can't wait to try!


    Very nice!

    First post and first look at unnamed mirror game

    it's a sheep!

    Submitted (1 edit)

    Here I am, once again
    feeling lost but now and then
    I breath it in to let it go...

    MAJOR UPDATES:  - Switches "work",  Tried out puzzle mechanic

    MINOR UPDATES:  - Mirrors now snap to the surface after you let them go.

    KNOWN BUGS: - The game freaks out if the player jumps and tries to grab a mirror - Movement still feels kinda awkward - Falling from the stage breaks the game

    PERSONAL NITPICKS: - Switch system feels awkward to work with.


    Found a pretty interesting game bug in my game that i thought i would share.

    If happens when you jump with one character and quickly swap to the other so the character in the air gets the opposite characters jump speed  

    How do you handle character movement?


    A script that is attached to the main camera enables handles movement depending on the active player

    (1 edit)

    have you looked into spawning two players that handle their own movement separately and the camera just switches the possessed player (using the possess node: hopefully I was helpful :D


    I found a easier way to fix the bug. Al i had to do was set the verticalVelocity = 0; when u swap characters

    Lol that works too and is much easier :P


    I had a similar issue a while back when I was switching between 3 characters. Basically the issue is that the movement mode for the Character class is static, so its shared between all characters on the level.  So as you switch characters, the new movement mode is propagated to all children of the Character class (see the floating below).

    The only "real" fix would be to modify the character class itself. I ended up restricting the switch to when the character is standing (Movement Mode Walking). Does your solution fix the issues on the vid?


    Yeah u can no longer give one characters jump speed to the other

    Real simple fix 

    If you go to you character movement and look for update physics with no controller and set that to true it will stop that


    Lol, i have the same problem


    This is what I have so far just the player breathing animation -_-' 

    game board testing the shape...

    map loading with vegetation


    today logged on to my project to find that I must have changed something and the whole main mechanic is broken馃槬

    I feel your pain. Hope you managed to fix it!


    I fixed it am now in the final stages of polishing! Yay!

    adding new models - none of this is bought in (created in a custom written low poly modeller), even the engine is custom written, so no Unity, Unreal etc...

    (1 edit)

    correct me if I misunderstood, but are you saying you wrote your own 3d engine?

    Ps: I love the art! kinda reminds me a bit of osrc

    Yep. wrote the 3d engine the shaders the 3d toddler too... plus some other editors along the way.

    Teach me your ways new senpie 0.o


    Very impressive! How long did it take you to make your own engine? Are you using any libraries at all?

    only openGL. SDL is being used by the language, but all of that is hidden.

    The engine took about a week to get running, but I did have all the work from the 3d editor which took months of tinkering and learning


    Wow! I feel like all that experience would translate into better using / modifying other engines if that time comes (like better understanding rendering techniques etc so you can modify UE4's source to your liking). Keep up the good work!

    maybe in the long term that might be something I look into. But Unreal/Unity are big code bases to find my way around. I've tried Unity, but didn't like the editor ;/


    Update #7

    • Added a save / load system that keeps track of all the levels completed and allows you to select your levels from a list
    • Added 2 new hazard mechanics
    • Added tutorial messages to give the Player hints
    • Worked on level 1 (almost done) and started level 2
    (2 edits)

    I swear you used some sort of black magic to make this so fast!

    Submitted (1 edit)

    I wish I was using black magic tbh - its taking a lot longer than expected to make these levels lol

    Well your game definitely looks the most polished so far :D


    Thanks :). I just hope its actually fun to play when I'm done!

    I restarted from scratch because of that very reason :P (not actually being fun)


    Update Number 4.

    Fixed some bugs and made the game feel nice(r).


    I find this extremely impressive, and not just because (as I'll post a video about later tonight) I've been banging my head against the wall for three days trying to get my laser to work in reflecting like that, and stopping when it hits something nonreflective. ;-)

    Seriously, that already looks very fun to play.


    Hi Fobok,

    A lot of us are doing some kind of mirror reflection mechanic in our games - if you are struggling post a vid of your issue and we will try to help you :)


    Good idea, thanks! I mentioned it in my update video but didn't go into too much detail. I'll post something in a bit. 


    Update #2 

    Having a weird bug with lasers, where the debug lines render correctly but the particle systems of the laser beam do not render correctly at the start but once it hits an object then everything is fine. Still need to fix this as well as refraction in glass.

    Other additions include weight and light switches and having a tractor beam functionality. Wish I could work on this more but work is getting in the way...

    still unnamed, but here is a shot of card designs

    You can see haw the cards are made up from a 32x32pixel font then coloured and layered in the map editor. this is all 2d stuff, but hoping to merge everything together


    thanks, I thought I'de post a pic with the dev tools as well. I've now got 3 card types with 7 actions. Working on getting the deck sorted and then fitting it all together...

    Everytime I'm more and more impressed and intrigued how its played.

    Currently the actual play is still in my head. but it's a sort of card game:

    You get a card and it will allow you to do certain things. these will be mirrored if possible.

    The aim is to get from one side of the board to the other (i think)

    Can't wait to play the finshed version


    i decided not to post gameplay cuz i dont wanna spoil it


    Finally finished the first Level! But the character still looks garbage.

    Nice! I like the mysterious, dream-like, setting with all the Norse letters. Also your character looks better then mine ever will :P


    Those are Celtic Runes. I looked up the meaning of them and chose all that have something to do with beginning or challenge. It is the one thing that added the most asthetically to the level and took the least amount of time since they literally took only 10 minutes to implement.

    Nice! I like how you did your research. And it is usally the small things that can make it look just that much better!

    working out the correct mouse locations needed for 3d hit tests:


    Update 4:

    So I smoothed out some bugs, added death and respawn tracking,  finished off the sprites and tiles for the first level. Here's a rough outline of what I'm going for.

    Everyone's posting such cool stuff! I'll have to check these pages out more often.


    Heres my day 5 update.

    Sorry, no video today :(

    loving the look of this

    Submitted (1 edit)

    Me too!


    Alright, here's my first report! Sorry for rambling and the moment of silence at the beginning. 


    And I just realized I forgot to mention I got a pause menu and main menu working. No options menu or save game, but those are bonuses if I can get the rest of the game working. 


    You could make the mirrors less choppy by using cameras

    This tutorial tell how to do it, but it is in spanish, just follow it and you would see...


    Oh, that's very cool. Thank you!

    progress. the map now has full mouse over aware positions. So the correct position shows where you are pointing (the red map cell). Also the mirrored selection is shown as a cyan outline

    models have been tweaked. there is now

    - a rock (can't pass)

    - grass (miss one turn)

    - fence (blocks 2 exits

    - tree (blocks one exit)

    And another dev shot - this time of the font editor.

    A font is a single bitmap divided into 16x16. but you can work on larger than one 'character' at a time. there is support for transparency and animation plus simple movement and rotation.

    Sweet damn thank god that detailing is done... and there's still much too much to go... I'm not sure I can finish my game at the rate I'm going lol.


    that looks great. But I imagine it takes a lot of time to make something like that. I do something different. I make only rough models right now and add the details later when I have finished everything. That way if I don't have enough time at the end some models don't have details but it doesn't matter as much.

    Yeah that'll probably be my goal moving forward lol. Thanks!


    Update 8:

    -Interactive music - a 3 layer track randomly fades out 1 random track every 20 seconds allowing for a random (yet cohesive) track that is never the exact same!

    (1 edit)

    Some of the mechanics are actually implemented now such as the mirror and a simple projectile.

    Starting over in the last 2 days of a Jam is always a good idea. (That was sarcasm)


    I'll be posting this video in another post outside this thread as well, but, as suggested to me by coquigames above: My request for help!


    Not sure what is happening, but I think the i counter in the for loop might be altered halfway (reduced?) resulting in the for loop not ending as it should. You might want to print out i to debug? Also its not clear how the program flow for the mirror effect via the break statement is working. Perhaps you want to post some of the code used?


    Thanks! I posted in another thread with a link to my GitHub with the code, and adroitconceptions was able to help me solve the problem. (The logic of the loop was completely messed up.) There was a lot of extra stuff in there - manipulating the positioncount and so on - that was absolutely unnecessary. 


    Update #2

    Here is a video of my progress in the jam so far, right now it's very short but i aim to make at least 10 levels in total for the game.  I wish all of you guys luck making your awesome games!


    Wow! Very cool mechanic!



    Submitted character concept kinda ended up looking like the character from Journey...

    Well...back to the drawing board.


    Here's a short update video with my week 3 progress:

    I've got more level design work done, but I'll keep it until the release. Hope I'll be able to wrap up this weekend :D


    Here's update #3 - implemented my first blender model - a ray gun. Spent way too much time figuring out how to make the charge-up animation work and the cooldown serves as a balancing against constant zooming/tractor beam abuse. Also showing off the object pickup system and zooming out into third person view. 

    The physics is still a little kooky but its a lot of fun figuring out how things interact for the puzzles (and what breaks the game).

    So much to do, so little time!


    Hi everyone,

    Hoping someone can help me or at least give me some ideas on this issue I recently found - I'm using a standard physics handle to grab and drop a cube in my game. Everything works fine as long as I open my level directly in the editor. However, if I load my level from my main menu using Open Level, the cube doesn't move :(.

    This is basically stopping me on my tracks - I would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to look at the vid and see if you've seen this before.



    Can you try something like this in your game level?

    (from https://answers.unrealengine.c...)


    Mircea you are a life saver!! Setting simulate physics after the level loads fixed the issue for me :). Thanks a lot for the help!


    Maybe update the physics handle location regardless of whether carrying object? Seems to be an issue related to level loading though so maybe its the default values? Maybe you want to reset the variables to zero in construction mode?


    I am getting closer to the feel I want.. Just need to finish some level layout and do final lighting and I should have something ready.


    Another report, with good progress! At least, for me. Including my first ever full Blender model!


    Here is the result of my first few hours of work. (I'm afraid I'll only really have this weekend to work on it but wanted to see what I could do anyway.)

    You play as a vampire who has no reflection but is able to switch at will between reality and the reflected world. Through stealth platforming and puzzle solving using the dual-world mechanic you must satisfy your blood lust. Some objects, like yourself, have no reflection whilst other exist only in the reflected world. At this stage I've put together this basic mechanic along with some initial pixel art work.


    Starting to come together now. Along with a potential victim for the vampire, too busy admiring her own reflection to do anything about the peril she's in (or perhaps that's just a bad excuse for having not written any AI code yet...), the controls have been improved and crates can now be either pushed around or picked up and moved.

    Some of the puzzle aspects now come into play. If you want to balance 3 crates on top of each other but 2 of them only exist in either the real world or the reflected world then you have to make sure the crate that exists in both worlds is in the center as the other 2 would simply pass through each other.

    Other puzzles may involve jumping from a surface that only exists in one world, switching worlds in mid air, and then landing on a surface that only exists in the other world.

    Looking forward to doing some more tomorrow!


    I'm running out of time for this game jam but I've got enough features in place now that I've started constructing a playable level. New features include a cool effect when changing between worlds, sound effects, tweaked controls and collisions, highlighting objects that only exist in one world by rendering them with a special shader in the other world, and a light-based stealth system with lights that can also exist in both worlds or just one.

    Wow, its already looking so good! Have you considered having the AI just run in the direction opposite of the player (no jumping or anything) ?


    Thanks! My current plan is actually along the lines of the player being quite fragile - the AI will be equipped with crucifixes, holy water, stakes, etc. and if you get close to them with them aware of your presence they'll charge at and attack you (one-hit kill), forcing you to rely on stealth. At the very end of the video you can see I dropped down in the reflected world because there was no light on that side, allowing me to get right up to the target before switching back to feed / win the level.

    That's a lot more intersting :P


    This is the current state of my game.

    The two prototypes have been merged, and 3 levels are done.

    Still have to work on some changes for music, props, and bugs !

    Oh my gawd! I love it!


    Thanks ! Glad to hear someone likes it =)


    Very cool!

    Submitted (2 edits)

    Final devlog. Looking forward to helpful feedback.  Two endings.

    Sorry about all the 'hmmms'.  


    Well, the time I have for this game jam has more or less drawn to a close. It certainly isn't finished but I'm pretty happy with how this project has turned out, especially considering how quickly it has come together and how out of practice I am, so I could see myself continuing work on this when I get a chance. I've finished the design for the level, added a final layer of polish, a basic set of tutorial messages that appear at appropriate moments, and the ability to "interact" with your victim. Not every feature I'd wanted but a fully playable level none the less.

    It's been a lot of fun working on such an interesting theme and keeping up with the excellent progress everyone has been making, so thank you to everyone! :)

    (1 edit)

    This is my new game! (I scrapped the old one because it was very boring)

    This game, which I'm naming "Flip side", contains the 'flipping' mechanic which I am extremely proud of :D

    The center-piece mechanic allows the player to 'flip' to the reverse side of designated platforms, the players view and gravity are reversed as well. Cubes can be picked up and placed on buttons to activate them, silver cubes can be 'flipped' alongside the player while gold cubes cannot. Buttons can activate moving platforms. And there are unstable platforms that fall (which I forgot to demo).

    I spared your ears this time, there is no sound :P

    Hopefully I can finish it in time. Please tell me what you think :)


    Awesome! Cant wait to try it out!

    Thanks! I'm trying to polish it up as fast as I can.


    Interesting mechanic ! I hope you make it in time.


    Another update! A playable tutorial level and sound effects (well, just one) and music!

    This is getting tight for time...

    Here's a different shot, one from the models being created. in this case the barn...

    Still not got an end mode, but getting there...


    This is how my game currently looks! I'm afraid that I maybe won't have time to finish it, but I really hope so! This is my first game jam ever so my time management skills are not that good XD.

    (1 edit) (+1)

    same here >.<

    I wasted so much time and even scrapped a half complete project


    Well, I think that I took on a challenge that was too big for me. I tried to learn SO many new things about making games while I was still in school and when I finally got to the summer break, there were only a few days left on the Game Jam. I think that I'll post the very small and incredibly buggy game that I managed to make but I had planned something mutch bigger.

    (1 edit)

    I really don't know where to post this but I guess this is an update to my project.

    Its... cancelled... ... ... pretty sad I know.

    I just can't manage my time with school and this game. I also felt a bit uninterested. I just don't feel like I'm making it. It feels like some sort of homework/chore and I don't want to continue making something I'm not happy with anymore. Well I do have another idea in mind which is super simplistic compared to the previous one but I only got 4 days left, its weekdays, and the maximum time I can use the computer daily is around 2-4 hours? (if I don't have homework and go home super early maybe 5).

    So yeah, if you expected something from me, well it's not gonna get out anymore. I'm really sorry. Anyways, I learned A LOT of things from this game jam. I learned that time management is a very important skill to finish a successful game and that you have to posses an  extreme amount of patience, creativity and determination.

    (1 edit)

    Aww :( your game looked so cool. I understand it turning into a chore, I scrapped my old game because it was boring. And I also understand terrible time management and also (for me atleast) an unclear vision.

    Does your game have a menu? You could release an unfinished version.

    Your work was both creative and interesting, best of luck to your schooling!

    It's super unfinished I tell you. Since the preview I haven't done much changes into it. I'm not sure if I'll upload an unfinished build of it since its just composed of one test level (ehem the exact same level you see on the preview) but if you/some of you would be interested maybe I'll try.

    (1 edit)

    Didnt see your reply until now (sorry) :C

    What you could do is:

    1. Post just one long level and that would cut off so much work.

    2. (if gameplay is feeling like a boring walking simulator) you could make "keys" that when touched deletes itself and adds 1 to a keys counter; so when the spiders linecast hits a "door" the player can click and delete it which removes 1 from the key counter, that would make levels not a strait path and I highly recommend it. :D

    Extremely sorry for the late reply :C


    LeCluck straight into battle ChickenRoyale:

    2 sheep remaining, 2 sheep already cooked!


    LOL, yep...

    Shawn makes it... 1 cluck left with 2 roast casualties

    Oh my gawd! this is hilarious XD

    Now working on initial AI for LeClucks... This is hard stuff now :/

    and finally something thats moves...

    Nice! You just inspired me to experiment making a turn based game prototype after the jam :D

    Aliens invade the planet! With their superior laser weapons it should be easy to enslave humanity, is it? ... Not if they fight against mirrors!

    Hi fellow game makers!
    I'm working on a little game where you can reflect laser shots back to the attacker.
    Some other participants had the same idea, but I didn't want to change it. I use the game jam as a reason to build a little game engine by myself to learn more about the inside mechanics. I use the LWJGL to get access to OpenGL from Java. Also, I started to learn Blender and made the terrain, the helicopter and the lighthouse with it.

    Until now I added the following:

    • OBJ file loader
    • phong shading
    • specular maps
    • shadow mapping (soft shadows)
    • collision detection (including the laser reflection implementation)
    • 2D mouse coords to 3D ray

    Unfortunately, I will not finish the game until the deadline, but I learned a lot!

    I like the minimalist art-style! And you have the right mind-set, learning is the point of this game jam :D

    yep. nice a clean looking :)


    Had to take a while off the project, but hopefully I can get enough together to submit it in time.

    Recently added random item spawning and objectives for the player.

    Ai more or less working - not a simple task!

    working on some more polish and other stuff to add some more fun to things...

    Also trying to deal with title screens:

    Hand drawn with imported 3d images.

    Name for the game looks like it's gonna be "Miralon"

    (1 edit)

    The title screen is looking good, the pumpkins are looking kind of out of place though (probably the lack of outlines on them)

    I can sort that ;)

    Main screen now sorta finished

    You can new see the pumpkins on the board. These are static enemies, so don't land on them!

    I've always known pumpkins were evil!!!


    Final push! Have 2 more nights to work on this as I have to submit it by tomorrow evening.

    Good luck everyone!

    Level 3 preview:


    I really like this concept, it has so much possibilities !

    Good luck for the last days


    Thanks Poknh! I'm just glad I got to finish it lol. I really like your game concept as well - cant wait to try it out :)


    Not doing a video this time, but level 2 completed (except for some final tweaks for presentation)! It's definitely more challenging... I made the solution but even I get turned around and have trouble solving it. Aggravated by the fact that there's no way for the player to see where the laser's going beyond how far they can run in five seconds. Not sure how to fix that without losing the lose condition. Not sure how to fix it, let alone if I have time.


    Finally finished! Well, even tough i didnt have the time or energy to create the last level i'm quite happy with what i've done during this month. I hope you guys are going to like my game and i look forward to trying all of your amazing games!


    Congrats on completing the game jam!  I really like the mirror mechanic in your game. Can't wait to try it out :) 




    Just finished !

    This is my first jam and i'm really glad i could make it. I learned a lot of things, especially on UE4 since i switched to it recently. Now is the time to relax and play all other games you made =)


    Great job getting your game completed! I love your character haha. 

    Submitted (1 edit)

    Aaand with a less boring name, my submission is complete too:

    I would appreciate your comments and feedback, this has been a terribly fun and educative experience and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

    EDIT: If you find any game-breaking bugs or the packaging does not work for you, I'll try to fix anything up in the time remaining, so don't hesitate to speak up :D


    Great job on getting your game completed :) Can't wait to try it out!!


    2 days remaining. I have 4 levels. To Do list: make 5 additional levels.


    You can do it!

    (3 edits)

    I haven't made any levels yet!!! :C

    Also my menus look bland and ugly af :P

    Only have half the sounds (and music).

    And I havent made some meshes and some meshes are being shared :(

    But I must tredge on to complete my first game! (besides Pong in Unity ;P)

    I guess I'm getting a small taste of what "crunching" is like ;P

    Glad some people have already finshed their games, and to those who haven't: whomever you are, I believe in you! You can finish this! We can do this together!

    (1 edit)

    Getting tight. no sound. menu design in progress:

    Looks like there are going to be 6 maps to play with as well... Yay!


    Finally got it done! You can check out the game here -

    At the end, I had to cut down from my original plan of having 10 levels to just 4 :/. I also ended up making the levels easier as I got comments on the difficulty of level 2. All in all, it was a great experience and I cant wait to try out the other games.

    Please check out my game and let me know what you think :).


    Final few hours trying to get the bugs out. I'm not going to get it finished, but I will just have to submit what I have managed to get done.


    I couldn't resist and found some more time today so I have another update.

    I have added a main menu with level selection, level flow (so completing level 1 automatically loads level 2), sorted out scene management to handle asynchronously loading levels, added animated light sources, improved performance and visuals by actually carrying out rendering at the correct resolution for the pixel art rather than the native resolution of the monitor, and started work on a second level where water is used in place of the mirror as the reflected world you can jump in and out of.

    I hope to flesh out the 2nd level a little more tomorrow, still in time for the end of the jam, but am very happy with the advances made today. It is feeling like a "real" game now.


    I was hoping to add a fourth level, which would have built on the new obstacle introduced in level 3, but my arm's killing me from all the work I've done on level 2 and 3 in recent days, but hopefully, the three levels I have submitted are fun!


    Made 3 levels, that was exhausting! If anyone wants to playtest this alpha build with no BGM and broken menu system you can check out

    In the meantime I'll be spending the last day polishing this up, hopefully squeezing in a final level if I have the time.

    ...any advice on how to find two 5 second sounds in a 40 minute video without having to re-watch it whole? :-D

    (write down the timestamps the first time you find them, yes, i know, too late for that now)

    ...apparently the answer is "use the force", in other words, pure luck. found it :-D


    Finally I've finished, and I'm also finished. LOL

    There are probably bugs and stray sheep. Sound has been included but not what I really wanted as the code just wasn't finished properly - No Libraries to help me, all custom written ;/

    All and any suggestions welcome and I'll even tell you about the code if anyone want's to know...

    Phew - I'm off for a lie down in a darkened room now....


    ...some people are finished.

    ...some people have 4 days left to do 60% of the project that's about 10%-20% of the size of others' projects in here anyway...

    man, i hate bipolar disorder.

    also, pretty good artstyle, looks like those whacky cartoony high-production-value flash games from around 2006-2012
    (going by the menu screen at least, can't distract myself by playing stuff right now)


    Great work Adam!! Can't wait to play it :)


    I finished my entry Miflected some days ago. Miflected is a puzzle game about mirrors you can play in your browser. You can play 20 different levels or create your own in the level editor.


    Great job!! :)


    Finally finished! Play Reflector here I'll hopefully make a video about it tomorrow.  For now I'm going to go drop into bed as it's 2:30 AM haha. 

    Great work to everyone who joined in the jam. I'm so happy that we have over 30 entries! Can't wait to play your games :) 


    That looks pretty cool!


    Finally,  I finished '2 Ballz'.  Hopefully you guy's like it.

    Check out game -



    i'm pretty much finished with my game but for some reason i can not submit it. It just tells me that it either has to be an .exe file or  a web build but i put everything i need into a .zip file.

    Can someoen please help me out? (I'm pretty new to Itch)

    Submitted (1 edit) (+1)


    So after i managed to reslove my problem with Itch i can proudly announce my game for the #mirrorgamejam


    Please check it out and please give feedback! (That's the most important thing to me!)


    Game Page:

    Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

    Finally, its done! Didn't manage to squeeze that final level in as there was so much to polish in terms of menus, audio and lighting. Now off to bed... Its windows for now, but I'll try building mac and linux versions tomorrow. 

    EDIT: Having packaging issues with linux, think I added something - "packaging a code based project for the current platform is not supported".  With mac I am encountering issues as well (think its some missing RHI Rendercore dependency), so i guess there's probably not going to be a mac/linux build soon..

    Can't wait to play all your entries! Here's mine: Rating  Game Page


    Finally I did it, submitted but really unhappy that i had to cut a lot of stuff just to get it submitted in time. 

    Hopefully i will be able to update it in time before the end of the jam. Blitz - Game Page


    Ok, I'm done for now. I may well pick this up again later because I really like how its come together but, for the purposes of the jam, I'm finished. Didn't get through everything I would have liked to but I probably did get through a lot more than I expected for what was approximately 3-4 days work. I've had an absolute blast with this and I think learned some important things about how I work best which should aid me for future projects.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, even if it is short, and congratulations to everyone else who managed to get some really great looking entries together.

    My game is taking so long to package! :C

    I hope I can make it :/

    (1 edit)

    Why did ue4 not want to cooperate? :,C

    ...wait, what? wasn't the deadline until 28th?

    oh well, another thing i missed/failed at because i was too stupid. I chose the name Merror well :-D

    good luck and congratulations to everyone who succeeded. May the win be just a bonus to that :)


    Here's a short gameplay video for my game! Be sure to check it out!