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Fabian Denter

A member registered Jul 11, 2016 · View creator page →


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Thank you, means a lot!

Very fast and fun game. The gun feels very good and the different types of ammo are very cool. Also there are great gun animations and sounds.

At one level I got stuck somehow. I cleared the room, but got no UI overlay telling me I did and also none of the doors opened. I don't know what went wrong there. Other than that, cool retro experience!

Short, but had a good laugh. Nice, dry humor! 10/10 would watch that film again!

I agree with everyone else, very fun experience! Very good narration, too, but I have to call you out on the standard Unity footstep sounds. Never use these footstep sounds. Not even in you dreams!

I thought: why is this so hard? But then realized you can upgrade your towers. I did that and immediately created a big jelly massacre!

Everything is very slick, the music, UI, the disgusting sound effects, the simple, but effective graphics - all very well done!

I really liked the facial expression on the ghost. Nice, small little game and great sense of humor!

Had that walking bug as well and sometimes the camera clips behind the walls, but nothing game-breaking or serious. Other than that great visual presentation and style!

The visuals and general production value are really great. I had a hard time after the second terminal and died a lot but I think this is supposed to be a tough one and I'm also generally bad at this kind of game. Sometimes I felt it was easier when I stay away from the enemies and try to shoot them while they are off screen, which is a bit weird. But all in all great entry. Had no bugs.

I wouldn't say it's one of those games that are easy to learn, but hard to master as I'm having a hard time with coordinating my thumbs to do what I want them to do. But the fact that this is so perfect in execution makes me try again and again and again and again and - you guessed it - again. Very addicting, stylish and satisfying!

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Heard about that issue two times, I think it's just long loading times (the game is not really optimized). When you click start you should see a white dot in the middle of the screen, that should eventually turn into a loading bar. Also one person reported that restarting the game worked. Hope you'll be able to start the game! Also sorry for the inconvenience!