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Fabian Denter

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Hey there, thanks for taking the time to make the videos!

Hey thanks for making the video! I like the term "nipple rock" :D

Posted in 32bit os

I honestly don't know. But it's free so you can try :)

I agree, baking is quite unintuitive with its long waiting times. But I think for some scenes it really pays off at the end, especially more realistic ones. The precomputed realtime GI has to be "baked"/calculated as well, but on lowest settings it took me a few minutes on my machine, so that was fine.

BTW I recently came across this free volumetric lighting solution here: https://github.com/raphael-ernaelsten/Aura
I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising. :)

Hey there, 

thanks for your post! It's quite interesting to me that you didn't find the rocks repetitive, because they are actually just the same 5 single rocks put together into 3 or 4 different formations and then scaled and rotated in the scene. It's a real advantage of working in a simple, stylized way, because I can make a rock formation very large and place the exact same mesh next to it, but smaller and with a slightly different rotation. Your feedback that it works and doesn't come of as lazy is nice to hear! :)

Regarding the jump mechanics: I was thinking a lot about this during development. At one point I had a jump that had zero "air control", but I thought it felt weird. You jumped and had to wait until you landed to gain control again. Then I went to the other extreme and had full air control for a while, which felt more responsive, but also weird, because you could jump and turn around mid-air, which is a behaviour that I personally dislike in most (not all) games. I settled with a compromise, so you jump and have a bit of control mid-air. I'm still not satisfied with it, though (also because of the lack of momentum that you mention).

The lighting in most scenes is fairly simple. For the exteriors I used a realtime directional light and a few realtime point lights to brighten up a few places. I used Unity's precomputed realtime GI on very low settings, which gave a surprisingly good and soft result. The cave scene is lit by various point and spotlights and there I again used the precomputed realtime GI on low settings to get a soft bounce light.

For the volumetric lighting I relied heavily on an asset called HX Volumetric Lighting. I think it's very easy to use and gives good results, while being not so heavy performance wise. I probably overdid the effect in some places, but I overall still like it.

Thanks again!

Posted in spoilers

Oops, missed that one. Don't tell anyone!

(Thanks for pointing it out :) )

I thank you for playing it! Glad you had a good time :)

Posted in ENGINE??

I used Unity.

Hey there, thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review! Many of the things you mention are true and valid criticism and I agree to most of them. I am happy that you were still able to see the good sides, too! I am not planning to extend this game any time soon or fix some of its game design issues. It  was more like a one-off two week jam-thing, but feedback like this will be extremely helpful for developing games in the future :)

Thanks for this kind review! :)

As I said on twitter: thanks so much for this review! I don't think it is too harsh in any way. It doesn't always have to be 100% positive or 100% negative, I think. You managed to explain very well why you like my game while at the same time telling people that it's not perfect and has a few shortcomings (btw I agree with almost all of them!). As a creator it's cool to see people engage with my work the way you did here. :)

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Hey, thanks for playing and making the video and also for the feedback and suggestions at the end! :)

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Hey there, thanks for the comment and for recording a video! :)

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@diedericky Wow, thanks for the nice review, really appreciate it! :)

@ISOLATION MEDIA I'm sorry the game didn't run well on your computer, but thanks for telling me to put more effort into optimizing future games for lower end hardware!

Posted in Blown Away!

Hey there, 

thanks for the kind words and also thanks for recording a video, really appreciate it! :)


Posted in My feedback

Hey there, 

thank you so much for writing down such detailed feedback! It's always cool to read that people have an overall good experience with the game. I really appreciate it and it really helps to see where people get stuck or have problems to advance in the game.  You make many good points about where things are not as clear to the player as I thought or where the player might expect more to explore (e.g. a few people told me they expected another puzzle at the very end instead of walking straight into the white).

Regarding the music I'm not sure what you mean by 3 different soundtracks? Actually each area already has its own music (except the last one, which is the track from the first "cutscene", but in another version). Some might be quite similar, but they are different tracks. I thought about releasing the music as well, but I'd need to find some time to do some editing, as they are now looping tracks. :)

Thanks again!

(and sorry for the laser ;) )


thanks for saying that and also making that video, will watch now. :) 


Posted in Let's play!

Hey there, thanks for playing and the feedback! :)


Thank you for saying that! :)

Posted in Feedback

Hey there, 

thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed feedback post, I really appreciate it!

Some of the points you make are very common feedback I get (such as difficulties in the platforming sections and parts of the game being a bit too dark). The fixed camera angle is both a result of the (time-) constraints of the game jam, but also a choice of mine to frame the view in certain way at certain points. After reading a lot of feedback from players I now see where and why this can cause frustration in gameplay and the will to explore the world next to path the player is supposed to take. Sometimes when you fall off the cliffs and die and the camera follows the player you can see that there isn't really anything down there, as there isn't really anything behind the camera as well. Building all that in the timeframe of a gamejam would probably impossible or would result in an overall more uninteresting world I think, so I went with the current solution and tried to make the best of it. But I share the opinion that this game would have been better with a free camera.

Regarding the boat ride: you mentioned that you downloaded the game when you first saw it on the main page?Chances are that you played the first uploaded version that has since been updated. Specifically the issue with the boxes was adressed, you now can also hide from the second searchlight by crouching behind the boxes, like one would expect. :) I also made the first platforming part significantly easier (at least I think) and removed a few places where people got stuck in an infinite fall animation. 

What I'm really not sure about is the resolution thing. It works for me on my system and I haven't heard back from other people having problems with that. This doesn't mean that this is a specific issue on your system, but I don't really have a good way to test it on many systems, unfortunately. 

Thanks again for the feedback!

Hi there, 

Thanks for playing! As for the doors, no there is not a way to unlock them. Thinking of it, it would actually be cool if there was some puzzle with the doors and lights.

The lights at the end are actually not unlit but thatβ€˜s hard to see because itβ€˜s so bright. They are there to guide players to the edge, but I realize now that they might cause players to think thereβ€˜s more to them, because they look unlit. 

Hope that clears things up! :)

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There is a dev log thread in the idle thumbs forums for this game. I think this could be interesting if you want a small look behind the scenes :)

Hey there, thank you for posting and of course playing! Some good thoughts in there, too :)

Well, I don't have any formal training in any of those fields either, so I cannot say if there was anything "wrong". ;)

But as I said, I thought the points you made were all valid and also presented in a way I can work with. I didn't feel offended or like there is someone angry or "didn't get the game". It was good criticism and I think few people know how to do it. That you got frustrated at one part is not wrong or you being mistaken. It was a good insight for me for why this part might not worked as I initially intended.

Regarding that SOMA reference, it wasn't exactly intentional. So I didn't say "Well let's put a reference in there!" I think it was more like a subcontious thing. SOMA is that kind of game that sits in the back of your, well, brain when you played it and it clicked with you. At one point during development I played through the part with those "lightblobs" (that's what I called them in the gameengine) and realized that they look a lot like SOMA and just went with it, calling it a happy accident :)

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! :) 

Can you tell me which gamepad you used? Did you try the d-pad for navigating? And did it work in game? I only have a xbox one controller and haven't been able to test it properly with other controller unfortunately.

Thank you!

Hey there, 

thanks for taking the time to give such detailed feedback and suggestions! You make some good points and some of that feedback I also received from other players (see other threads here), so it's very valid and true that some areas could be much improved, especially the boat ride.

I'm considering adressing some of these issues  in a small update soon, so feedback like yours is extremely valuable!

Thanks again!

I watched you whole video earlier, really nice playthrough :)

I was all like "oh nooo" when you got stuck in that falling bug right at the beginning and had to restart, but I'm glad you didn't get mad at the game.

Thanks also for the kind words and the bits of feedback I got from watching someone completely new to the game playing and commenting it. It's really awesome to see that.

At the end something went very wrong when you jumped and fell down. The player actually isn't supposed to be able to fall down and die at that point, so I probably messed something up there. Kind of ruined the moment a little bit, but I'm glad you tried again and finished the game :)

I'm considering a small update adressing a few issues people have with the game and your video gave me some very good insights to what works and what could need improvement! Thanks again!

I just finished watching your playthrough, thank you for making and posting it!

You make some very good points on how the game plays and where it does and doesn't work, and I agree with almost all of them. Especially the boat sequence is very unfair and frustrating. Also the pacing with the long waiting time is bad. I think the general "slowness" of this section and also the insta-kills are generally ok, but having the player go through all of this again in full length if they don't make it, is as you said bad design. Also I totally missed that the player can actually go behind the boxes and I should have make it so that either the player can't go there or that he is safe from the search light.

The crouching thing is on you, though :P No not really, but I was wondering if that searchlight insta-kill machanic comes too abruptly. Maybe I should have introduced that a bit earlier in the game and at the same time explain the crouch mechanic to the player through gameplay. At one point I wanted to have a simpler version of that mechanic in the temple area, but I had to cut it due to jam time constraints.

Regarding the controls/camera work - sometimes it is quite wonky. In the control screen I have a message saying that the game is intended to be played with a gamepad, as I think this provides more control. It still is a little weird even with a gamepad and the camera freaks out very often when you don't walk the "ideal" path, but I think it plays way better than with a keyboard (I included keyboard controls, because I didn't want to lock out players who don't own a gamepad).

I'm thinking about working on a small update that adresses some of these issues. Mainly the boat section and the first platforming section in the canyon, which is an area where a few players got stuck with that infinite falling collision bug. I also think the platforming part there is unnecessarilycomplicated.

Other than that, I had a really good time watching your playthrough! The editing was quite funny, so in that way - as a neutral viewer - even the bugs provided some entertainment :)

(Also good catch on that SOMA-reference!)

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!

thank you for your comment! Iβ€˜m glad you liked the overall experience and I agree that there are a few issues regarding gameplay, controls and level design/pacing. Iβ€˜m learning much from feedback like this, so any feedback and criticism is very appreciated! :)

That is really kind of you, looking forward to seeing your video! 

Hey there, thanks for playing the game! 

(if anyone else wants to figure that part out himself, he/she should obviously now stop reading :) )




Have you tried hiding behind the barrels on top of the cabin? Did you see that you can crouch in the game?

Thank you, means a lot!

Very fast and fun game. The gun feels very good and the different types of ammo are very cool. Also there are great gun animations and sounds.

At one level I got stuck somehow. I cleared the room, but got no UI overlay telling me I did and also none of the doors opened. I don't know what went wrong there. Other than that, cool retro experience!

Short, but had a good laugh. Nice, dry humor! 10/10 would watch that film again!

I agree with everyone else, very fun experience! Very good narration, too, but I have to call you out on the standard Unity footstep sounds. Never use these footstep sounds. Not even in you dreams!

I thought: why is this so hard? But then realized you can upgrade your towers. I did that and immediately created a big jelly massacre!

Everything is very slick, the music, UI, the disgusting sound effects, the simple, but effective graphics - all very well done!

I really liked the facial expression on the ghost. Nice, small little game and great sense of humor!

Had that walking bug as well and sometimes the camera clips behind the walls, but nothing game-breaking or serious. Other than that great visual presentation and style!