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Thank you !

I'm thinking about it. I have some ideas to implement, and it'll help me to continue learning how to use UE4 :)

Thanks !

I had the idea of the projector in the middle of the jam, and the turret was a part of the ancient main character, so I reused it in the levels. Maybe it deserves a better introduction :)

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you liked the mechanics !

I missed some time to have the game tested by someone else, so maybe some parts are a  little bit too hard, sorry about that.

Really nice and enjoyable.

I noticed just on little thing on the level with  pit. At the end you can jump on the pillar and miss the end of the level by jumping over the wall.

Thanks for your feedback.

For the 3rd level, it may be a little difficult, I missed time to have it tested. You can bait the lasers with the hologram so they don't look where you want to go ;)

I instantly felt some sense of exploration inside your game, that's great !

I have reuploaded it with some graphics options.

Hope it will solve the problem.

Managed to get UE4 packaging a linux version,  but I can't test it on my computer.

I've uploaded it anyway, I hope there will be no problem with it.

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You can search for the word error in the log and it gives precious hints. The previous error was that windows 8.1 sdk was not installed.

It has changed, it now says that there is no 32bit compiler toolchain.

Do you have any visual studio installed with C++ enabled ?

If not, you can download just the visual build tools here : http://landinghub.visualstudio...

Is the build log different now ?

Have you tried to install the windows SDK for 8.1 ?


I already have it installed for my work so i never had this problem, maybe this can solve this error.

I'm not the most experienced with UE4, and it seems many different things can lead to this kind of error....

Do you have any build log, so anyone can check if there is some already known problem (and solution) ?

Interesting mechanic ! I hope you make it in time.

I really like this concept, it has so much possibilities !

Good luck for the last days

Just finished !

This is my first jam and i'm really glad i could make it. I learned a lot of things, especially on UE4 since i switched to it recently. Now is the time to relax and play all other games you made =)


Thanks ! Glad to hear someone likes it =)

This is the current state of my game.

The two prototypes have been merged, and 3 levels are done.

Still have to work on some changes for music, props, and bugs !

Tried some new mechanic, the character can project a hologram of itself into a mirror. If the projection is no more visible from the character point of view, it disappears. Had to work for the first time with animations, that explains the weird walking cycle :D

Here is my first prototype, mirrors can modify laser color and some switches require a specific color.

Looks like front faces are culled ?