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Good luck everybody :D

The music is very good, but i am not really sure what i am supposed to do...

Damn, you have uploaded it pretty late. There are a few people who have already voted negative your project since the actual game was missing... From a complete beginner standpoint it's a good start, it lacks a bit of polish, but congrats if you truly managed to make all the models, scripts and music :)

The holes are pretty weird. You can die by staying next to them. 

Looks sick. gj! 

Yep it is crashing after 1 sec. It's a shame that i can't play this game, the graphics do look extremely good. Sadly I don't think it's fair to rate a game that i didn't play... But good job on modelling anyway. Also I didn't know you can create games in Blender O_o

Finally  got the chance to play this game. I like the concept, the mechanics, the graphics and the music. Too bad that you can't use your keyboard... I feel like that is the reason so many people didn't rate this game. Next time try to also include an option for keyboard  + linux/mac downloads! Good game anyway.

The game is pretty laggy sometimes and very spooky. It's nice to see horror games in this jam :)

The game is well made and looks amazing. Nice job!

Awesome game :D

I like the atmosphere, this game feels so epic!

Yeah, you are absolutely right about that. I should have asked a friend to play test it before uploading it :)

There is still no game to be played at the moment. No download button and no game in browser.

lol I liked the ending :D

To be honest I thought that the game was too easy :D
And thanks for playing my game!

Can somebody help me, I get  this error when i try to run the .exe file:

"Fatal error!

Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x0011aa6c


Finished the game. Interesting and really well made, congratulations :)

Nice voice acting, music, graphics, design and gameplay. Also the combat was designed around the mirror theme.
I have nothing bad to say about this game :)

I also had the same problems with jumping as adroitconceptions said.

The ideea of the game, the graphics and the music are pretty good tho.

It reminds me of Crash Bandicoot. I don't know why, but i really like this game. I can see all the effort you put into making this game and i really like the design and the feel of open world :)

You nailed the theme :)
I like the graphics and the atmosphere

Really good game gj :D
I hope you will at least appear in the spotlight video

Here is the walkthrough for all the levels.

I like this game. i would have liked it more if the dog had a walking animation and if there were music. The mechanics and graphics are good :)

Also pro tip: Double jumping makes your hit collision smaller

Thanks :)

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Yes the hitboxes are not 100% accurate. I wanted the game to be more challenging. You are also right about the platforms...
Thanks anyway for the comment and thank you for playing my game  :D

Yes the level 2 is a bit harder, but not imposible at all.
Double jumping is your best friend when dealing with these bats :)
Also here is the walkthrough for level 2:  

Sorry about that. I added a WebGL version right now.

Yep it is working now and it is a pretty good game. I like the fact that it becomes harder to stay alive after you pass 100 points, .
Also nice UI and great mechanics 

Hello Prime04.I got this error when i tried to play the game "There should be 'Darkness End (2)_Data' folder next to the executable".
As the error says, you included the .exe file but didn't include the folder that comes with the executable. Please make sure to fix this so we can try your game :)

It is looking extremely good so far :)