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A Question Assets usage

A topic by Jondob created Jun 19, 2017 Views: 306 Replies: 6
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just a few question that occurred to me.  sadly, i did notice this jam very late, so i hope i can make a game in the next 4 days. 

so either case my questions are : 

1.the use of things like Unity Standard Assets allowed the usage of things like visual scripters allowed? (visual scripters as in all kinds, such as Behavior designer/PlayMaker/uShader).

sorry if these were asked before, or answered somewhere and i missed them.


Hey! Great that you are going to be joining in :)

Yep! Anything standard is allowed and any tools like shaderforge, playmaker, probuilder and everything is allowed.

It's mostly large sections of code/ art assets that need to be original. 


Can we use a song of another game ost? Or royalty free music?


Yep! Go for it :)


By another game i mean, Hyper light drifer, it is okey?


you shouldn't us copyrighted materials. That would normally include music or any assets from another game.


this answered my question i had thx