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thank you! :)

hey, thanks for writing this! :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it :) That‘s a good video, hope you continue playing!

hey thank you so much for playing and making videos of all my games so far, means a lot! Excited for the full video, please post it here as well! :)

I'll definitely play when it comes out :)

(And I don't think you have to be the best game creator to give valid feedback and critique, so don't let that hold you back!)

Hey there, I made this game in the Unity Engine!

Hey thanks for playing and taking the time to write so much feedback! It really helps me to see where I can improve and how certain things work or don't work with different players. Some of your criticisms were also expressed by other players and I answered them here in the comments. Thanks for the thumbs up!

.. and whoa - 9 hours! Wow! That's long! Glad you sticked with it and finished :)

Hey thank for playing and making such a nice video! I really like how you reacted to the small story, it's good to see that it can work only with images :)

Hey there, thanks for playing! That's some great feedback, I agree with most of it, especially the horizontal handles. I wanted to design them differently for the reasons you mentioned, but time was running out, so I sticked with a non-ideal, but working solution. 

Thanks for taking the time to write such detailed feedback! :)

Hey thanks for playing and making a video! And also thanks for the kind words! The jam is not a competition though, so everyone who finishes and submits a game  is a winner already :)

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback! I see how the minimal story might not be rewarding for each player. I wanted to tell the story without words so people from all backgrounds can follow along. It might be too minimal, but I also received some positive feedback about this. I think even if, like you said, the puzzles overwhelm the story bits, the game still works as a puzzle game. But yeah, I'm sure it  could be done in a better way. :)

Yeah it can be a bit click-heavy ;)

I'm not sure what you mean by more obvious. You mean in the final level itself? Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for sticking with it for a while! :)

I adjusted difficulty a bit in the latest build, maybe you can enjoy it better now. :)

You can do it!

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you!

hey there and thanks!

Well the goal of that level is to find the goal and then get to it. You may have to raise a few blocks to find some stairs. Hope that helps! :)

hey thanks for playing and making a video! Sorry you got confused there for a bit. One takeaway from my games so far is that I should learn how to make better tutorials :) 

I‘m will think about making the first levels easier, because I saw a few people now who played to the rocket level and then stopped, which is obviously not what I want as there are many levels coming after that.

I uploaded a build that I hope is running on 32-bit versions of windows. This is untested, so I'd be grateful, if you could report back, if you tried it! Thanks!

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Glad you made it! I admit, some levels could use some balancing work :)

Thank you for playing!


hey thanks again! A small tutorial is now implemented as you were completely right on this! I hope you continue playing when you don‘t have to be so quiet anymore ;)

Btw: I just wanted to say that you are generally very good at giving critique and point out relevant things that would make a game better, keep it up!

I decided to hide it from my page. It‘s still online and you can find it when you search for it and probably through the Wizard Jam 5 submissions. I’m still proud of it and like a lot of bits and pieces from it and when I had the time I‘d definitely want to get back to it and expand or„remaster“ it, it just doesn‘t fit the other games I made, I think, so that‘s why it’s currently not visible :)

Currently yes. I can try to make a 32 bit version, but I can‘t promise, that it‘ll work. I will update if it does! 

Hey thanks for playing and making a video!  :)

1000 x Thank you from me!

hey there, thanks for trying the game! 

I expected some people criticising the isometric aspect of it and I‘m sure there are many places left in the game where the player or other blocks can get stuck because of being overlapped by something else. I tried my best to minimize this and in many situations you just need to turn the camera (I don‘t know if you saw that you can do this?) to the right angle until you can see the otherwise obstructed object. This is sort of a base concept of the game: make your way until you can’t go any further, then turn the camera and see a few new opportunities.

I‘d be interested in knowing if you knew about the ability to turn the camera as it‘s the only mechanic in the game that can‘t be learned by just trying to click things and I can see how a player misses that.

Hey there, thanks for taking the time to make the videos!

Hey thanks for making the video! I like the term "nipple rock" :D

I honestly don't know. But it's free so you can try :)

I agree, baking is quite unintuitive with its long waiting times. But I think for some scenes it really pays off at the end, especially more realistic ones. The precomputed realtime GI has to be "baked"/calculated as well, but on lowest settings it took me a few minutes on my machine, so that was fine.

BTW I recently came across this free volumetric lighting solution here:
I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising. :)

Hey there, 

thanks for your post! It's quite interesting to me that you didn't find the rocks repetitive, because they are actually just the same 5 single rocks put together into 3 or 4 different formations and then scaled and rotated in the scene. It's a real advantage of working in a simple, stylized way, because I can make a rock formation very large and place the exact same mesh next to it, but smaller and with a slightly different rotation. Your feedback that it works and doesn't come of as lazy is nice to hear! :)

Regarding the jump mechanics: I was thinking a lot about this during development. At one point I had a jump that had zero "air control", but I thought it felt weird. You jumped and had to wait until you landed to gain control again. Then I went to the other extreme and had full air control for a while, which felt more responsive, but also weird, because you could jump and turn around mid-air, which is a behaviour that I personally dislike in most (not all) games. I settled with a compromise, so you jump and have a bit of control mid-air. I'm still not satisfied with it, though (also because of the lack of momentum that you mention).

The lighting in most scenes is fairly simple. For the exteriors I used a realtime directional light and a few realtime point lights to brighten up a few places. I used Unity's precomputed realtime GI on very low settings, which gave a surprisingly good and soft result. The cave scene is lit by various point and spotlights and there I again used the precomputed realtime GI on low settings to get a soft bounce light.

For the volumetric lighting I relied heavily on an asset called HX Volumetric Lighting. I think it's very easy to use and gives good results, while being not so heavy performance wise. I probably overdid the effect in some places, but I overall still like it.

Thanks again!

Oops, missed that one. Don't tell anyone!

(Thanks for pointing it out :) )

I thank you for playing it! Glad you had a good time :)

I used Unity.

Hey there, thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review! Many of the things you mention are true and valid criticism and I agree to most of them. I am happy that you were still able to see the good sides, too! I am not planning to extend this game any time soon or fix some of its game design issues. It  was more like a one-off two week jam-thing, but feedback like this will be extremely helpful for developing games in the future :)

Thanks for this kind review! :)

As I said on twitter: thanks so much for this review! I don't think it is too harsh in any way. It doesn't always have to be 100% positive or 100% negative, I think. You managed to explain very well why you like my game while at the same time telling people that it's not perfect and has a few shortcomings (btw I agree with almost all of them!). As a creator it's cool to see people engage with my work the way you did here. :)

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Hey, thanks for playing and making the video and also for the feedback and suggestions at the end! :)