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wow amazing absolutly wonderful gameplay visuals and all the other jazz


its k fun game

i cant figure out the controlls XD

oh oops XD this comment ended up in my notifications i thought it was my game u wanna make a vid for XD sry and wow this thing was commented a while ago XD glitchy

defenently the hardest thing to make i kept trying to make em better but i didnt have enough time XD

thx the controlls i had a lot of trouble making

of course pls link me the vid though XD ill watch it

you can give me credit if you want but its your choice

thx i feel what u mean i realy wanted to make a 3D game that is diferent from all the others i feel alot of this game jams games are a bit simular and my main focus was scenary i wanted to make a visually beautiful game but i will defenentally do a smaller scale project on my next game jam

ok XD I didn't know so many people use Linux 

wow thanks I'm happy you enjoyed it if you haven't please vote for it :)

sry I'll change it 


this answered my question i had thx

i want to use their water because its extremly hard to make and we have a verry short time till this game jam is over

i decided not to post gameplay cuz i dont wanna spoil it

wait toning ill make a video of everything

I WOULD LIKE TO REPORT SIR I GOT ALL MY MODELS DONE ANIMATED EVERYTHNG i dont know how tf to post an image tho but i got over 30 models

more like 60

wtf doods

i would upload a pic but i cant :(