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Good to see another global game jammer! :) I'll check this out soon!

Guess I need to smash my laptop now. :)

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OM Gosh I jumped so bad at the loud laser too! I had turned up the volume just before, and I was wearing earbuds! :)

There. There.

You should download the second one in case you're wondering. It has an important bug fix.

Here is some gameplay. Hope you like it!

A good source for sound effects is FreeSound:

Their sounds are user uploaded, so some are low quality, and some require attribution but that's where I go for all my projects.

Happy game developing! - Jacob

Thanks for your help!

6 Days! You did that so fast! That would've taken me way longer.  :)

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When you play this game you play in a "first person" perspective.  But it seems wrong to call this a "first person shooter" because you are not running around with a gun.  How would you classify this game as far as genre? Thanks! -jacob

Here's a short gameplay video for my game! Be sure to check it out!

Actually I just got through it! I didn't see (SPOILER ALERT!!) that I needed to step on the button at the same time that the turret hits the light crystal.  Man, with some graphics improvements and more levels, this could be published on steam!

I like how you used mirrors in two ways. Good Job!

Wow! Great job!  I'm stuck on level 3, but I really love the mechanics!

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Good puzzle.  I would be nice if you could rotate while holding a mirror.  Maybe by scrolling the mouse wheel. Other than that, it's very easy to play and enjoy. Good Job!

You really need to add a pause menu. I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to exit.

Good Job! I really like the aesthetics, but I'd recommend adding some sound effects