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Bryce The Badger is a game made by a dood named Caleb Stransky and is my entry to the mirror game jam
Submitted by blazeminer4 — 2 days, 1 hour before the deadline

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I think this game is really good considering it is a game jam. The game showed many intricate things you added like how the character's fall slows down as it was hitting the ground. This game really has the potential.

Though one thing that I don't like about it is the controls. I don't want to say its awful but its definitely in the bad side, nonetheless it was a fun game though a bit short.

Good luck mate


thx the controlls i had a lot of trouble making


defenently the hardest thing to make i kept trying to make em better but i didnt have enough time XD

The potential is there, it really is, I see you want to make a 3D platformer kind of thing, similar to crash bandicoot as someone mentioned below.

But, I dont think a 3D platformer fits for these kind of jams. The scope is just, too large.

First of all, the minimap was pretty useless, you never used it since you saw more with your eyes than what you could see in the minimap. And the jumping feels very floaty, it doesnt feel like you're an actual creature in an actual world. Animation is a huge part of this and need overall improvement. Unique character designs with good animations is key to a 3D platformer, with obviously smooth movement.

Bullets doesnt seem to be affected by gravity, which is another reason why this doesn't feel like an actual world. They just.. fly in air.

I also encountered a bug where you cant go uphills, you can only go downhills which was very frustrating.

For your next project:

Make sure that your scope is smaller, this is way too big for this kind of jam and need many months on constant working on before it can get released. And make sure that the gameplay is good, if the gameplay isnt good, then the overall game wont be very good. Also keep the level design simple. You need to practise on polishing a game, polish polish and more polish!

an overall 1.8/5 experience.


thx i feel what u mean i realy wanted to make a 3D game that is diferent from all the others i feel alot of this game jams games are a bit simular and my main focus was scenary i wanted to make a visually beautiful game but i will defenentally do a smaller scale project on my next game jam


It reminds me of Crash Bandicoot. I don't know why, but i really like this game. I can see all the effort you put into making this game and i really like the design and the feel of open world :)


wow thanks I'm happy you enjoyed it if you haven't please vote for it :)


Game file is incorrectly labeled and only has a windows executable in it.


sry I'll change it 


I've got it to run through Wine on Linux, but it's really sluggish that way. Multiplatform export shouldn't be all that much of a problem with Unity, tho.


ok XD I didn't know so many people use Linux