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Hey thanks for the kind words! I'm still secretly hoping they revive the podcast someday... 
There are a couple more jam games on my itch profile, but none with the scope of this one, feel free to check them out! :)


Thanks a lot!

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Sorry, that is obviously bad UI/UX design on my part. The button on the left is actually a Continue-button and the second button a Play-from-start-button.

There isn't a way to restore a previously overriden save (remember this is a jam game, so I didn't put all too much thought into the save system), but there is a way to skip levels by manipulation the save data, at least if you’re playing on Windows. It's stored in the registry though, so it should only be manipulated by users who are familiar with registry editing.

If you are, in the registry under HKCU\Software there should be an entry with my name ("Fabian Denter") and underneath that an entry for the game. Then there are some values editable, one of which is "Scene to load" which you can set to a specific number. When you go back to the game and press the leftmost button in the main menu, it should load the level with the index you entered in the registry.

But please ONLY change numbers in the registry when you are sure to edit the right ones!

I sincerely am sorry for this and hope you are able to go back to the point in the game you already reached!

Edit: I looked up where Mac saves the game data and it should be stored in the ~/Library/Preferences folder in a .plist file. I can't check this though, because I don't own a mac.

Awesome! Hope you and/or your mother will enjoy it, thanks for reporting back! 

Hi, sorry you are having issues. I received a few of those messages, but unfortunately I think it's due to Apple being overly restrictive as to which software people can install. From what I understand I'd need to "sign" the app with them, but I didn't do it (as it's not free). 

Have you tried installing the game through the app?

Also this might help?

I don't own a mac myself, so I can't test this unfortunately.

Thanks! I had another ending in mind, but the gamejam was over too soon to fully implement it, so I went with the current one :)

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You are the first one to report this, but checking this on my PC, I indeed have 100% GPU usage as well on a 1080. The game runs smoothly though and my fans are not as loud as you describe. I can't check the Unity project right now as I have it archived on another external harddrive, but after doing a quick google search I assume it's a Unity issue from that older engine version I used to make this game back in 2017.  

One thing I can assure you 100% is that there are no bitcoin miners in or anywhere near this game ;)

But thanks for bringing up the issue!

Hey thanks for the comment! Unfortunately there are currently no plans to bring this game to Steam.


That was a cool and fun to watch playthrough! Always happy when people get the message :)

Thank you!

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not at the moment, I think, sorry. 

I'll see what I can do about that!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing and the video! :)

Thank you! 

In terms of tips and guides... almost all of my (tiny) programming knowledge comes from searching Google or watching Youtube videos on certain things so that's one way to start. Chosing a rather simple engine like Unity helps as well as there are a ton of resources out there to start making games. Unity has some good tutorials on their own page, but there are also Youtubers like Brackeys who are more aimed at beginners (and helped me a lot). 

But no matter what software you choose to make games, if you do not have any prior knowledge I'd definitely recommend doing some of the basic tutorials first to understand the core concepts (how do I navigate the software, how do I structure a project, some basic scripting) before starting a "real" project from your own ideas. From there, it's basically just asking questions and trying to find the answers (mostly through Google & reading the documention & try stuff). Hope this helps!

Thank you for playing & making a video! You should consider doing voice acting (if you don't already do it) :)

Hey there, thanks for playing and making a video, much appreciated!

Thank you for playing and making a video, I enjoyed it and it was very interesting to hear your thoughts!

Thank you for saying that!

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Hi & thank you for playing & making a video! I loved your voice for the sister 👌

Hey there & and thank you for writing here! I‘m happy the game had such an impact on you. I watched your short film as well and definitely keep up the good work there!

Thanks again!

Thank you! To be honest I haven’t played many virtual novels so far, maybe I should start doing so as well. And yes, definitely try making one, it‘s fun! 

I started making this game on December 27th and basically worked on it nonstop until release (with a few hours of sleep). Glad I was off from work for these days! 😊 The base ideas were in my mind for a long time now though.

Glad you liked it!

thank you! :)

hey, thanks for writing this! :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it :) That‘s a good video, hope you continue playing!

hey thank you so much for playing and making videos of all my games so far, means a lot! Excited for the full video, please post it here as well! :)

I'll definitely play when it comes out :)

(And I don't think you have to be the best game creator to give valid feedback and critique, so don't let that hold you back!)

Hey there, I made this game in the Unity Engine!

Hey thanks for playing and taking the time to write so much feedback! It really helps me to see where I can improve and how certain things work or don't work with different players. Some of your criticisms were also expressed by other players and I answered them here in the comments. Thanks for the thumbs up!

.. and whoa - 9 hours! Wow! That's long! Glad you sticked with it and finished :)

Hey thank for playing and making such a nice video! I really like how you reacted to the small story, it's good to see that it can work only with images :)

Hey there, thanks for playing! That's some great feedback, I agree with most of it, especially the horizontal handles. I wanted to design them differently for the reasons you mentioned, but time was running out, so I sticked with a non-ideal, but working solution. 

Thanks for taking the time to write such detailed feedback! :)

Hey thanks for playing and making a video! And also thanks for the kind words! The jam is not a competition though, so everyone who finishes and submits a game  is a winner already :)

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback! I see how the minimal story might not be rewarding for each player. I wanted to tell the story without words so people from all backgrounds can follow along. It might be too minimal, but I also received some positive feedback about this. I think even if, like you said, the puzzles overwhelm the story bits, the game still works as a puzzle game. But yeah, I'm sure it  could be done in a better way. :)

Yeah it can be a bit click-heavy ;)

I'm not sure what you mean by more obvious. You mean in the final level itself? Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for sticking with it for a while! :)

I adjusted difficulty a bit in the latest build, maybe you can enjoy it better now. :)

You can do it!

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you!