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projector uses its hologram to escape
Submitted by Poknh (@GamesPoknh) — 2 days, 6 hours before the deadline

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It is very good! I hope you make more after this Game Jam!


Thank you !

I'm thinking about it. I have some ideas to implement, and it'll help me to continue learning how to use UE4 :)


That was really fun and well done! Love the character and that put in the batteries as an additional bonus! The one-hit kill from turrets felt out of place though.


Thanks !

I had the idea of the projector in the middle of the jam, and the turret was a part of the ancient main character, so I reused it in the levels. Maybe it deserves a better introduction :)


Wow! Great job!  I'm stuck on level 3, but I really love the mechanics!


Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you liked the mechanics !

I missed some time to have the game tested by someone else, so maybe some parts are a  little bit too hard, sorry about that.


Actually I just got through it! I didn't see (SPOILER ALERT!!) that I needed to step on the button at the same time that the turret hits the light crystal.  Man, with some graphics improvements and more levels, this could be published on steam!


nice use of mirror theme.  
graphics were descent, but oddly low performance given the detail level of the models, etc.
nice character models.
I was slightly jarred by the turrets in the office space, they seemed out of place.
Level design was nice. Puzzles were interesting. 

Got stuck 3rd? level, couldn't figure out a way to get the door to open.


Thanks for your feedback.

For the 3rd level, it may be a little difficult, I missed time to have it tested. You can bait the lasers with the hologram so they don't look where you want to go ;)

Submitted (1 edit)

Linux build runs... but has an abysmal and unplayable frame rate on my computer.  Couldn't find a graphics quality setting to change the resolution or quality to see if that would help.  What was odd is that CPU usage was only at about 50% of one core, so it wasn't CPU bound and the graphics don't look like something that should make my GPU choke (maybe there is, I just have the integrated intel graphics that is part of my 7th gen i5).

Thanks for trying on the Linux build!


I have reuploaded it with some graphics options.

Hope it will solve the problem.


That did it, it is running with reasonable framerate now.