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The World Begins With You

An atmospheric puzzle-platformer-adventure. · By Fabian Denter

My feedback

A topic by bluefish177 created Jan 16, 2018 Views: 408 Replies: 6
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Wow this game is atmospheric. I enjoyed the camera you set and I feel it added a lot to the game, one should not be able to move the camera themselves. 

Starting off from the building, I loved the decor and turns you have, and the light coming through the window, there is a second window to the right of the exit that seems like it should have light being cast as well as its on the same wall as the other window. I had little issue with the first little platforming section, there was one rock I got stuck on towards the end before the maze, but with 2 or 3 deaths I got over it. 

After running through the long open corridor I came to the statue with the door and it would not let me interact. I ran back down the tunnel looking for a second way and came back to the statue. I don't know what I did differently but I was able to interact and go through.

The first maze through me for a loop, I went through the first two pathways fully and thought of seeing if I could "cheat" and walk around. I did so and noticed the third entrance. After going in I was still unable to find my way to the center, so I wondered around more until I finally hit the switch. I would have liked a little section before this with a button that moves a wall so I would know that's an option. After I found the first button I had no other issues with the maze.

Going down underground gave a whole new perspective and it would be nice if the music was changed up slightly. Not so much as it seems like it was a different game, but not the same track playing as before (It might be different but I wasn't checking it while there). The jumping was good except for the perspective on one jump that I thought I could hold left and make it but it was actually more in the foreground, Missed that once or twice, but I moved right along.

With the first laser dodge, HOLY SOUND. That NEEDS to be more subtle as how it is now made be jump from fright. The sound fits but it could use less volume or a less intense initial blast (like a winding up should before the blast - even if the laser hits you instantly.

 After that it was onto the boat, The first two lasers I dodged the first time and I got to admire the beautiful water tunnel, the third laser caught me and it sent me back to the beginning of the boat section , which wasn't ideal but I couldn't complain as I like that part.

The next statue I got to I think I interacted while in a jumping animation and the dialog got stuck on screen and I was unable to move, so I had to reload. Upon reload the boat was not there (that isn't the end of the world but it would be a wonderful detail if you could spawn the boat where it lands after that section.

When there was the statue talking about the way unseen or something like that I kept trying to walk to the left of the 3 doors as there was a tunnel that seemed you could go through I got stuck there and had to reload (that does seem like a good place to add a spoiler room if you wanted).

The white where the screen whites out was very atmospheric and if you could change the music to be loud as you get there that would be cool (something else to focus on as the environment is less interesting) 

I had minimal difficulty with the maze that appears before you, I wouldn't mind if the maze was bigger or if the entrance was closer to the right as I think most people start the maze from the lefcamerae as the camera angle is condusive to do so. It was the second path and I had it and I wish it took more time. 

I liked the fade to white but I thought there was going to be another puzzle where the stones appeared infront of you so I ran all the way to the left along the boarder looking for another entrance before I ran to fade.

Visually the game is amazing and you use light and shadows very well. I like the minimal color pallet used on the environment. I think it would be more interesting if the light on the characters head gave off more light. I love the water.

Musically I enjoyed the "soundtrack".  I didn't pay to much attention to it but it really fit this game. I think the volume of the music (not the laser) can be increased slightly over the entire game. 3 different soundtracks would be cool if used to focus on the different areas, (above ground, below ground, white area). Regardless of if you want to increase the base music volume I think it would be interesting to increase the volume in the white area.

I enjoyed this game and thought it really relaxing. I wish it didn't end so early.

The first sentence reads as if I could move the camera, I could not, as intended.

10/10 game

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OM Gosh I jumped so bad at the loud laser too! I had turned up the volume just before, and I was wearing earbuds! :)

You know my pain. I had the sound up to hear the music, but little did I know that a loud taser was coming.


Hey there, 

thank you so much for writing down such detailed feedback! It's always cool to read that people have an overall good experience with the game. I really appreciate it and it really helps to see where people get stuck or have problems to advance in the game.  You make many good points about where things are not as clear to the player as I thought or where the player might expect more to explore (e.g. a few people told me they expected another puzzle at the very end instead of walking straight into the white).

Regarding the music I'm not sure what you mean by 3 different soundtracks? Actually each area already has its own music (except the last one, which is the track from the first "cutscene", but in another version). Some might be quite similar, but they are different tracks. I thought about releasing the music as well, but I'd need to find some time to do some editing, as they are now looping tracks. :)

Thanks again!

(and sorry for the laser ;) )

Thank you for such a great game. As I said before I wasn't paying the most attention to the actual music itself. I am glad there is different music for the different areas and sorry for not realizing this at the time.

Thanks and I hope all future updates and/or future games are just as enjoyable.

Beautiful aesthetics and fantastic mood presented through the experience. The only thing I had a problem with was tracking the player at times. Made jumping a little tricky at some points but all in all fantastic job and would love to see what else you come up with.